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This article appears in the September 12, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

There Is Virtually No Candidate
For the U.S. Presidency

by Nancy Spannaus

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In two statements issued in light of the recent Democratic and Republican Presidential nominating conventions, Lyndon LaRouche has sought to shock the American electorate into confronting, and acting on, the stark reality it faces. "The inside information is, contrary to anything different that only foolish people might believe, that both putative Presidential candidates are now doing nothing as much as losing the general election," LaRouche wrote in a Sept. 2 statement he entitled "In Effect, There is Virtually No Candidate." "The voters are panicked by the state of the economy, on which neither of the two has a clue, or is likely to ever discover a clue."

Given Sen. Barack Obama's failure to address the needs of the Democratic Party constituency, and the mass of scandals about skeletons in his closet that can be expected to break imminently, and what LaRouche describes as "Senator McCain's virtual breakdown" in accepting the governor of Alaska as his running mate, LaRouche concludes that "it is probable that neither will be a standing candidate come November."

The only option the thinking citizen has, LaRouche noted in an Aug. 31 statement titled "Duck-Billed Platitudes," is to join his political action committee's fight to throw off the de facto treasonous control which British agent George Soros has over the Democratic Party, and to force through Congress the immediate emergency economic measures required to defend the republic. "The stated policies of the Presidential candidates are fairly described as 'duck-billed platitudes,' cries worthy of strange creatures of the type to be expected from putative Beaverbrook heir Rupert Murdoch, from 'way down under,'  wrote LaRouche.

One potential, LaRouche warns, is that Vice President Dick Cheney succeeds in detonating the World War III crisis which he has been doggedly pursuing for his entire term in office. Should he do that, "the election could be called off, while the nation operates under an unelected 'emergency government,' for the duration of the presently onrushing global, economic breakdown-crisis."

Far preferable is that the American population begin to act like patriots, and intervene to generate new options, that will prevent the headlong rush into disaster.

The Hard Truth

LaRouche summed up the hard truth of the election in his Aug. 31 statement:

The hollowest of the platitudes are come from the mouth of the Buppies-and-Boomers favorite, Presidential candidate Obama.... Senator John McCain is no rival of Obama in the pure 'b.s.' department, but John seems to plod along successfully in the shadow of the political con-man act played by thuggish George Soros' patsy, four-flushing Senator Obama. To be fair to both, it must be said that neither campaign has been playing with a full deck, so far....

The danger to our republic, and to you personally, comes from the British Empire whose representatives include George Soros, and, in effect, Felix Rohatyn. Agents of the British Empire's official institutions, such as Soros, are presently in top-down control of the Democratic Party machine. You have seen the near thermonuclear confrontation which the British staged in Georgia. The control from London-centered interests, is virtually treasonous in its effects on our nation, and on you. The Republican side is better only in the degree that it is not the howling Howard Dean's Soros circus.

The world is now gripped, not by a recession, but by what is known in relevant technical terms as an already onrushing 'general breakdown-crisis' of the present world financial system, like that which struck Europe during the Fourteenth Century 'New Dark Age,' when half the parishes of Europe vanished in a relatively global banking panic, and the population of Europe collapsed, during approximately a generation, by one-third. And, with all that, here you are, sitting, holding a certificate of virtual membership in the lower eighty percentile of family-income brackets, not a particularly safe place to sit idly.

It is past time to begin fighting back; it is past time to begin acting like a mass of serious patriots.

However, that is not the worst of it. We are also teetering on the edge of a possible general thermonuclear war. Vice-President Dick Cheney, operating, as usual, with guidance and backing from London, is off whipping up wars again, just as he did in cahoots with lying Prime Minister Tony Blair in the fraudulent launching of the still-simmering war in Iraq. Now, he is aiming at an impossible war with Iran, and, at the same time, the Bush Administration has backed the Saudis, who may be supplying another round of financial backing to the Bush family, while throwing nuclear-armed Pakistan into the cauldron of war in that entire region.

The attempt to stage a thermonuclear bluff against Russia, China, and India, who are willing to cooperate on all legitimate economic issues, and on whose cooperation we of the U.S. now depend for our economic survival, is a demonstration of how evil London can be, and how stupid the present Bush Administration and the leaders of our Congress have been of late.

Meanwhile, on all these and related issues, most of you out there, have your heads stuck in the proverbial sand, hoping that what you refuse to see is not happening.

The Pathway to 'Change'

The fundamental reality the citizen faces, LaRouche stressed, is that nothing is predictable over the next two months—except that the world is unpredictable. The U.S. and European economies, not to mention the rest of the world, are in a full-scale breakdown mode, and there will be no escaping a series of shocks to the collapsing system, with major political impact. Will the population utilize those shocks to throw over the chessboard, and fight for real solutions?

While it is clear that neither of the putative Presidential candidates are, or can, lead in dealing with this cataclysmic crisis, the situation is actually worse. LaRouche explained:

The problem is not limited to the intellectual incompetence of the two Presidential candidates. In effect, letting the British (e.g., Rohatyn, Soros) steer muddleheaded Nancy Pelosi into virtually shutting down the U.S. Congress for most of the past two years, and eliminating the only leading pre-Presidential candidate who has shown the ability to think like an actual President [Hillary Clinton—ed.], the U.S.A. does not have the prospect of an actually functioning, properly elected President assuming office come January.

It is the reigning Federal political system, in the Executive Branch, and the leadership of both branches of the Federal legislature, together with the leading press, which are responsible for the general breakdown of the Federal political system at this time.

I am not proposing that that will be the situation come November election-day. In a situation like the present global financial and strategic crisis, the candidates nominated by the time the Republican convention ends, may not be candidates when election-day arrives. Past Labor Day, the fact of the incompetence of the present top leaders in the Congress, the candidates, and the major press, will have begun to kick in.

You can nominate a zero, but no sane person would ever believe for long, that it was actually our President. So, [Hurricane] Gustav saved many leading Republicans from disgusting themselves by attending the Republican nominating convention. As things stand now, the name of the next President of the U.S.A. might turn out to have been 'None of the Above.' 

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