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This article appears in the May 2, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The United States Is at War
With the British Empire

by John Hoefle

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The United States is in a war against the British Empire, a war over the future of our nation and the future of the planet. Under the onslaught of Anglo-Dutch Liberal geopolitics, war, pestilence, famine, and death are spreading across the globe. Nations are being destabilized, populations are being destroyed, civilization itself is dying. It is deliberate, it is genocidal, and it is the policy of the British Empire.

This is a war of ideas, a war over the ideas which will determine the nature of the political system which will dominate the planet in the wake of the worst financial collapse in history. What the British Empire offers is a Malthusian world of resource shortages, austerity, and apocalyptic population reduction, ruled by fascist bankers and corporate cartels. What the United States—that is, the American System of political economy—offers, is scientific and technological breakthroughs which will transform our economy and bring prosperity and freedom to all. The British would take us back to the failed models of the past, which produced misery for the vast majority of the world's people, while a return to the American System would raise the standards of living both here and abroad, and usher in a new era of peace, prosperity, and stability.

Such optimism seems almost out of place in today's world, where fear is used to manipulate the public into surrendering its freedom, where new technologies are mainly used for social control and warfare, where science is generally portrayed as a danger to mankind. Many among us have become little, rabbits cowering in our holes, hoping to avoid the attention of predators. The nation that once saw its mission as bringing freedom to the world, has become defensive, hunkered down against imagined threats, destroying ourselves in the vain attempt to save the fictitious wealth of a small slice of our population, by throwing the rest to the wolves. We have, at least those in our upper class, become that which we fought a revolution against.

Fascism on the Rise

Under our Constitution, the citizens rule, their views mediated through elected representatives, within the framework of the Preamble. Government is the servant of the people. We all know it doesn't work that way anymore, that government increasingly sees itself as the ruler of the people, the shepherd who herds and harvests his flock. This disconnect has been increasingly apparent under Vice President Dick Cheney and President George Bush, who have overseen the greatest buildup of a police-state apparatus in our nation's history. Citizens are now routinely spied upon through a growing network of computer tracking and video cameras, subjected to indignities at airports, their movements, purchases, and preferences stored in massive databases, from which dossiers can be produced as desired. We are told repeatedly that this is for our own protection, that we have nothing to fear if we have nothing to hide—but that is a lie. We are being led down the road to fascism, and we know it.

Far from being an American phenomenon, fascism is the policy of the British Empire and the international financial oligarchy which runs it. It is this apparatus which produced Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler as political frontmen—in the same way it produced Al Gore—as figureheads for a bankers' dictatorship. Fascism allows private financier and corporate interests to control a nation by corrupting its government and turning it against its people. That is an apt description of the British Empire, of the United States under Bush and Cheney, and of Europe under the planned Lisbon Treaty.

The model for the modern police state is Britain, which has been turned into a surveillance society, with cameras everywhere, extensive tracking of personal activities, and a security apparatus which routinely ignores basic human rights. This is what has been, and is being, implemented in the United States, and in other nations. These steps are taken, we are told, to protect us from terrorists who, like the bogeyman, are everywhere: under the bed, in the closet, hidden in the shadows, just waiting to strike. Behind the psychological warfare, the real target of these policies is the population itself. The question to ask is: What do they have planned for us that requires these extraordinary powers?

Falling Apart

Civilization itself is disintegrating, with financial collapse, economic collapse, political paralysis, wars, famine, crises in every corner of the globe. The world is sliding into a new Dark Age.

The financial crisis is growing, as the effects of the bankruptcy of the financial system eat their way through the institutions. Reports of multi-billion-dollar losses are now routine, but virtually meaningless, since the actual losses are orders of magnitude greater, and the institutions are already dead, zombies kept seemingly alive through accounting and regulatory fraud.

Despite the extraordinary injections of money by the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, and others, the banking crisis is getting worse by the day. The failure of the private German Düsseldorfer Hypobank, reflects the spreading of the crisis into a new layer of institutions; it failed not because of its own actions, but because the markets in which it operated are evaporating. In the United States, the multi-billion-dollar capital injections at Wachovia, National City Corp., and Washington Mutual reflect a similar problem. Though manifested as losses at individual institutions, the crisis is caused by the financial system itself shutting down. What we have seen thus far is mainly the writedowns of the valuations of securities for which markets no longer exist, with much bigger losses to come as the number of bankruptcy filings and defaults grows. This is inevitable, since the system which supported these institutions no longer exists.

The speculative parasites will not give up easily, as their demands for bailouts and their criminal speculation in food and energy show. The idea of condemning millions, if not billions of people to starvation in the name of profit shows the monstrous immorality of the people who engage in such activity and of the governments which permit it.

The oil market plays a crucial role in this. With the oil hoaxes of the 1970s, the spot market was created, which, in turn, created a huge pool of dollars centered around the London-based international oil cartel. Through this mechanism, the U.S. government essentially lost control of the dollar, which became a weapon for a speculative assault on the U.S.A. Today, the market price for oil is not set by OPEC, but by the financial markets, which take an increasing cut of the money people pay for gasoline and diesel fuel. OPEC, it should be noted, was created by the big oil companies, modelled on the Texas Railroad Commission's role in setting production quotas as a way of supporting oil prices in the early 1900s, when Texas was the world's leading oil producer. It is the big oil companies of the London-centered oil cartel, and not OPEC, which controls the oil business, and which is, in turn, an arm of the financial oligarchy.

The political paralysis in Washington and other capitals is also reflective of this global breakdown. The Bush Administration is beyond dysfunctional, while the Congressional Democrats under House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have abdicated the responsibilities for which they were elected, and are pushing their own flavor of fascism under the guise of Al Gore's global warming hoax. Both sides are pushing policies which will destroy the nation, under the direction of, and for the benefit of, the British Empire.

The Obama campaign is yet another reflection of the decay of the nation, with its empty rhetoric. Obama is being marketed as a celebrity, a sort of rock star, or perhaps a brand of toothpaste, all style and no substance. His mantra of change actually draws attention away from the crucial issues which should be discussed by any serious Presidential candidate. The Obama campaign is a giant, manufactured distraction designed to keep reality out of the Presidential race.

Cui Bono?

Some of this may seem far afield in what is ostensibly an economics article, but it is not. We could provide reams of material on losses, the comments of the financial pundits, and more statistics than one could shake a stick at, but it would all be irrelevant. The real issue here is who benefits? Who benefitted from the creation of the largest financial bubble in history, and who benefits from its collapse? The simple answer to both questions is the British Empire, which used its financial power and agents inside the United States to turn the U.S. economy from an industrial power into a casino, and is now using the collapse of that casino to destroy the U.S., and the nation-state system. This financial collapse, combined with the disastrous neocon American Empire fantasy pushed by Cheney and Bush, and the fascist policies of the Pelosi Democrats, have neutralized the ability of the United States to have a positive impact on the world, leaving the field wide open for the Brutish Empire and its fascist stooges.

The British rule by what Lyndon LaRouche termed "the tyranny of stupidity," of subjugating people by making them too stupid to understand how they are being manipulated. It works, but only if you let it. This tyranny can be easily defeated by having the courage to put aside fears and think. In this war of ideas, we have the upper hand, if we use it. Only then will we have an economy to talk about.

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