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This article appears in the April 18, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The U.S.A. Cannot Survive
Al Gore's Genocidal Treachery

by Scott Thompson and Jeffrey Steinberg

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On March 31, one of the British oligarchy's flagship publications, the London Sunday Telegraph, flagrantly promoted Al Gore to be the Democratic Party's Presidential candidate against John McCain, in one of London's latest and most outrageous bids to sink the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

"Plans for Al Gore to take the Democratic presidential nomination as the savior of a bitterly divided party are being actively discussed by senior figures and aides to the former vice president," the Telegraph's Tim Shipman wrote from Washington. "Two former Gore campaign officials have told the Sunday Telegraph that a scenario first mapped out by members of Mr Gore's inner circle last May now has a sporting chance of coming true.... If neither Mr Obama nor Mrs Clinton has the 2,025 delegates needed to win the nomination, and if both appear unable to beat Mr McCain, under one scenario a group of about 100 party elders—the 'super-delegates'—could sit out the first ballot in Denver, preventing either candidate winning outright, and then offer Mr Gore the nomination for the good of the party."

Read the Sunday Telegraph promotion of the widely hated former Vice President and notorious British agent as a further public declaration that the British are out to destroy the United States, by stopping Senator Clinton, the only candidate among the leading three contenders, who is qualified to be President of the United States, under the crisis circumstances facing the next Chief Executive.

The British are fully aware that Sen. Barack Obama cannot win the Presidency, as they, themselves, are sitting on the dossier of Obama's ties to London-centered international organized crime, that can wreck his candidacy on a moment's notice. The only reason that the British have not fully uncorked against Obama, up until now, is that they cling to the hope that the American people are so demoralized and desperate, that they will give the vacuous populist Obama a victory in one of the upcoming primary elections, at which point they will unleash their agents inside the Democratic Party leadership, to force Clinton to drop out of the race.

Out To Crush the 'FDR Impulse'

Those outright fascist agents of London—Synarchist speculators Felix Rohatyn and George Soros, and their bought-and-paid-for party stooges, led by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean—are re-enacting the efforts of J.P. Morgan agent John Jakob Raskob, and a similar pack of British-manipulated fools, who tried to prevent Franklin Delano Roosevelt from obtaining the Democratic Presidential nomination in 1932 (see EIR, April 4). When they failed to block his nomination at the Chicago convention, the same Morgan-London interests first tried to assassinate the President-elect, and then plotted a military coup d'état, that was defeated through the courageous actions of the patriot, Gen. Smedley Butler (UMSC ret).

As Lyndon LaRouche has repeatedly emphasized in recent writings and speeches, the City of London financial oligarchy is absolutely committed to preventing any "FDR impulse" from steering the U.S. Presidency in this already onrushing worst financial and civilizational crisis in modern history. They will stop at nothing to prevent a return to Franklin Roosevelt's policies, and they recognize that Clinton is the only candidate directly addressing the vital needs of the lower 80% of family income brackets—what FDR called "the forgotten men and women," and what Clinton has referred to as "the invisible Americans."

They also recognize that LaRouche, while not running for the Democratic nomination, is the leading spokesman inside the party, and inside the nation as a whole, for a top-down war against the British Empire, and for a revival of FDR's policies. LaRouche's recent "Three Steps for Survival," written in the wake of the Bear Stearns collapse, has been widely circulating within the Democratic Party, and offers the concise emergency measures that must be taken, now, to avert the full force of the onrushing global financial crash. It is the combination of a Hillary Clinton Presidency, staffed by a bipartisan cabinet team of qualified patriots, joined with LaRouche's in-depth approach to the systemic collapse, that is London's worst nightmare.

Lessons of 2004-06

It is no secret, including in London, that the LaRouche intervention into the August 2004 Democratic Party convention in Boston, led by over 100 members of the LaRouche Youth Movement, saved the Democratic Party from imminent self-destruction. LaRouche's draft platform, and the active engagement of the young men and women of the LYM, shaped the environment in Boston, and almost succeeded, in the November general elections, in defeating Karl Rove's vote fraud and voter intimidation apparatus—despite Sen. John Kerry's at times lackluster performance as the Party's nominee against George W. Bush.

