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This article appears in the May 8, 2009 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Genocide Policy
Behind the Influenza Pandemic

by Dennis and Gretchen Small

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May 1—The new influenza virus advancing across the planet is bringing home to people, in a terrifying way, the reality that the human race and globalization cannot continue to co-exist. Either globalization is buried, or undertakers will be needed to bury upwards of 5 billion people. And that would not be good for "the environment."

The new Type A(H1N1) virus, a previously unknown and as yet not-fully-understood combination of swine, avian, and human virus types, was only identified on April 24 as a factor in an unusual flu outbreak in Mexico that was becoming increasingly deadly. Five days later, that flu strain had spread so rapidly and widely that the World Health Organization (WHO) declared an international Level Five (on a scale of 1 to 6) flu pandemic alert, signalling that "a pandemic is imminent." As of today, one week after being first identified in Mexico—which remains the hardest hit country, with the highest number of fatalities—confirmed cases of H1N1 had been officially reported in 16 countries extending from North America to Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and New Zealand.

Besides the immediate threat posed by this strain of flu, virologists and other competent professionals are even more worried about what will happen if and when this strain mutates, and combines with far more virulent strains of avian flu and other animal and plant diseases, such as those prevalent in parts of Asia. Unless stopped, the world may be looking at a second wave to this emerging pandemic, which will sweep humanity to the very doorstep of Hell.

The measures taken in Mexico and internationally, so far, have been appropriate, but insufficient. They are addressing the effects, but not the cause, of the problem. Nations are gearing up cooperation on stopping transmission, stepping up production of antivirals, identifying how the virus functions, producing a vaccine, etc. But the human race will not be secure until the economic preconditions which created this epidemic, and others building up behind and with it, are reversed. And that means that globalization must be uprooted and replaced with a new international system which develops the planet's physical economy (see accompanying article).

While many questions about the origin and nature of this particular virus remain unanswered, there is no question that its actual cause is globalization, and the British Empire which created globalization with the deliberate intent of creating genocide, American physical economist Lyndon LaRouche emphasized from the outset.

In answering a question about the flu crisis in his April 28 international webcast (see Feature), LaRouche named Britain's Prince Philip and his World Wildlife Fund (WWF) as directly responsible for spreading the "green" environmental policy which created the economic preconditions for mass death. Their stated policy is to lower the world's population to under 2 billion people, LaRouche said. "How do you reduce the world's population in large amounts so rapidly? Famine and epidemic disease. Lack of sanitation, famine, and epidemic disease."

After all, Prince Philip is on the record as saying: "In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation."

In his webcast, LaRouche added: "Their intention is to bring this about, and whether this is a byproduct of their intention to be filthy on economic policy or social policy, or whether they're adding a little something to make it really happen, I don't know. But I'm going to operate on the assumption that, knowing them, since a crime has been committed in the neighborhood, there is evidence of the crime, I'm going to assume they're doing it deliberately."

A World Gone Mad

Probably the two most effective things you could possibly do, if you were intent on spreading an imminent global pandemic more rapidly and more virulently, would be to systematically cut available government budgets for health care; and to promote increased consumption of narcotic drugs, because of the well-known effect that drug consumption has on suppressing the body's immune system.

That is exactly what the British Empire and their puppets and dupes are now doing, on cue: They are throwing oil on fire.

President Barack Obama himself took to the airwaves this past week to justify the murderous policy of cutting health budgets, with arguments drilled into his head by behaviorist economist fruitcakes such as Office of Management and Budget head Peter Orszag and White House economics advisor Larry Summers. Eighty percent of all health costs come at the end of life, Obama parroted from his Nazi advisors, so that's where the cuts have to come from. He even presented the case of his own grandmother, to argue that hip replacement and other medical procedures may not be justifiable for the "terminally ill."

As LaRouche has warned you for decades: These followers of British Malthusianism are prepared to pull the plug on their own grandmothers!

As for drugs, the British and their foot soldiers such as George Soros are on an offensive to ram through legalization, and what they themselves admit will be increased drug consumption—in the middle of global influenza pandemic.

