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This article appears in the March 12, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

British in All-Out Drive for Global Chaos

by Jeffrey Steinberg

British intelligence is behind a fast-moving global insurgency against the nation-state system, with two major foci.

First, London is at the center of a drive in the U.S.A. and Europe, for a trans-Atlantic fascist-corporatist consolidation by early 2009, with the U.S. Presidential inauguration, and the launching of the new European Presidency, under the terms of the Lisbon Treaty, abolishing sovereign nations in the European Union. The last time that London sponsored a continental fascist dictatorship over Europe, with the Hitler-Nazi coup d'état of early 1933, the United States went the other way, under the new President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who revived the American System of political economy, led a global campaign to defeat fascism, and had every intention of abolishing European colonialism, had he survived the war.

Today, London is promoting New York City's corporatist mayor, Michael Bloomberg, as its new Mussolini, and is moving aggressively to assure his inclusion in either the Republican or Democratic ticket in November. The London-hatched Bloomberg operation is intended to guarantee that the United States, this time, goes with Hitler and Mussolini, not FDR. To achieve this goal within the framework of the ongoing U.S. Presidential race, London must first destroy both Democratic frontrunners, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Obama is the designated instrument to bring down the Clintons, and he is now targeted for his own rapid demise, once that mission has been accomplished, through the London-orchestrated Rezko-Auchi scandal.

Second, London is promoting chaos, war, and ungovernability throughout Africa, Southwest Asia, South Asia, and Central and South America, activating longstanding assets and methods—to pile up crises beyond the ability of any government to handle. In a speech in Chicago in 1999, then-British Prime Minister Tony Blair announced this London policy as a "post-Westphalia" world of failed states, supranational intervention, and oligarchical power.

Ultimately, a new European super-state would launch rearmament and prepare for World War III, taking aim at Russia and China, following the destruction of the last vestiges of the American republic. The London Economist's chief Russia attack-dog, Edward Lucas, recently spelled out the parameters of a "New Cold War" against Moscow, in a book that is being widely promoted in Europe and the Americas (The New Cold War: Putin's Russia and the Threat to the West). And a recent edition of the Economist, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the European Union, announced plans to bring down the United States and restore European oligarchical world domination.

All of these London-centered schemes are being pursued at breakneck speed now, due to the accelerating collapse of the world financial and monetary system, a collapse that began in full force by the middle of 2007, and has accelerated ever since. For London, the solution to this financial meltdown is genocidal war, and the establishment of a global monetary dictatorship, in the hands of private offshore financial interests.

However, none of these efforts are new. Since the defeat of London's Confederacy, in 1865, and despite the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, the British oligarchy, often in league with continental European like-minded factions, has pursued the destruction of the United States from within, utilizing three principal treason factions—the Boston Brahmins, the Wall Street Tories, and the heirs of the Southern slavocracy. What is new, is the ferocity of the London drive for worldwide empire and war, and the intensity of the campaign to bring down the United States once and for all.

A World of Trouble

An updated survey of the major global hotspots confirms the character of the London-centered drive. None of these crises are of regional origin; they all stem from British global operations, aimed at a singular effect: plunging the planet into a New Dark Age, akin to what destroyed Europe in the 14th Century.

In Southwest Asia, London has activated longstanding irregular warfare assets—at precisely the moment that there was a glimmer of hope for progress on peace, in the aftermath of the Annapolis, Md. peace conference of November 2007. Muslim Brotherhood factions within the Hamas organization intensified rocket attacks into Israel, from the Gaza Strip in recent weeks, virtually assuring, by profile, an Israeli Defense Forces invasion of Gaza, which is seen as a prelude to a much larger military operation later in the year. London's ability to play off both Islamist and Israeli Jabotinskyite assets is an old story, but one that continues to block any serious efforts towards comprehensive peace, and has the potential to blow up the entire region.

Also in Southwest Asia, London's long-term "Greater Kurdistan" project has inflamed the situation in northern Iraq and neighboring Turkey. In recent weeks, another series of terrorist provocations by the Kurdish People's Party (PKK), provoked Turkish military incursions into the Kurdish region of northern Iraq. London's Kurdish operation targets Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria—all areas where Kurdish separatist insurgents are on call to unleash chaos.

And Saudi Arabia, a close ally of London and a leading promoter and financier of the spread of Wahhabi fundamentalism throughout Southwest and South Asia, has been pressing the Bush Administration to prepare punitive military action against Syria, over Syria's refusal to acquiesce to Riyadh's and Washington's demands to "butt out" of Lebanon. An American Naval expeditionary force is now in the eastern Mediterranean, adding fuel to the regional fires. Sources in Washington warn that Vice President Dick Cheney, an asset of London, is once again promoting a U.S. bombing campaign against Iran, before the Bush Administration leaves office. The latest pretext for such a preventive war? Claims that Iran provided rockets to Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, to hit targets inside Israel.

In short, all of Southwest Asia is on the edge of regional war, with London sitting back and watching the fireworks.

In the Balkans, bordering Russia, a similar separatist/terrorist operation is being engineered, to blow up that fault-line region. Kosovo's recent unilateral declaration of independence—and the subsequent endorsement by a mad U.S. President George W. Bush, and several leading European states—including Gordon Brown's Great Britain—of that illegal independence, threatens to unleash a new Balkan war, by means of which Russia could easily be drawn into confrontation with the West (see accompanying article). Such actions, compounded by the planned stationing of U.S. ballistic missile defense installations in Poland and the Czech Republic, and Britain's constant stream of hate propaganda against outgoing Russian President Vladimir Putin, are fueling a future military confrontation, once again, in the heart of Eurasia.

A New War of the Pacific

In South America, as detailed below, London is activating a longstanding scenario-on-call for provoking border wars—this time involving Venezuela and Colombia, and potentially drawing in Ecuador, Nicaragua, Chile, and Argentina. As Lyndon LaRouche warned at the beginning of the year, London reacted violently to the inauguration of the Bank of the South, knowing that it was modeled on LaRouche's own 1982 blueprint for Ibero-American integration and development, Operation Júarez. To kill off the Bank of the South, London activated their latter-day Simón Bolívar, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, to promote the narcoterrorist FARC insurgency against Colombia. When Colombian military forces launched operations against FARC safe-havens along the Colombia-Ecuador border, Chávez stepped in, with a Jacobin outburst that set the entire region into conflict. As of this writing, the situation is precarious.

Key to the South American destabilization is London's Dope, Inc. operations, which have built up a cocaine-based underground economy, that fuels insurgency through billions of dollars in dirty money. Washington sources report that under Chávez, Venezuela has become a major port-of-exit for cocaine, while the country's oil revenues have been used, in turn, to further bankroll a spreading narco-insurgency, aimed at breaking up several nations. The vast funds generated by the narco-economy—estimated to be well-beyond $1 trillion annually—ultimately flow into Anglo-Dutch offshore financial havens, which, in turn, fuel the assault on sovereign governmental control over currency and credit.

According to U.S. intelligence sources, recent intercepted communications between top FARC commanders and European government ministers, have opened some eyes in Washington to the London-led European assault against the United States, an assault abetted from within the U.S.A. by the antics of the Bush Administration, and such London loyalists as Felix Rohatyn and George Shultz, who openly extol the British East India Company model of private mercenary armies, and oligarchical control over world finance.

Will patriotic U.S. institutions rally, in time, to defeat the onrushing drive for war and fascism, coming out of London? Will these institutions take LaRouche's lead, and line up with other leading sovereign world powers—Russia, China, India—to amass the forces to defeat the British empire once and for all?

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