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This article appears in the November 2, 2007 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

`Time for Speaker Pelosi To Go'

by Harley Schlanger

In the national elections of November 2006, U.S. voters delivered what should have been a fatal blow to the Cheney-Bush administration, with its record of dangerous and incompetent policies. Led by an unprecedented turnout of young voters, spearheaded by an organizing drive of the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM)—which was identified by Democratic Party statesman Lyndon LaRouche as the "New Politics"—the rejection of the incumbent Administration's war in southwest Asia, and attack on the General Welfare, swept into office a Democratic majority in the Congress, with a popular mandate for wholesale change.

In ten months in office, that new majority appears to have squandered that great opportunity, as the most recent polls show support of the Congress at below 11%. How did such a dramatic turnaround occur?

In a series of stinging comments this week, LaRouche laid the blame squarely on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has used her office to act, repeatedly, against what LaRouche called "the most vital strategic interests of the United States."

Pelosi's 'Ms.-Leadership'

While the Cheney-Bush Administration is "staying the course," of war, with preparations complete to attack Iran, despite the continuing failure in Iraq and Afghanistan, Pelosi has taken impeachment against the war-mongering Dick Cheney "off the table," and has blocked Congressional action to prevent a new war against Iran; and while millions of American households face foreclosure, factories closing, jobs outsourced, and crumbling national infrastructure, she has acted against Congressmen who were moving, in collaboration with LaRouche, to address these crises. In particular, she has blocked motion in support of LaRouche's Emergency Reconstruction Act of 2006, and the Homeowners and Bank Protection Act of 2007.

LaRouche charged that "Pelosi is the policy instrument of fascist banker Felix Rohatyn, and his circles running the hedge funds," which have a stranglehold on the Democratic Party, in collaboration with fascist George Shultz, "who designed the Bush administration and the Schwarzenegger clown-government of California. In fact, the two leading national Democrats, who are both from California—Pelosi and Sen. Dianne Feinstein—are both under the thumb of Rohatyn and Shultz. And other Democrats in Congress, who oppose the war, are capitulating to them."

LaRouche continued: "Any Congressman who's opposed to the war policy, but is continuing to support Nancy Pelosi after her action against the impeachment of Dick Cheney, and on related destructive economic policies, is really rolling out the red carpet for war," with Iran, or Syria, or beyond. "That's what it means when they publicly oppose some mechanism of the process by which new wars are being prepared, but don't act to remove the author of the war policy. That's what they're doing when they agree to Pelosi's leadership of the House."

Pelosi's adherence to the Rohatyn-Shultz war policy and their free trade, pro-deregulation, anti-Franklin Roosevelt economic policies, has undermined those Democrats who would otherwise fight. Freshman Democrats, who rode into office on the wave of the "New Politics," as well as seasoned fighters in the party, have backed off time-and-again from taking effective action against the Administration, under heavy pressure from Pelosi. One party leader from California said he has never seen such demoralization and impotence among Democrats as a result of the capitulation in Washington, D.C..

Responding to this situation, LaRouche added one additional point: "The 2008 election will be a farce unless Pelosi goes. There will be no serious alternative presented by the Democrats. She is killing the Democratic Party."

Thus, LaRouche concluded on October 25, "It's time for Nancy Pelosi to go."

'California Is Burning'

The sabotage by Pelosi and Feinstein of the intention of the voters in 2006 for a significant change of direction is nowhere more clear than in California, their home state and power base. Under Shultz's chosen instrument to dismantle representative government and enable Enron-style looting of the once-Golden State, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the state is burning up. Though forest fires are an annual event, this year's fires are worse than ever, largely due to the effect of austerity imposed by Schwarzenegger. As the state is moving into a new budget crisis, fueled by the blowout of the housing bubble, neglect of infrastructure is taking a deadly toll, as fires spread in southern California.

Arnie has been highly visible, with a Hollywood-style show tour, in which he was joined by President Bush, as both are trying to avoid a repeat of Bush's no-show leadership during Hurricane Katrina. However, such gestures are hollow, as nearly one million people have been evacuated, and more than 420,000 acres are being devoured by fires. Firefighters are plagued by lack of manpower and equipment, the result of budget cuts, and the deployment of National Guard units, and their equipment, to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Further, recommendations made by a state Blue Ribbon Fire Commission following the 2003 fires which hit San Diego County, were never implemented, according to State Senator Christine Kehoe. The Los Angeles Times reported on October 23, that only one fire station had been built in the County since 2003, and fire departments are chronically under-funded and understaffed.

The fiasco surrounding the fires is only the latest outcome of Schwarzenegger's drive to implement the fascist austerity designs of Shultz and Rohatyn. Arnie himself is nothing more than a once-muscle-bound thug, who traded in a career as a mumbling bad actor for one as a would-be Mussolini. His seizure of power in a recall was orchestrated by Shultz, using the crisis created by the Enron-sponsored deregulation of electricity in the state, to scapegoat incumbent Gov. Gray Davis.

The loss of more than $70 billion in California due to the deliberate looting policy steered by Enron and its supporters — such as Dick Cheney, and Arnie-backers Shultz and Warren Buffet — cleared the way for Schwarzenegger to replace Davis. The Democratic Party was complicit in Schwarzenegger's victory, both through sabotage against Davis coming from Kennedy-machine- connected operations on behalf of their in-law, and their inability to offer an alternative to the policies of deregulation and free trade championed by the Shultz team. (Some say of the Kennedy connection that Schwarzenegger is the Austrian Nazi son that the pro-Hitler Joe Kennedy never had!)

Pelosi and the Dime-Store Mussolini

Once he became Governor, Schwarzenegger began an assault against traditional Democratic constituents, such as union members, the elderly, minorities, the poor, and disabled. His broad agenda, drafted by Shultz, included a plan to turn the state's pension funds over to Wall Street, and the privatization of public infrastructure.

The Democratic Party offered little resistance, despite a nearly two-thirds majority in both houses of the state legislature. It was the newly-emerging forces of the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM) which took leadership against the Guvernator, beginning with the only serious defense of Gov. Davis during the recall. As Arnie strutted, Mussolini-style, through shopping malls across the state, taunting impotent Democrats as "girlie men," LYM activists confronted him, telling the truth about the Shultz-Rohatyn hands pulling his strings, while Pelosi and Feinstein were invisible.

Emboldened by the LYM, rank-and-file Democrats rose to deliver a crushing blow to Arnie in November 2005, defeating every ballot initiative he supported. Instead of finishing him off, Democrats were again outflanked, when Shultz and Rohatyn reinvented him in January 2006, as an advocate of infrastructure. His so-called infrastructure plan was a Wall Street-concocted bond issue, which would pave the way for privatization, while piling debt on Californians.

His reelection was insured when Democrats nominated Phil Angelides for Governor. As State Treasurer, Angelides had allied with Rohatyn to back his Public Private Partnership initiative to privatize infrastructure, meaning that he had nothing to offer to counter Schwarzenegger.

The paralysis of the Democrats has been compounded by Schwarzenegger seizing the mantle as the leading "environmentalist" in the state.

Honest patriots are thus confronted with the obvious question: Who has the guts to take on Pelosi, Feinstein and Schwarzenegger, the clowns run by Shultz and Rohatyn? The future of the nation, and humanity, depends on the answer.

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