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This articleappears in the April 25, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Al Gore: Britain's Malthusian Agent

by Scott Thompson and Nancy Spannaus

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Has former U.S. Vice President Al Gore properly registered with the U.S. Department of Justice as an agent of a foreign government, under the U.S. Foreign Agents Registration Act? That was the question raised by Executive Intelligence Review in its March 16, 2007 issue, and it has yet to be answered. In the face of Gore's current role in the U.S. political and economic policy-making process, including the mooting by London sources, in particular, that he "break the stalemate" in the U.S. Presidential elections, the import of that question looms even larger today.

In the years since he left the White House, Al Gore has taken two major steps toward declaring himself a de facto British agent. In November 2004, Gore joined with Goldman Sachs veteran David Blood in founding a London-based investment fund, Generation Investment Management, which insiders affectionately, but accurately, refer to as "Blood and Gore." Gore is chairman of Generation Investment Management, a hedge fund which is devoted to making its mega-profits by denying economic development and sustenance to billions of people in the developing world—through brokering and speculating on so-called carbon swaps. Through the carbon swap system, countries that are being starved to death by lack of electricity, are supposed to trade away their futures for a few shekels—the so-called magic of the marketplace.

Second, on Oct. 30, 2006, at a high-profile press conference, then-British Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown announced that he had hired Gore to "advise the British government on climate change." This declaration has been followed by a mass-brainwashing campaign for a genocidal takedown of industry and agriculture by Gore, not only in the British Isles, but throughout the world.

But, traitorous as these activities are, because of their impact in destroying the economic basis for survival of the United States and rest of the the planet, the core of Gore's anti-American, British agentry lies elsewhere. For, as we will document below, Gore's total philosophical commitment lies with the evil, Malthusian, genocidal ideology of British Prince Consort Prince Philip and Crown Prince Charles. It is this anti-human devotion to reducing the world's population by famine, disease, and war, which makes Gore himself a big, fat pestilence, who must be ridiculed off the world stage.

The Princes of Genocide: Philip ...

"In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation."

That statement, reported by Deutsche Press Agentur in August 1988, presents in the most concise manner, the commitment of the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, to genocide against the world's population. In expressing this view—which he also put in writing in the foreword to the book People as Animals in 1986—Philip places himself in the tradition of that Fabian genocidalist Lord Bertrand Russell, who had defined alleged overpopulation as the greatest threat to the oligarchical way of life.

It was in 1961 that the World Wildlife Fund (WWF, now the World Wide Fund for Nature) was founded for one stated purpose: to raise money to expand the operations of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The IUCN was a Swiss-based organization, founded in 1948, with the aid of the British Foreign Office. Under the cover of "conserving nature," the IUCN dedicated itself to

  1. reduce the world's population, particularly in the developing sector; and

  2. ensure that control of the world's raw materials remains in the hands of a tiny handful of large Anglo-Dutch multinationals.

To accomplish this, IUCN spokesmen have repeatedly insisted that there must be a world government.

Prince Philip became head of the WWF-UK from the outset. Among his closest collaborators was Sir Julian Huxley, president of the Eugenics Society, and a founder of the IUCN as well. Since Hitler had given eugenics a bad name, Huxley tried to sell his anti-human ideology through "conservation," as expressed in his statement, "the spread of man must take second place to the conservation of other species." He brought this same conviction to his role as the first head of the United Nations Education, Social, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Philip also recruited a card-carrying Nazi into the leadership of the WWF, notably Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. Bernhard had returned his Nazi Party membership card in a letter to Hitler when he was given the opportunity to marry the Dutch Queen Wilhemina, but betrayed his ongoing sentiments by signing the letter "Heil Hitler." Bernhard was the first head of the WWF-International, while Philip presided over the U.K. branch. After Bernhard was hit by the Lockheed scandals of the mid-1970s, he was replaced first by John Loudon, the former head of Royal Dutch Shell, and then, in 1981, by Philip himself.