In a scene taken straight from Boccaccio's Decameron tales of the 14th-Century plague and collapse of society, on April 30 the Mexican Senate—isolated in their Senate chambers in a city with streets half-emptied by disease and the fear of disease—voted up, 87 in favor with 10 abstentions, the so-called "narco-retail" law which de facto legalizes "personal consumption" of seven different flavors of narcotics: opium (2 grams), heroin (50 milligrams), cocaine (500 mg), LSD (0.015 mg), marijuana (5 g), MDA crystal (40 mg), and methamphetamines (40 mg).

Have they gone mad? Did no one rise to point out that drug use suppresses the immune systems of users, as well as delivering millions more victims to the drug cartels already warring against the nation? And what about the advance of drug legalization initiatives in Oakland, California, and in Buenos Aires, Argentina?

Throw into this mix the fact that the Soros-run international "New Flagellant" operation known as Twitter, has now jumped into the middle of the flu crisis in Mexico, and you have all the elements of the New Dark Age that LaRouche has warned about. Twitter has deployed with an eye to creating maximum chaos and irrationality, launching a high-profile campaign telling people they can follow everything about the flu crisis on Twitter, find out what they should do, and see what's happening with their friends. According to an account in the Mexican daily El Universal, many Twitteros, as they are now called in "Spanish," are writing that the reports of influenza are just paranaoia and/or manipulation by the government. One person wrote: "The father of a co-worker got sick with influenza; I think I should blow his head off with a shotgun, before he infects us all." A friend wrote back: "I already bought my bazooka; first cough, and I shoot."

The Globalization Pandemic

Under the policies of globalization and free trade that have infected the world over the last 30 years, sovereign national economies and their protection of their populations have been eliminated. Mexico is an exemplary case of what happens when the battle to develop the national economy is defeated by the British Empire's globalization.

Since 1982, when the City of London and Wall Street defeated Mexican President José López Portillo and his policies of fostering national sovereignty and economic development, food production and consumption have plummeted in Mexico. Poverty and unemployment have grown dramatically. The population's nutritional and overall immunological levels are sinking rapidly, such that today, 21 million, out of the country's 110 million inhabitants, endure "food poverty"—i.e., they don't have enough to eat. Drug consumption among youth is rising dangerously. Over the last 25 years, 13 million Mexicans fled to the U.S. as economic refugees, in desperate search of sustenance, and now millions of them are being driven back to Mexico as the U.S. economy sinks into deep depression. They are returning to find no jobs, no health care, no infrastructure and, worst of all, no hope.

In comments April 26, LaRouche put Mexico's own responsibility into sharp focus: "What is happening in Mexico is a result of the operation against José López Portillo," Mexico's nation-building President from 1976 to 1982, who allied with LaRouche to try to defend his country against financial warfare by the City of London and Wall Street. "Some people in Mexico today," LaRouche explained, "will say: 'Well, we couldn't do this, we couldn't do that....' You couldn't do this, because of what was done to López Portillo. You are paying the price for trying to destroy López Portillo. You try to destroy the President of Mexico, you demoralize the country, and now you wonder why you've got a problem? This is the time to revive the spirit of López Portillo, and unite all the patriots of Mexico in one bucket," LaRouche said.

Mexico's millions of economic refugees are only the tip of the iceberg of a world migration phenomenon. Globalization, by destroying national economies, has thrown huge masses of people marching across the globe, in desperate search of jobs, of survival.

There are tens and hundreds of millions of vulnerable migrants. Taken altogether, their number worldwide would constitute the fifth most populous country on the planet. The UN International Organization for Migration (IOM) estimates that there are more than 200 million migrants worldwide, roughly 20 to 30 million of whom are undocumented. Plus, there are 26 million internally displaced persons (IDPs). One third of the world's migrant workers live in Europe, with slightly fewer living in Asia and North America.

Of particular concern, is what happens when the H1N1 virus explodes in Central America, as it surely will, and that shortly. Those countries have even less capability than Mexico to address the fundamentals of public health. And millions of Central Americans migrate north into Mexico, and from there, into the United States, also in desperate search of subsistence.

And when it hits Africa?

Can we be so stupid as to tolerate the "every-man-for-himself" ideology of globalization and free trade, and allow it to dominate under conditions of the planet-wide pandemic that is now emerging?

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