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This article appears in the January 11, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

It's the British
Empire, Stupid!

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In modern legend, the global British Empire disappeared in the late 19th Century, or at least at the end of World War II. It was replaced by the two superpowers—the Soviet Union and the United States—and now, with the demise of the Soviet Union, with the "hyperpower" the United States.

A more dangerous delusion could not be held. For, as the LaRouche movement has documented extensively, especially in the 1994 to 1997 period,[1] the "new" British Empire has never been so powerful, nor so close to implementing its schemes for global chaos and destruction. This empire is not to be confused with the United Kingdom, nor even the British Monarchy per se. Its model is that of the older Venetian oligarchy, which functions as a financial oligarchic system of families, foundations, and other institutions dedicated to preserving their power in perpetuum, and destroying all systems and forces, most especially the nation-state, which stand in their way.

We summarily provide a review of three major areas of ongoing British imperial power here. First, there's the economic/financial role played by leading Anglo-Dutch financial institutions, who exercise an astonishingly substantial control over the physical necessities of life, such as food and energy. Second, there's the military role of British Imperial forces, both visible and invisible, regular and irregular. Third, there's the British Empire's cultural warfare apparatus, the most aggressive force for the destruction of pro-human scientific culture globally.

The World's Largest Economic Power

"Now, that empire, which the British effectively control, except for dissident nations that don't like it, represents about one-fifth of the world's land area; it represents about 30% of the world's population. It controls 48-50% of the world's financial turnover, including the $3.5 trillion a day derivatives turnover. It controls the majority of the world's international trade in what are called strategic metals, such as the metals that are required for most industry. It controls the majority of the international trade in petroleum.... These interests, the Anglo-Dutch-Swiss, Cargill et al. complex, control the majority of the international food trade, in a time of grave food crisis worldwide."

That is how Lyndon LaRouche summarized the financial power of the British Empire back in March 1996. If anything, the share of world power wielded economically by the "Empire" has increased over the last 10 years.

Much of the control is, admittedly, not on the surface. It is exercised through the London Stock Exchange, through the London International Financial Futures Exchange, through the London Metal Exchange, and the International Petroleum Exchange. These are the institutions where the actual disposition of the physical assets being traded is determined, not to mention the layers upon layers of speculative financial instruments created, that are now in full collapse, and threatening to bring the physical economy down with it. Exemplary of the raw material control is the role of two corporations, Anglo-American and Rio Tinto Zinc, which controlled from 10 to 24% of the Western world's crucial minerals output in 1995.

A British Military Empire

Those forced to admit British imperial power in the financial sphere, would surely object to the assertion that the Empire still wields enormous, often decisive military power today, as it did in launching World War I and II. Again, they would be wrong.

Her Majesty's military forces are not large, but they are strategically placed to control, and instigate, conflicts in dozens of sensitive locations throughout the world. Take the British role in the Iraq wars, for example, or in the Balkan disaster. Look at the disposition of British forces throughout the African continent, or Asia. From these locations the British have let loose with "intelligence," or provocations, that have exacerbated local conflicts, even toward the point of threatening "superpower" confrontation.

Even more significant, as befits the Venetian "East India Company" nature of the modern British Empire, is the role of the "privatized" or irregular forces deployed globally. As EIR's 1997 report The True Story Behind the Fall of the House of Windsor documents, and later EIR feature series further elaborated, London is the home base for dozens, if not hundreds, of private mercenary armies, some of them explicitly terrorist, others simply "contract" employees, who are deployed "in Her Majesty's Service" globally. Utilizing the longstanding ties which the imperial center has with different peoples and tribes around the world, London has created and manipulated ethnic groups, and even small armies, in its own strategic interest of destroying nation-states. It's not for nothing that many nations have dubbed London "Londonistan," for its role in support of Khalistan, Balochistan, Kurdistan, and dozens more breakaway movements.

Empire of the Mind

As EIR's 1997 study emphasized, however, the most dangerous means of control exercised by the new British Empire is not financial, or military, but cultural. It is in this sphere that Britain's "invisible empire" takes the most prisoners of all. The empire works through various media.

Perhaps most ubiquitous is the use of the mass media, epitomized by the British Broadcasting Company. BBC is by far the most widely disseminated broadcasting network globally, and it is heard in dozens of languages other than English. Touting a reputation as "objective," the service's political role on behalf of the Queen's government, to which it is responsible, can be indicated by its role in such incidents as the misrepresentation and then "suicide" of Dr. David Kelly, critic of the Blair government's lies against Iraq, in the summer of 2003.

More hidden, and equally nefarious, is the role of the British Empire through institutions of the United Nations, including the ever-expanding network of so-called non-governmental organizations. NGOs, chartered by the UN, are often run by wealthy families, and there is an astounding number of them in Great Britain itself. (over half a million in 1996) But most destructive is the imperial ideology of the institution, which defines these advocates for "civil society" as ranking above governments, and as instruments for destroying governments which do not kowtow to their demands. One need only look at the role of the NGOs rampant in the countries of the former Soviet bloc to see the transparent anti-nation role they are crafted to play.

No account of the cultural warfare being run by the British Empire against the human race would be complete without reference to its role in advancing the Genocide movement associated with the World Wildlife Fund's radical population control drive, and its spinoff, the Global Warming Movement of today. While Lord Bertrand Russell and other representatives of the "old" British empire carried the flag for this ideology in the 19th century, the flag was well taken up by Queen Elizabeth's Royal Consort, Prince Philip and his son Charles, in the 20th and now 21st. The totally brutal, and false, idea behind this "environmentalism," was exposed by Philip himself, when he told the Deutsche Press Agentur in August 1988 that "in the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation."

That may seem extreme, but note that in our daily press, globally, headlines are given to the danger man represents to gorilla species (and others, even bugs!), even as millions of children die daily for lack of clean water, electricity, and sufficient food. British Malthusian ideology is indeed controlling our institutions, and behavior, without our even recognizing it.

It's time to unleash those chains!

[1] The True Story Behind the Fall of the House of Windsor, Reprints of EIR's 1994-97 groundbreaking exposés, September 1997.

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