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This article appears in the March 21, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

LaRouche: Rohatyn Fascism Is
`Tantamount to Treason'

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Lyndon LaRouche's no-holds-barred indictment of investment banker Felix Rohatyn for crimes "tantamount to high treason," during his March 12 international webcast, has sent political shockwaves through the United States, as the nation enters a crucial showdown phase of the 2008 Presidential election campaign.

LaRouche began his formal remarks by declaring: "Felix Rohatyn is guilty of something tantamount to high treason against the United States." He elaborated: "Felix Rohatyn is a thorough fascist in the same sense that Adolf Hitler was a fascist, and the same sense that Mussolini, before Hitler, was a fascist."

LaRouche's indictment was the political equivalent of a nuclear bomb, and the impact is just beginning to be felt.

After exposing Rohatyn's policies—including his pivotal role in the takedown of the U.S.A.'s vital automobile manufacturing sector, with its crucial machine-tool capacity—LaRouche made the point even more sharply, drawing the historical parallel: "When they put them [Rohatyn's policies—ed.] into effect in Italy, it was called corporatism. Exactly this policy. This was the policy of Mussolini! When Schacht consolidated Hitler's power in Germany, the same operation was done.... The intention of the Nazi system, for its post-war policy, was the occupation of all Europe, under this kind of policy. Eliminate the nation-state for what was called universal fascism."

The future of the Democratic Party and the survival of the United States as a sovereign republic, both hang on whether or not leading circles in the party will, at long last, wake up to the fact that Rohatyn is, as LaRouche has now, once again, publicly declared, an avowed fascist, an enemy of the United States, and an agent of an alien, foreign power, the City of London-centered British oligarchy, which is going for the end-game destruction of the American Republic—right now.

Lazard and the Synarchy

Rohatyn's passion for fascism is not exactly hidden. His entire history, as a leading figure and protégé of André Meyer at Lazard Brothers banking house, places him in the center of the Synarchist, "universal fascist" camp.

When Rohatyn was placed in charge of the bankers' dictatorship over New York City, during the so-called "Big MAC" bankruptcy crisis of the mid-1970s, he administered classic fascist Schachtian austerity, from which New York City has never recovered. His corporatist protégé Michael Bloomberg has been pushing a string of fascist measures—including his current scheme to impose feudalist "congestion" taxes on anyone bringing a car or truck into Manhattan—that would have made Mussolini green with envy.

And it is for this reason that Rohatyn-clone Bloomberg is still being promoted as London and Wall Street's preferred President or Vice President in January 2009.

Within the Democratic Party, Rohatyn's idiot-princess, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, has presided over the self-destruction of the Democratic majority, by blocking the impeachment of Vice President Dick Cheney (another British asset), and sabotaging every effort to take meaningful action to deal with the onrushing crash of the U.S. dollar-based global financial system, and the U.S.A. physical economy—beginning with her efforts against LaRouche's own Economic Recovery Act of 2006 and 2007, and the Homeowners and Bank Protection Act (HBPA), which enjoys widespread grassroots support among Democrats, but has been killed in Congress by Rohatyn and Pelosi.

It is for these and other reasons, that LaRouche's indictment of Rohatyn for fascist crimes against the United States, "tantamount to high treason," is not only accurate. It represents an existential issue for the United States.

Electoral Sabotage

As LaRouche has been warning for months, Rohatyn's circles—his fellow-fascist George Shultz, and other London assets inside the U.S.A.—are intent on imposing Bloomberg, or some other like-minded fascist, in power in the White House, by means of the 2008 elections. Their gameplan depends on the elimination of Sen. Hillary Clinton from the Democratic Presidential race. Their preferred strategy: Build up Sen. Barack Obama as the Democratic nominee, use Obama's demagogic, populist appeal to knock out Clinton, and then bring down Obama, through a series of time-released scandals, already erupting.

