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This article appears in the November 6, 2009 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The World Is Waiting
For the U.S. To Rise Again

by John Hoefle

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Oct. 30—It's highly doubtful that anyone who reads EIR believes a word of the claims of "economic recovery" coming from the White House, Wall Street, and the major media sources. We get the sense that those clowns are mainly talking to themselves, since a significant majority of the population has tired of what they recognize as a never-ending string of self-serving lies.

Even in the days before politics was so blatantly promoted as an extension of financiers' demands, Abraham Lincoln famously stated that while you can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, you can not fool all of the people all of the time. That observation is as valid today as it was in Lincoln's time, and should serve as a warning to the spin-meisters who are so determined to pass the dead duck of the global financial system off as a Spring chicken.

The point is, the recovery pimps know they're lying, and the people know they're lying. The financier-parasites of Wall Street, the City of London, and other global financial centers know they're lying about the "recovery," because they are actively hiding the losses which have destroyed them. Their supposed regulators know the system is dead, because they are actively engaged in desperate attempts to hide that truth from the public. The politicians know, because they are under constant pressure to keep the bailout money flowing, and to stop any serious attempts at re-regulating the banking system.

But most of all, the people know, because their lives are being destroyed by the travesty that has been visited upon them by the very same system which is throwing them to the wolves in a vain attempt to save itself. We are living in a dying society. The proof is all around us, in our daily lives.

Americans do not need tweets, blogs, or corporate media to reveal that we might be in for worse than a new Great Depression. None of us need to be told, because depressions come after us; they hunt us down through all the layers of wishful thinking and denial we might care to erect.

Great swaths of the United States are already in abject depression, with families losing their jobs, their homes, their hopes, and their dreams. Obamaville tent cities are springing up all over the nation, as more and more Americans lose the capability to defend themselves and their loved ones from this onrushing horror.

Meanwhile, our government, which is supposed to protect us, remains determined to save the parasites who are destroying us, while cutting health care, and pushing euthanasia upon our suffering people. This is what has made the American people mad as hell, and rightfully so.

We have reached a breaking point. Either we, as citizens of a republic, meet our Constitutional responsibilities—and force our government to meet its responsibilities—or we will see our nation collapse, as so many others have in the past.

It is time to force Obama to shave his mustache, and live up to the oath he took when he assumed the Presidency.

Fascism Rising

One point is crucial for all Americans to understand: The financial system is dead, and it is not coming back. Contrary to what we are being told, the purpose of the "bailout" swindle is not to save the system, but to keep the leading parasites of the Anglo-Venetian empire alive while they put in place its replacement, a global financial dictatorship. What we are witnessing is a global push for corporatism, more commonly known as fascism.

The proof is there for all to see. What is being saved, or at least attempted to be saved, is the system of global financial institutions and global corporations, the system which is the empire. The institutions within that empire are being restructured and consolidated, as it adjusts to the post-bubble reality, but the empire itself is being protected.

Compare that to the way that ordinary people are being cast aside, as indicated by the job cuts, the foreclosures, the slashing of essential services, and the rise in prices for many of the necessities of life. Promises are made, but never kept, and the conditions of life for the average American citizen continue to deteriorate.

Look at the way the Obama Administration and Congress continue to support the cartels, while abandoning the needs of the population. There is no mystery here, no confusion. It is what it appears to be: bailouts for the empire, fascist austerity for the people.

Hope Shines

The human spirit is not so easily extinguished, however, and the backlash to this ugly fascism has manifested itself and is growing. This display of defiance has terrified the oligarchy.

This same sense of revolt against the tyranny of the Brutish Empire is driving the Russians, the Chinese, and the Indians to the outlook represented by Lyndon LaRouche's Four Powers plan. People all around the world are realizing the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin's famous dictum: Either we hang together, or we will assuredly all hang separately.

The empire is on a rampage to consolidate its hold over the world, not because it is strong, but because it is vulnerable. It is, after all, the empire's monetary system which has broken down, the imperial financiers who are bankrupt. Incapable of saving themselves, they have turned to the nation-states to bail them out—that is, the financial oligarchy's existence now depends upon the very nation-states it is trying so hard to destroy! When those nations refuse to buckle under, the empire will collapse immediately.

The great irony is that the empire needs us to save it from itself, and the empire is terrified that the world will abandon it to a well-deserved fate.

One good example of this fear is the move by Mervyn King, the governor of the Bank of England, to capitulate to the growing push for dividing traditional banking activities from the speculative casino. Although it has been widely reported that King is supporting a revival of Glass-Steagall, that is not quite true. What King is actually doing, is conceding to the need for some regulation of commercial banking activities as a way of heading off regulation of the speculative casino, which is what the empire is most determined to protect.

King made that clear in an Oct. 20 speech in Edinburgh, Scotland, where he conceded that the "utility aspects of banking" should be separated "from those that can safely be left to the discipline of the market." Such a separation, he said, might be the only alternative to "ever increasingly detailed regulatory oversight," which the Bank of England clearly wants to avoid. By doing so, King said,"we can turn this crisis to our long-run advantage" so that "our varied and internationally competitive financial services industry will thrive"

The Bank of England knows full well that the financial crisis has only begun, and that the pressures for re-regulation will grow as nations move to protect themselves. It also knows that if it tries to resist any attempts at re-regulation, it could be defeated, and lose the empire. It is vulnerable, and afraid.

Make no mistake, however. The Bank of England is not endorsing the Glass-Steagall standard of President Franklin Roosevelt and LaRouche. FDR used Glass-Steagall as a way to assert the government's authority over a Wall Street that viewed itself as the dominant power in the nation, and it is that principle which must be reasserted today. Then, as now, Wall Street was a tool of the empire, with the Federal Reserve as an American-flavored version of the Bank of England. The same Bank of England played a major role in creating the corporatist fascism which assaulted the 20th Century with the genocidal fascism of Mussolini and Hitler.

That empire is afraid, because it knows we can destroy it. We must do just that, if we are to survive. The world is waiting on us, and we are all running out of time.

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