As head of the WWF, Philip openly called for population control, calling human population growth "the single most long-term threat to survival." Treating human beings like animals, he claimed in a 1981 article in People magazine: "The more people there are, the more resources they'll consume, the more pollution they'll create, the more fighting they will do. We have no option. If it isn't controlled voluntarily, it will be controlled involuntarily by an increase in disease, starvation and war."

Philip has also endorsed the long-discredited Malthusian claim that population must outstrip food supply. While his official statements pay obeisance to the idea of merely reducing the rate of growth of population, Philip's activities—which involve setting up "ecological reserves" that are used to preserve animals and serve as sanctuaries for terrorist insurgencies, campaigning against life-saving major infrastructure projects, and opposing the most fundamental life-saving measures, such as draining swamps—give the genocidal game away.

As time went on, however, clearly the Prince thought he had to find new covers for his genocide policy, including that of religion. In 1986, Prince Philip sponsored a conference in Assisi, Italy, which kicked off a discussion process among all the world's major religions. By 1996, it had become the Alliance of Religion and Conservation, a grouping still active in inserting the anti-human Gaia cult into the world's religious communities.

The Prince, now reported to be ailing, officially stepped down as head of the WWF in 1996, but he remains president emeritus of the WWF's board, according to the website. Unfortunately, he has bequeathed the world a son with the same insane genocidal instincts as his own.

... and Charles

Much has been made of Prince Philip's sadism toward his older son, Charles, but, despite this, this nut (Charles) did not fall far from the tree. Charles's views on Malthusianism, environmentalism, and mysticism are very much the same as his father's, and he has used his royal wealth and prominence to promote this genocidal ideology.

Philip has not been the only influence in turning Charles into an anti-human fruitcake. Crucial in this regard was one Laurens Van der Post, a South Africa-born racist and Jungian, who promoted the idea of the African Bush-man as primeval man, and provided the intellectual cover for turning the nation of Botswana into a series of game preserves. The denial of development to Botswana—now primarily a home to diamond mines and eco-tourism—has been a recipe for outright genocide; life expectancy there has fallen from 65 years in 1990-95, to less than 40 years in 2000-05.

Van der Post took Charles under his wing in the period of 1975 to 1996, putting him through Jungian analysis, and taking him on trips to Africa, specifically the Kalihari Desert of Botswana, where the Prince could absorb the mystical qualities of the desert, the lions, the zebras, and the like (the hyenas?). The effect was clearly lasting, as shown by the Prince's very public and continuous advocacy of environmental frauds such as sustainable development, global warming, and population control. Charles has been called the "green" prince, and has given special attention to combatting high technology in the area of farming—a surefire policy for ensuring mass death.

Enter Al Gore

Gore comes into this picture, at the latest, in 1990. The Tennessee Senator had already been a close colleague of Maurice Strong, a cofounder with Prince Philip of the secretive 1001 Club, the main "piggybank" of the World Wildlife Fund. Strong was the Undersecretary General of the UN Earth Council, and a vice president of the WWF.

Although not a prince by blood, the Canadian Strong is a bona fide oligarch. Born in 1929, he is a member of Queen Elizabeth's Privy Council for Canada, of several international environmental organizations, and on the board of directors of several top-ranking corporations. He has played a leading role in setting up international conferences which have pushed genocidal population control, starting with the Stockholm Conference of 1972, a launching pad for the green fascist agenda. When the LaRouche movement challenged this program at the time, Strong became one of the first oligarchs to publicly attack LaRouche as a danger to the Malthusian plot.

Gore worked closely with Strong on various projects, including the establishment of the Association of Global Parliamentarians, done when Gore was a U.S. Senator. Strong also worked closely with Gore's staff on his first book.

In 1990, however, Gore met the real article, the anti-human Prince Philip. Philip had brought his "religion and conservation" show to the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. The networks which Philip brought together at that time, overlapped those which Gore consulted in producing his first book, published in 1992, Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit.