The Rohatyn-Shultz scheme, however, has been dealt a series of potentially fatal setbacks. Key to all of their efforts was the need to eliminate Clinton from the race by mid-March. It was widely expected that she would lose the Texas primary, through the media-driven Obama hype. Rohatyn, in league with Pelosi and other soft-on-fascism Democrats, had been putting the squeeze on many of Clinton's superdelegates, attempting to organize a mass revolt, after the March 4 primaries in Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Vermont. (Superdelegates are current or former office holders and party officials, who are seated at the party convention automatically, rathern than through primaries or caucuses. They may support any candidate.) The goal was to orchestrate a media avalanche against Clinton, to force her to quit.

Sources within the Democratic Party have confirmed that at least 25 Clinton superdelegates, and 50 other superdelegates who were not pledged to either Clinton or Obama, were targeted by Rohatyn and his minions, for this post-March 4 assault. And the methods have been right out of the mafia playbook. Sources in the New York Democratic Party have confirmed LaRouche's own assessment, that the recent prostitution scandal that forced the resignation of New York Governor and Clinton superdelegate Eliot Spitzer, was a case of selective prosecution, targeting Spitzer precisely because he refused to bend to Rohatyn's demands that he break from Clinton. The targeting of the governor was intended to send a broader message to Clinton backers: Don't mess with Felix if you have any skeletons in your closet.

However, despite these heavy-handed tactics, reality intervened. In Texas, Ohio, and New England, LaRouche PAC organizers, led by the LaRouche Youth Movement, circulated widely exposés of the Rohatyn-Bloomberg fascist scheme. On the eve of the Texas primary, LaRouche issued a statement, praising Hillary Clinton for her perseverence and leadership courage, in the face of the Rohatyn-Bloomberg onslaught, and for her focus on the crying needs of the lower 80% of American households. The Bloomberg exposé resonated throughout U.S. political institutions, with added force, when paired with the exposé of the parallel London-led drive for fascism in Europe, through the Lisbon Treaty, to establish a European corporatist super-state.

March 4—and the Aftermath

On March 4, Hillary Clinton scored significant victories in Ohio and Rhode Island, and a narrow, but decisive victory in Texas. The Rohatyn-Shultz scheme suffered a serious setback: The idea of Clinton dropping out of the race was thoroughly discredited; and, the next contest takes place in Pennsylvania on April 22, where Clinton currently enjoys a significant lead.

Moreover, precisely as LaRouche forecast, Obama is coming under the kind of public scrutiny that he cannot survive. Since March 4, Obama has been hit with a two-pronged attack.

First, coming directly from London, Obama's ties to international organized crime are grabbing headlines, and throwing the Illinois Senator into public bouts of rage. Obama's ties to Chicago fixer Tony Rezko, whose criminal trial began March 3, provide the window into a much bigger international crime scandal, implicating Rezko's business partner, the London-based, Iraqi-born billionaire Nadhmi Auchi. Auchi was the subject of a Pentagon Inspector General's investigation, into contract fixing in Iraq, during the period of the Coalition Provisional Authority. Auchi's political and business ties cut into the very heart of the European black nobility, and this scandal is going to grab headlines for months, as the Rezko trial unfolds. Obama has belatedly admitted that Rezko provided at least a quarter-of-a-million dollars to his political campaign, in addition to their joint real estate venture.

On March 13, another Obama scandal surfaced, when news outlets began airing racist and anti-American statements from Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the just-retired pastor of Obama's Chicago church, and a member, until March 14, of the candidate's Afro-American Religious Leadership Committee. While Obama scrambled to repudiate Wright's remarks, he refused to "repudiate the man," with whom he had close ties for 17 years.

On March 14, LaRouche had called upon Obama to immediately distance himself from Wright, in a LaRouche PAC press release, which asked Obama, "Do you know the difference between Wright and wrong?" Hours later, the Obama campaign announced that Rev. Wright was no longer a member of the advisory committee.

Obama's accelerating demise, and the continuing support for Hillary Clinton among Democratic voters, sets the stage for an even greater political showdown in the weeks ahead. True to his fascist roots, Felix Rohatyn and his circles can be expected to take even more radical measures, to recoup their faltering Bloomberg schemes.

And sources in the Democratic Party have informed EIR that green fascist Al Gore is aligned with Rohatyn, and is working against the Clinton nomination, by positioning himself to be the super-broker at the Democratic convention in Denver in August. Gore, who now manages a hedge fund, also works as a policy advisor to Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

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