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This article appears in the May 29, 2009 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Rep. Jackson Condemns
Obama Health Policy

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May 20—On May 15, Alabama State Rep. Thomas Jackson (D-Thomasville) drafted a resolution condemning the entire scheme of health-care "reform" being pushed by the Obama Administration. Jackson, chairman of the Agriculture Committee, and member of the Health Care Committee of the state House of Representatives, plans to introduce the resolution into either a special session of the legislature, or the scheduled 2010 regular session. It is being circulated for discussion among legislators around the nation.

The resolution (see below) is a blunt attack on the proposed policy coming out of Peter Orszag, chairman of the Office of Management and Budget, Larry Summers, the chief economic advisor to the President, and President Obama himself, and likens the direction of the policy of cost-cutting and health-care rationing to the policies that were implemented in Nazi Germany against what were termed "useless eaters" and "lives not worthy of life." Jackson condemns this entire approach and calls for repeal of the murderous HMO bill enacted by President Richard Nixon in 1973, and for replacing it with a return to the Hill-Burton legislation (which is still on the books), as propounded by Alabama Sen. Lister Hill and Ohio Sen. Harold Burton in 1946.

Jackson also cites economist Lyndon LaRouche as the leading spokesman against the Obama Administration plan:


WHEREAS, the current health care system dominated by managed care HMOs is systematically cutting care and services to the entire nation; and

WHEREAS, the overhead costs under the HMO system now constitute 30-35% of all costs, as against 2% of costs of the government-run Medicare Program; and

WHEREAS, health care infrastructure has been taken down at a shocking rate, including a 25% drop in community hospitals over the past thirty years, and a 40% drop in hospital beds nationally in the same period; and

WHEREAS, the same banks and insurance companies which run managed care HMOs are also recipients of federal bailout money and are profiting from the misery of the pouplation; and

WHEREAS, Peter Orszag, Chairman of the Office of Management and Budget, is on record May 3 stating that $700 billion can be carved out of the health care system by down-sizing care, especially in the last two years of life, by implementing "comparative effectiveness" research methods and other brutal cost cutting; and

WHEREAS, President Obama and the administration convened a conference of the HMOs, the pharmacetutical companies, the AMA, and other for-profit health care groups on May 11, which announced they would cut health care costs by $2 trillion over ten years, which will include curtailing treatments and procedures; and

WHEREAS, precisely these methods were used under the Hitler regime to initiate the process of killing "Useless Eaters," for which the Nazis were sentenced to death at the Nuremberg Tribunals conducted at the end of World War II; and

WHEREAS, economist Lyndon LaRouche and many opponents of managed care, including the Physicians for a National Health Policy, have condemned these policies; now therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE LEGISLATURE OF ALABAMA, That the Alabama House of Representataives hereby condemns the stated policy of President Obama, Peter Orszag, Economic Advisor Larry Summers, and others to enact murderous cuts in services through their health care reform program; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That we call upon the Congress of the United States to repeal the Health Maintenance and Resource Development Act (HMO Bill) of 1973, and return instead to the successful Hill-Burton Act of 1946, as passed in the U.S. Congress by Senator Lister Hill of Alabama. Hill-Burton in combination with extended and upgraded medicare coverage for the population will guarantee health care for all our citizens.

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