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This article appears in the March 20, 2009 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Blair's New East India Company

What was ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair doing heading a delegation of Brits to conduct a brainwashing session with American elected and corporate officials, anyway? Soon after his washout in elective office, Blair emerged as a leading spokesman for an international initiative known as Breaking the Climate Deadlock. Its stated aim is to build political and business support in key countries for "a new and ambitious post-2012 climate change agreement."

Blair's initiative is a partnership with a worldwide organization known as The Climate Group, which was founded in April 2004 with his support. The group is a coalition of environmental front groups, spun off from the World Wildlife Fund of Sir Julian Huxley and the Princes Philip and Bernhard, with a focus on the climate question. Headquartered in the U.K., it includes the World Wildlife Federation, World Resources Institute, and the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives under its umbrella (see "The British Genocidal Roots of Mayor Bloomberg's Madness," EIR, May 23, 2008). Corporate members of The Climate Group (50 top corporations) include the old British Empire banks Standard & Chartered, HSBC (formerly Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corp.), and JP Morgan Chase, and The Man Group. HSBC is making use of the climate partnership to set up offices and hold meetings to pressure government officials in India and China to scale back industry and development.

                                                                    â€”Gregory Murphy

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