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This article appears in the May 29, 2009 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Break the U.S.A. Out of
The Imperial Genocide Trap

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by John Hoefle

May 22—Genocide is the policy of the financier oligarchs of the Anglo-Dutch Liberal empire—deliberate, knowing, intentional genocide. This genocide has a racial bent, as one would expect from these specimens of master-race delusions, but it is also aimed at destroying the structures which keep people alive, including the modern nation-state.

The goal of these parasites is to prevent the world from developing to the point that their medieval imperial power structure is cast aside into the feudal moat of history, as it so richly deserves, rendering these relics of the past into little more than horrible curiosities. The oligarchy knows that the more the creative power of humanity is unleashed, the weaker the empire's hold on the planet will be.

Look at a map of the world, and compare the size of the nations of Africa, Ibero-America, and Asia, with the size of the British Isles and Europe as a whole, and you get an idea of what they fear. Imagine how the balance of power in the world would shift, were truly sovereign nations to develop on these continents, in the tradition of the United States—the United States of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, as opposed to that pale reflection we've seen under Bush-Cheney and Obama.

It's obvious that the power of the London-centered European oligarchic system would quickly be broken, its ability to rule and loot the world ended, were the world to develop along such lines. That system was broken for a while with the emergence of the United States, but never fully beaten, and has used its control over culture, finance, trade, and raw materials to keep progress at bay, while it plots to regain undisputed control.

Slime Mold

The empire functions as a form of slime mold, enveloping new victims and discarding refuse as it adjusts to changing conditions. We can trace the modern manifestation of the empire back to Venice, and from thence trace its heritage to Rome, Byzantium, and beyond. The British Empire is really Venetian in character; its geographic base is Britain, but it lives in the financial institutions and corporate cartels it has spawned worldwide.

This amorphous, slime-like structure is key to understanding how the empire functions, and how it takes over nations. It works largely by using its financial power to corrupt the elites of targetted nations, giving them a taste of the riches and power they can have if they cooperate.

That has certainly been the case in the U.S., where our elites have been thoroughly corrupted. Over the last four decades, we have seen the dismantling of the world's greatest industrial power, in favor of the emergence of a giant financial casino. We have replaced productivity with speculation, buying that which we no longer produce from overseas, and making ourselves dependent upon the imperial cartels in the process.

This casino, and the bubble it spawned, was in reality a giant trap, a way to induce the U.S. to commit suicide by destroying itself from within. Then the bubble popped in mid-2007, and the final phase of the trap was sprung.

The Suicide Trap

While the fools on Wall Street think the bailout is designed to save them, what the bailout really is, is a scheme to bankrupt the United States and remove it as a obstacle to imperial domination. The empire used the growth of the bubble to turn a large section of the U.S. elite into babbling idiots who then blew up the nation. Now the empire is using the desire of these idiots to save themselves, to finish the job. Thus we get the spectacle of the Wall Street crowd and the political fools it owns, running an ever-increasing bailout which will not only fail to save the financial system, but destroy the dollar in a hyperinflationary collapse. We are accomplishing from within, what the oligarchy could not accomplish from without, the destruction of our nation.

Our belief in environmentalism, in particular the belief that human progress is destroying our climate, is a similar trap. The purpose of this environmental hoax is to stop the scientific and technological progress upon which mankind depends. The claims made by the "climate change" lobby have been repeatedly disproven, yet they still claim to have consensus in the scientific community. It is a fraud.

Take, as an example, the push for carbon cap and trade. Were the goal to reduce pollution, as is claimed, the proper approach would be to simply put a limits on the relevant pollutants, and let it go at that. It is the "trade" portion, that gives the game away, because it effectively turns a pollution limit into a right to pollute that amount, in effect creating an asset out of thin air—an asset which can then be traded on financial markets. The result of the "trade" is more pollution, not less.

The real purpose of cap and trade, it would appear, is to use the promise of riches to induce the speculators—who desperately need cash to cover their losses—to support the oligarchy's de-population through de-industrialization scam. It is a trap, yet another inducement to commit suicide.

The push to legalize drugs is the same. The oligarchy would like to see us all on drugs so that we will be ineffective in resisting its designs to cull the herd. Many among us are already zonked to the gills on prescription drugs; and drug legalization would only make it worse.

The restriction of health care is another long-standing oligarchic policy, designed to increase the death rate. The push to slash health care is nothing new, as we demonstrated in our feature last week (EIR, May 22, 2009), but the Obama Administration's endorsement of a Hitlerian "useless eaters" program represents an ominous collapse of public morality.


The effects of all of these policies converge in one place: genocide. Each in its own way will increase the death rate, and taken together will rapidly destroy the nation, and the world. We believe that some of the people involved are probably too stupid to understand how they are being played, but that has no bearing on the effects of the policies they support.

Britain's Prince Philip stated publicly in 1988 that, "In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation." Lord Bertrand Russell called in 1953 for a "Black Death" to be "spread throughout the world once in every generation" as a population control measure. British policy, as stated by Prince Philip, is to cut the world's population to 2 billion people, from its current 6.7 billion. That is imperial policy, and it is genocide.

Those who would support the bailout, global warming, the legalization of drugs, and the "useless eaters" policies would do well to reflect upon what it is that keeps them alive, and how they are being duped into destroying it. You cannot eat marketing slogans! Food must be produced and distributed, as must energy. We need transportation, education, health care, and science—all of which are being destroyed in the name of "saving the system" and "saving the planet."

We are being played for suckers, killing ourselves for the purpose of saving a pack of medieval parasites whose power should have been curtailed centuries, even millennia, ago. Our so-called leadership is clearly too stupid to survive. It is past time to throw the bums out and replace them with people with the brains and the guts to force a change.

This is how civilizations end, how once great powers fade into oblivion. We who were once the promise of mankind, are on the verge of failure. We can stop it, we know how, we must simply do so. The future of mankind rests pon our shoulders.

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