In April 1991, Gore had the occasion to meet Prince Charles. Charles held a meeting on his yacht, the Britannia, prior to the United Nations Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The purpose of the meeting was to pull together a strategy for winning agreement at the Earth Summit for a program of anti-development measures, in the name of saving the Earth. The meeting was attended by key international figures and is said to have played a significant role in shaping the biological diversity plank and other elements of the Earth Summit agenda.

The so-called Rio Summit, held in June 1992, promoted the climate change hoax, which is now being used to promote global deindustrialization. Not so coincidentally, this anti-nation-state event occurred at the same time that the British oligarchy was deploying Maggie Thatcher, with her French poodle François Mitterrand, to push European unification through Maastricht—another deliberate plan for deindustrialization and fascism, which laid the basis for today's Lisbon Treaty. The Summit sponsors, like Strong, were totally committed to destroying the sovereign nation-state. Gore headed the U.S. Congressional delegation, and came back to promote the anti-scientific, anti-development agenda of the meeting.

The content of Gore's book mirrored the ideas of the Earth Summit, and the population fanatics, who blame the population growth of poor people, rather than the denial of scientific progress, for destroying the Earth. According to Prince Charles's own testimony, at an event in 2007, Gore's title Earth in the Balance was a very close copy of the Prince's BBC film, produced slightly earlier, called Earth in Balance.

In the foreword to the second edition, issued right before his run for the Presidency in 2000, Gore was more candid than he was in 1992, stating: "None of our measures will fully succeed unless we achieve population stabilization—one of the most important environmental challenges of all. An overcrowded world is inevitably a polluted one...."

Once he was elected Vice President, his activities were a bit more circumscribed, and we know little about his activities at that time with his royal co-conspirators against the human race. We do know that Gore continued to be obsessed by what he considered "overpopulation," and therefore called for population-control measures when he headed the U.S. delegation to the 1994 UN Conference on Population and Development in Cairo. Gore also played the pivotal role in the 1997 Kyoto Summit, which was aimed at ramming through mandatory "greenhouse gas" controls, and other genocidal measures.

Going After the Green

After he lost the Presidency in 2000, however, Gore began to take a very prominent role in championing his genocidal environmental program. After all its investment in him, the international genocide lobby decided to bring him into the millionaire/billionaire club, where he could profit royally from his love of the green. Like Strong and other corrupt green moguls, Gore was given the opportunity to become even richer, through scams ranging from the Ponzi scheme called carbon swaps, to "green" industries.

In this period, Gore prepared his fraudulent film and accompanying book, "The Inconvenient Truth: The Planetary Emergency of Global Warming and What We Can Do About It," released in 2006. In October of that year, he got his appointment from Gordon Brown, as "Special Advisor to the Government on Climate Change." Then came the Nobel Prize, itself a ticket for a $750,000 chunk of change.

Then, in December 2006, Prince Charles, according to the Telegraph, invited Gore to a private meeting at his Highgrove country home, in order to strategize about their shared passion for the environment. The specific subject was preparations for an event which the Prince was soon to sponsor at his St. James Palace, to launch an Accounting for Sustainability project. This project was intended to encourage big business to become more "green," according to press reports.

Gore could not attend the event in person, but addressed the nearly 200 politicians, businessmen, and others by video, showing them his slideshow, "An Inconvenient Truth."

Then, during January 2007, the Prince of Wales and his wife toured the United States. On Jan. 28, the Harvard Medical School's Center for Health and the Global Environment presented the 10th Annual Global Environmental Citizen's Award to Prince Charles, at the Harvard Club in New York City. Gore, according to press reports, "praised the Prince of Wales's knowledge and passion, [and] said he and the prince have had conversations about global environment for 20 years."

Conversations are one thing, but the fact is, that the Prince and the swamp creature have done more than talk. They have shaped the political environment, in a concerted attempt to destroy the legacy of Franklin Roosevelt, a legacy which the United States and world so crucially need today. They have forced through actions which now bring the human race into a crisis which threatens everyone's future. We can let the British take care of their monarchy—but Americans have a responsibility for that fat hypocrite Al Gore. Ridicule this British agent until he's out of the limelight!

Richard Freeman contributed research for this article.

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