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This article appears in the June 22, 2007 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

LYM Organizes Congress for
`The Impeachment Imperative'

by Nancy Spannaus

Former U.S. Rep. Major R. Owens (D) of New York called for Congress to move on "The Impeachment Imperative" now, arguing that "Progressive caution is our greatest enemy," in a June 11 op-ed appearing in the Huffington Post. Owens' call is being answered by the escalating efforts of the LaRouche Youth Movement, who are currently scouring Capitol Hill with "impeachment packets," that document the growing support for immediate action against Vice President Dick Cheney for his "high crimes and misdemeanors," especially as expressed in Rep. Dennis Kucinich's (D-Ohio) impeachment resolution, H.R. 333.

The LaRouche Youth's activity is providing not only the necessary sense of urgency to the Congress, but also the information that is otherwise being suppressed. For example, despite the fact that the chairs of the Progressive Caucus, Reps. Lynn Woolsey and Barbara Lee, both from California, had signed on to Kucinich's bill last week, many members of that caucus, the largest Democratic caucus in the House of Representatives, did not know that this step had been taken! Even more important, are the reports that the LYM are delivering on Capitol Hill about the ferment in the base of the Democratic Party, as expressed in town meetings around the country, for the impeachment of both President Bush and Cheney.

The more enraged the U.S. population becomes about the inactivity of the Democratic Congress in getting out of Iraq, and getting rid of the criminals who started this insane war, the more pressure the Rohatyn wing of the Democratic Party appears to be putting on the Congress to prevent its action. There is ample indication that Congress knows that impeachable actions have been taken by Cheney and Bush, but refuses to take action beyond scheduling a series of hearings which will further document the case.

Lyndon LaRouche has warned that if the Democratic Party continues to turn its back on its political base, it is headed for dissolution. The base wants Cheney impeached, and will punish those who refuse to act.

Owens Demands Action

In his June 11 statement, Owens called the Democrats' effort to block new funds for the Iraq War and redeployment of troops, the "first front" in the battle to end Bush and Cheney's "evil blunders." But, since that effort has faltered, he demanded, "Energies must now be redirected and mobilized to open the second front: The Impeachment Imperative." The veteran Congressman argued, "Opening the impeachment front is as important to winning the beach in Iraq as the launching of the Normandy invasion on D-Day was for WW2." And, like Lyndon LaRouche's May 23 rebuke of the Democratic leadership's capitulation on the war supplemental bill, Owens insists, "Our refusal to use [impeachment] is a reckless blunder of omission." Forget "timetable technicalities," he said, "Let there be an impeachment, an indictment, even if there's no time left for a Senate trial. Leave it to history to be the judge and jury."

The fact is, as Owens says, the Democrats are totally divided on tactics on the war. He noted that the freshman Congressmen who voted no on the Bush war-extension funding bill in late May, "know how they got elected," referring to the "New Politics" ushered in on Nov. 7, 2006, by a strong youth vote demanding an end to the war and an economic policy for the future. These new members of Congress he calls the "Waters-Woolsey freshman"—a reference to California Democrats Maxine Waters and Lynn Woolsey, who lead the "Out of Iraq" caucus. Owens dubs those who voted against a timetable on the war, "Emanuel freshman," referring to Democratic Congressional Committee Chairman (the money man) Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.), whose ties to Wall Street are known to drive his political strategy.

Congress's conducting of oversight hearings is "laudable," Owens continued, but they have little impact on voter consciousness, and run the risk of "producing a new apathy." So, he argues, "Instead of encouraging a trivialization of the investigations, impeachment proceedings would" create a "serious event of national significance," jolting the public and media into reality. "Impeachment would also command the priority attention of the best Republican minds...."

No Question: Cheney Is Impeachable

As Owens' statement implies, there is little need for more investigation to prove that Cheney, and Bush, have committed impeachable offenses. This reality has been acknowledged by Republican and Democratic spokesmen alike, and redounds to the shame of the Democratic Congressmen who continue to dither. Exemplary are Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wisc.).

At a hearing June 7 held by a House Judiciary subcommittee—the first of a series on "The Constitution in Crisis"—subcommittee chairman Nadler, as well as Judiciary Committee chair Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), indicated their intention to subpoena the documents which the White House and the Justice Department have refused to hand over, without giving the committee any reason for their refusal.

Both Conyers and Nadler made it clear that they are investigating potential criminality by the administration in deliberately and intentionally violating the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), which requires court approval for any domestic electronic surveillance. Nadler declared that he is concerned that, by withholding relevant documents, the administration "is covering up crimes they are committing in our name."

After the hearing, when Nadler was talking to reporters about potential crimes committed by administration officials, EIR asked him if these are not also impeachable offenses. Nadler said they are impeachable, but then hastened to clarify that he is not seeking the impeachment of either Cheney or Bush!

Senator Feingold, who called for a censure of President Bush more than a year ago, was equally shameless during a meeting with a group of his constituents on June 12. Feingold said he thinks Bush and Cheney have committed "impeachable acts," but offered only lame excuses for not seeking impeachment. According to the Monroe Times, Feingold's answer was not well received by his constituents, who demanded action.

One woman told Feingold that Bush and Cheney need to go. "It's time to hold them accountable," she said, as she asked if Bush could be court martialed, since he is the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces. Feingold replied, "I don't think so," as several people laughed. "It pains me to say that we shouldn't impeach them, because I think they've committed impeachable acts," the Monroe Times reported.

The Senator's excuse? "We don't have the votes for a conviction." Then he claimed the impeachment process would take too much time away from other pressing issues. Another woman in the audience gave the Senator a jolt of reality, saying she didn't care how much time an impeachment took, "I want my Constitution back, and if that means slowing things down for six months, I'm for it."

Some Take the Lead

Some Congressmen, under pressure from their constituents and the LYM, have decided to take the lead, however. At a joint press conference June 13 with Rep. Kucinich, Rep. Waters announced her co-sponsorship of Kucinich's resolution to impeach Cheney. Waters is the eighth co-sponsor of Kucinich's H.R. 333, and the fourth to sign on in the last week.

Waters declared, "Cheney is truly the poster child for what is wrong with this administration." He is the "poster child" for the preemptive strike on Iraq. He continues to weave a web of lies and misdirection on Iraq.

"Last November, Democrats got a message to bring our soldiers home," Waters said, redeploy the troops, and end this war. She said Democrats' constituents are disappointed that they have not done more. Waters told the press that she believes Cheney is guilty of "high crimes and misdemeanors." She warned that leaving Cheney in office will lead to war with Iran. It is important, Waters said, that we understand that this Vice President, and others, including Sen. [Joe] Lieberman (I-Conn.), will march us into war with Iran. And where does it go from there, Waters asked? Syria? "It is very important that people understand that we have the power to stop this march to war."

At the conclusion of the press conference, a dozen members of the LYM sang "Impeach Cheney" canons for the occasion. Six news cameras filmed the chorus, and a number of journalists interviewed the LYM members.

The list of H.R. 333 co-sponsors, all Democrats, in addition to Kucinich, is: Yvette Clarke (N.Y.); William L. Clay (Mo.); Barbara Lee; Janice Schakowsky (Ill.); Maxine Waters; Lynn Woolsey; Albert Wynn (Md.).

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