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This article appears in the July 18, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Replace Terrorists With Farmers!

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"The time has come for the governments of South and Central America to take the action on whose behalf we've been working for many years," U.S. statesman Lyndon LaRouche said July 8, in welcoming the highly successful operation carried out July 2 by the Colombian government and military, which freed 15 hostages held by the FARC narcoterrorists. LaRouche was also responding to Colombian President Alvaro Uribe's July 5 call, supporting an earlier proposal by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, to build a continental railroad linking Colombia with its immediate neighbors, Venezuela and Ecuador, and with extensions into Central America and farther south into all of South America.

"These developments make it possible to bring about a revolution in the region," LaRouche asserted, "which throws the British out of the area for good, as originally intended by the Monroe Doctrine." British imperial support for the FARC over decades is notorious, as is the controlling role of City of London financial interests in the international drug trade, in which the FARC is the leading cocaine cartel.

"What we now have in our hands," LaRouche said, "as recognized by various people in South America, is that the FARC, essentially, is dead meat, politically. Its time has passed. What has happened is a very sophisticated operation, carried out by elements of the Colombian government and military, with intelligence support by elements of France, including the institution of the Presidency, and institutional elements of the United States. They set up an operation, which is a long-ranging operation, which came to fruition recently.

"Although carried out in Colombia, by Colombians, what has happened is not a Colombian phenomenon, as such. It's something that was created over a long period of time, probably more than 20 years, with some institutions in the United States, operating within their relevant authority, helping to set an operation against things like the FARC, against the drug-terrorist operation.

"Now, this has succeeded recently because of many years of preparation. It is not something that just happened yesterday," LaRouche explained.

LaRouche went on to discuss the Chávez-Uribe rail proposal, noting that, for decades, he and his associates throughout the region have presented detailed proposals for the physical integration of South and Central America with great infrastructure projects, including maglev rail links.

"We have worked on these rail proposals before," LaRouche stated, "including the idea of linking them up with agricultural projects. The time has come to replace terrorists with farmers. All the pieces lie at hand to do that now, including rehabilitating motion towards a Bank of the South, to facilitate such great development projects. What is needed is only the political initiative.

"The British—including British free trade and globalization policies—have no place in the hemisphere, or the world. The time has come to return to the tradition of Lincoln, of McKinley, and of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Good Neighbor policy."

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