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This article appears in the June 6, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

LaRouche: Obama Must Break
From British Colonial Policy

by Nancy Spannaus

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In a statement issued May 30, former Democratic Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche demanded that Barack Obama publicly and decisively break with British colonial policy in Africa, and renounce the comments he made at a recent campaign fundraiser in London, which effectively called for putting the United States under British diktat. "Obama's recent statements, and the statements and actions of his campaign, demonstrate that he is operating under the control of British forces hostile to the future of the United States," said LaRouche.

Indeed, the pattern of Obama's recent actions, as well as the support he is receiving from de facto British moneybags George Soros and Rupert Murdoch, once more highlight the accuracy of LaRouche's analysis that Obama is being used as a British tool, in an attempt to destroy the potential for the U.S. to return to the anti-imperial FDR tradition.

Over recent weeks, however, in the wake of Sen. Hillary Clinton's surge in primary victories and the popular vote, the Obama campaign appears to have gone "over the edge."

Following Britain's Lead

Leaks published in the May 27 British press provided shocking details of remarks by Obama and his campaign, to a closed London fundraising meeting held April 28. That meeting was sponsored by Elisabeth Murdoch, daughter of right-wing billionaire press mogul and MySpace owner Rupert Murdoch, and raised $400,000 for Obama's Presidential campaign.

Speaking by telephone to the 200 wealthy American expatriates present, Obama, according to the London Guardian, said America's "special relationship" with Britain needs to be "recalibrated," so that America more often follows London's lead. "I was brought up by an expatriate," Obama added, "and I know what it's like to look at the world differently."

The Guardian further reported guests' accounts of remarks by an Obama advisor: "We have a chance to recalibrate the relationship and for the United Kingdom to work with America as a full partner. It's no longer going to be that we are in the lead and everyone follows us. Full partners not only listen to each other, they also occasionally follow each other."

"Please, don't make things worse by kissing up to the British," LaRouche advised Obama May 30. "The Senator's hostility to Africans struggling for their freedom against the continuing British-led genocide—as in the recent cases of Kenya and Zimbabwe—is bad enough. To openly promote an expanded partnership, under British domination, is just to compound that error. Doesn't the Senator know that the British were behind the spread of slavery into the United States during the early 19th Century? Doesn't he recall that it was the British Empire, that promoted the Southern secession, and the Civil War; and that the British were behind the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln?"

LaRouche was referring to Obama's prominent policy statements attacking the government of Zimbabwe, one of Britain's prime targets for genocide on the African continent.

Plantation Politics

In his statement, LaRouche also insisted that Obama intervene to prevent the disenfranchisement of voters in Florida and Michigan, and get his campaign to stop its interference in the race for Texas Democratic Party chair.

Contrary to the clear wishes of many of his supporters, Obama and his campaign have consistently refused to work with the Clinton campaign to come up with a means for counting the votes of Democrats in Florida and Michigan. One of the more stunning examples was revealed by Clinton backer and Democratic party consultant James Carville during a May 28 appearance on ABC-TV's Good Morning America show. Carville revealed that he, along with Gov. Jon Corzine (N.J.) and Gov. Ed Rendell (Pa.), had gone to the Obama campaign with an offer to fully fund new primary elections in both states. But, Carville reported, the Obama campaign outright rejected the offer. Carville said he believes Obama feared the likelihood that Clinton would have won the two re-votes by a significant margin, thus increasing her lead in the popular vote.

By this action, and continuing resistance to recognizing the Florida and Michigan votes, the Obama campaign has put itself in the camp of Democratic National Committee chair Howard Dean, who has offered to count each voter in those states as "half a man"—a throwback to the times of slavery.

The Obama campaign has been caught carrying out a flagrant model of plantation politics in Texas as well. According to reliable sources, key Obama campaign officials have pressured the vice chairman of the Texas Democratic Party, Roy LaVerne Brooks, to abandon her campaign for the state party chairmanship at the upcoming state Democratic convention. Brooks, an African-American woman and an Obama superdelegate, was ordered to drop out of the race, or face having her superdelegate status stripped.