It was the factor of LaRouche's political mobilization of the lower 80%, despite the November defeat, that carried the Democratic Party into the 2005 battle to defeat the White House drive to destroy Social Security, one of the last vestiges of the FDR New Deal promotion of the general welfare. At the point that the Democratic Party had won a significant political victory, in stopping Bush's Social Security privatization thievery, London agents at the top of the Party stepped in to kill the LaRouche initiatives.

In February 2005, LaRouche had issued the first of a series of warnings, that the U.S. automobile manufacturing sector, the backbone of the nation's vital machine-tool capacity, was in deep trouble. He proposed a retooling of that dormant capacity, to launch a massive capital budget program of infrastructure-building, to be led by maglev and high-speed rail, nuclear power plant construction, and a long-delayed overhaul of the nation's water management system. The LaRouche plan would have created millions of new productive jobs, saved the machine-tool capacity of the auto sector, and generated an expanded tax-revenue base. Had the Democratic Party gotten behind LaRouche's plan, the present collapse of the dollar-based global financial system would have been far more manageable.

Instead, Felix Rohatyn personally stepped in, and sabotaged the effort—at a sizeable personal profit. The net effect was a London-steered, top-down fascist takeover of the Democratic Party. This takeover was publicly flaunted in early 2006, when Democrats in the U.S. Senate confirmed an outright Nazi, Justice Samuel Alito, to the U.S. Supreme Court. Alito was shown, during his own confirmation hearings, to be an adherent to the legal doctrines of the Nazi crown jurist, Carl Schmitt.

The Gorey Truth

Despite the shameless capitulation of the Democratic Congressional delegation, under pressure from Wall Street and London, the LaRouche Youth Movement did not cave in. And in the November 2006 midterm elections, a dramatic turnout of younger voters swept the Democrats into the majority in both the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives.

At that moment of renewed optimism, the London fascist vise-grip over the Democratic Party was reasserted. The new Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, repeatedly and publicly spit on the voters' mandate, rejecting impeachment of Vice President Dick Cheney, refusing to cut funding for the Iraq War, and doing nothing about the economic collapse. Within months, popular support for the new 110th Congress fell from 70% to under 20%, rivaling Americans' hatred for Cheney and Bush.

Instead of LaRouche's FDR solutions, Democratic constituents were served a fat dose of British treason, in the person of Al Gore.

Gore, a notorious racist and radical Malthusian, whose global warming swindle would kill billions of people, if fully implemented, is a British agent, through and through. Never mind that his London-based hedge fund, Generation Fund Management, is at the center of the effort to create a "carbon swap" market, described by one U.S. intelligence source as a "$10 trillion ponzi scheme."

Gore's London ties go to the very heart of the British monarchy, to his longstanding partnership with the Queen's royal consort, Prince Philip, and with Charles, the Prince of Wales. Father and son are among the most rabid advocates of mass genocide, starting in Africa, but extending to every continent. Philip has openly demanded an 80% reduction in population, over the next one or two generations, a level of genocide that would make Hitler blush.

As Vice President in 1999, Gore threatened to cut off all U.S. economic aid to South Africa, if the government went forward with plans to produce cheap AIDS drugs, and distribute them throughout the continent. At the time, there were 6 million South Africans, among millions more worldwide, infected with the HIV virus.

It is this racist British agent Gore that Obama has recently embraced, as one of his top policy advisors, if elected President. As LaRouche has said, repeatedly, Obama will never be President, but his wholesale endorsement of Gore and his genocidal global warming swindle, adds one more count to the indictment against the Illinois Senator. And, given London's drive to turn the 2008 U.S. Presidential elections into a chaotic, demoralizing mess, through which some British stooge is installed in the White House next January, Obama would do well to keep his eyes wide open whenever he is in the vicinity of Fat Albert.

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