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This article appears in the October 2, 2009 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Hitler T4 Policy in Baucus Bill
Rammed Through by Democrats

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Sept. 26—Having been put under excruciating pressure by the White House, and hoping against hope that they can avoid the wrath of their constituents, the Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee, joined by Maine Republican Olympia Snowe, voted Sept. 23 to preserve the Hitler-modelled T4 euthanasia board policy, in the health care reform bill put forward by Chairman Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.). The vote came in the form of rejection of an amendment by Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.), who sought to remove the provision for a cost-cutting Medicare Commission from Baucus's White House-favored bill.

Lyndon LaRouche the next day denounced the vote in the strongest terms:

If you support this policy, you are in the same category as Adolf Hitler. IMAC is Adolf Hitler. If you support IMAC, you support Hitler's policy and should be treated accordingly. You are a Nuremberg Trial suspect. You should know that now.

Baucus's proposed Medicare Commission, one of a plethora of Nazi cost-cutting provisions in his draft bill, would be explicitly tasked "to reduce annual market basket [payment] updates for hospitals, home health providers, nursing homes, hospice providers, long-term care hospitals and inpatient rehabilitation facilities, including adjustments to reflect expected gains in productivity."

A second national board, "comprised of health care providers, experts, and stakeholders" would be set up "to identify physicians' services that are overvalued in the Medicare physician fee schedule. In consultation with the expert panel, the Secretary would be required to adjust payments for those services...."

These genocidal measures, which precisely ape those of the British National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), and the Independent Medicare Advisory Committee, which had been identified by Budget Director Peter Orszag and the President himself as the most crucial element of the "reform," are a direct replica of Hitler's T4 boards, set up to administer the elimination of "lives not worthy to be lived."

Ramming It Through

There is no excuse for the Democratic support for the Baucus atrocity, itself drafted by individuals seconded to his committee by the insurance industry. True, they have been under enormous pressure, especially by representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, who are determined to protect their dirty deal with the White House, at patients' expense.

But the U.S. population, already aroused into a mass strike mode by the Washington's blatant attacks on their very means of survival, is not going to tolerate such deals, especially as they learn that their Congress is in fact setting up the "death panels" which the President denies are planned. While these panels are "cleverly disguised as accountants," as the Washington Times put it Sept. 25, they are being empowered to kill. In effect, the murderous practices of the Health Maintenance Organizations—which the Obama "reform" not only keeps in place, but massively enriches—are being transferred to the Federal government.

For example, by aiming to reduce payments to physicians with high Medicare costs, the new federal oversight boards would force doctors to ration (i.e., deny) care to their senior patients. By denying care to those who are considered to have "preventable conditions" (like obesity), the new health regimen would effectively reinstitute the "pre-existing conditions" for denying care which it claims to eliminate. And the "Hospital Value-Based Purchasing" provisions, which link hospital payments to hospital outcomes for patients with common high-cost conditions like cardiac, surgical, and pneumonia care, would effectively penalize hospitals for taking these serious cases.

The U.S. Senators who are voting up these provisions know what they are doing. LaRouche PAC and many others have spelled it out. Especially culpable is Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) who has his own self-standing proposal for a T4 board to slash health care costs, independent of Congressional interference to protect their constituencies. If the Senators stick to this stance, they are in the same category as Hitler—and can expect the population to treat them accordingly.

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