What was Brooks' crime, that she should be treated this way by the Obama campaign? The fact is that she was running her campaign on the basis of the concept put forward by LaRouche in his "Bind the Wounds" statement of April 30 (see, which called for unity among Democratic constituents on the basis of vital economic policies in the interest of the lower 80% of income brackets, rather than on the populist "phenomenon" of Obama. For this, she came under pressure from the national Obama camp, which demanded that she turn on black leaders who were not supporting Obama.

In the wake of Brooks' refusal to run a racial campaign, the Obama camp apparently went behind her back, and recruited her opponent for state chair, incumbent chairman and "good ol' boy" Boyd Richie, to the Obama campaign, an action indicating that the way has been cleared for his re-election. Brooks has now vowed, according to the Houston Chronicle, not only to stay in the race, but has threatened to switch her support to Senator Clinton, telling the Chronicle that she refused to be treated like a "dish rag."

Coming Unhinged?

While it is not clear that Obama has been personally involved in the Texas affair, there are other indications that the candidate himself is coming unhinged. The latest instance is the story by Associated Press, on May 29, that Sen. John Kerry was offered the post of Secretary of State, should Obama win the Democratic nomination and November election. AP cited a week-end visit by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair with the Massachusetts Senator, as the latest indication that Kerry is preparing to step into the cabinet post. Dozens of U.S. and British news outlets picked up the story.

Standard fare, you might say. But sources inside the Democratic Party report that the public floating of Kerry's name as Secretary of State in an Obama Administration provoked furious reactions from two other Senators—Joseph Biden (D-Del.) and Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.). According to the sources, both Biden and Dodd had also been offered the top diplomat post—in return for their early endorsements of the Illinois Senator.

"If this story proves to be true," LaRouche commented, "this means that Senator Obama's credibility is less than zilch. Trying to buy the support of three senior U.S. Senators, by offering them the same post? This is unbelievable. It makes George W. Bush seem smart in comparison. I can fully sympathize with Senators Kerry, Biden, and Dodd. They have every right to be enraged."

LaRouche concluded that this latest political blunder by Obama, if corroborated, is yet one more indication of "real hysteria" in the Obama camp. LaRouche had earlier observed that things have gone "over the edge" in the Obama campaign, ever since the candidate delivered his remarks to the London fundraiser, in which he pledged his loyalty to a British-led Anglo-American alliance.

The Soros Role

Obama's policy profile, of course, is coherent with one of the major sources of his political support and funding, namely that from speculator and British tool George Soros, who serves as the so-called gatekeeper of the U.S. Left. Soros's involvement with Obama's career began no later than 2004, with his fundraising for Obama's U.S. Senate campaign, and continued through the 2007 launch of Obama's Presidential campaign.

In 2004, Soros raised $60,000 of the $5 million Obama raised for his primary campaign. Obama was the only candidate in the country with whom Soros met personally during the 2004 election cycle, according to Soros spokesman Michael Vachon.

In December 2006, the two met in Soros's mid-town Manhattan office, after which Soros took Obama into a conference room to meet with a dozen plutocrats. Key among them, were Union Bank of Switzerland/Swiss Bank U.S. chief Robert Wolf, and hedge fund manager Orin Kramer. Since that time, both Soros and Wolf have been key fundraisers for Obama's heavily funded campaign.

LaRouche has repeatedly warned Obama that, despite his pledge of loyalty to the Anglo-American partnership, the majority of powerful circles in London have no intention of allowing him to be elected President. His mission, said LaRouche, is to sink the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, whom the British fear because of her genuine commitment to the interests of the Americans in the lower 80% income bracket. If he succeeds in that assignment, the same British circles intend to bring him down—thus, paving the way for a GOP ticket, presumably led by John McCain, a man LaRouche has described as "having his own problems."

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