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This article appears in the December 11, 2009 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

British Empire Cracking
On March to Copenhagen

by Laurence Hecht

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Dec. 4—Less than a week after the dowdy Queen was forced to step out front at the Commonwealth summit in Trinidad & Tobago, to rally support for the failing effort, the genocidal Copenhagen climate summit (Dec. 7-18) hit new obstacles, both from within and without the global empire. Further exposure of the global warming hoax could now prove a strategic blow to the tottering British Empire. Copenhagen is a battle it cannot afford to lose, but probably has already.

Key developments of the past week:

  • The scandal of the University of East Anglia climate e-mails has extended to professors at two universities in the United States, as leading figures call for criminal investigations.

  • China, India, South Africa, and Brazil signed a declaration that they would never accept legally binding emission cuts or other measures damaging to their national interests, and threatened a unified walkout at Copenhagen if such measures are forced.

  • The Australian Senate defeated a draconian carbon emissions bill by a vote of 41-33, amid a factional breakup in the traditional pro-monarchy Liberal Party.

These moves have enormous strategic significance, as the global warming hoax is the leading edge of the British Empire's drive to stop scientific and technological development in order to maintain imperial rule over a genocidally reduced world population. Overturning the anti-science "green" paradigm of the past four decades is the necessary prerequisite to a world economic revival organized around Lyndon LaRouche's Four Power proposal. The LaRouche Plan calls for a crash program for nuclear power expansion, rail and maglev construction, and a Moon-Mars colonization program. India's involvement in the Copenhagen opposition is especially important, LaRouche noted, if this involvement gets India to break from the British Queen's Commonwealth.

The E-Mails Scandal

The stinking scandal of global warming broke out to a new level of worldwide prominence less than three weeks ago, with the publication, thanks to so far unidentified hackers, of e-mails and documents from the University of East Anglia. The 81 megabytes of data reveal that scientists at this leading center of global warming propaganda were tampering with historical data to make the case for man-made global warming, and suppressing opposition views.

On Dec. 1, the head of the East Anglia Climatic Research Unit, Dr. Phil Jones, was forced to resign, pending an investigation into his manipulation of temperature data to turn cooling into warming.

Penn State University's Michael Mann, one of Jones's leading collaborators in the data manufacturing business, also came under investigation by his university. A collaborator of Mann, Malcolm Hughes, a transplant from East Anglia to the University of Arizona, has been warned not to destroy any files, and an investigation or inquiry is expected.

Mann is notorious as the inventor and arrogant defender of the "Hockey Stick" curve, a reconstruction of the North American mean temperature record, which attempted to eliminate the well-documented medieval warming of 800-1300 A.D. from the climate record. In Mann's reconstruction, the temperature curve is relatively flat from 1000 to 1900 A.D., and then spikes upward like the bend in a hockey stick. The intent of the hoax is to show that human industrial activity caused the purported increase.

Mann and Jones were also involved in manipulating the recent temperature record, to try to hide the fact that the brief warming trend of the 1980s and 1990s had stopped over a decade ago. Once the statistical monkey business is taken out, it emerges that there is no significant warming trend for the past 15 years. Rather, a cooling trend of the past 8 years has wiped out the entire 0.6°C increase in global averaged temperature for the past century that formed the basis of the claim of "global warming."

U.S. Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) is pressing aggressively for Federal investigation of the e-mail disclosures. On Dec. 1, he requested Senate hearings on the "apparent attempts to manipulate data, vilify scientists with opposing viewpoints, and circumvent information disclosure laws" revealed in the e-mails.

Lord Christopher Monckton, the most outspoken among an influential group of global warming opponents in the United Kingdom, noted, in a Nov. 27 radio interview, that the relevant laws for dealing with such cases are the U.K. Fraud Law and the U.S. RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) Act. British police have interviewed East Anglia professor Jones, according to the London tabloid, the Daily Mail. The university has now announced that it is conducting its own investigation, headed by a physics professor from the University of Glasgow, who is not involved in climate research.

On Dec. 2, the Republican ranking members of two House and two Senate committees released a letter calling on Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson to open an investigation into the East Anglia scandal. The latter also called for the agency to turn over all documents and communications with the East Anglia Climatic Research Unit to the respective Congressional committees! Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wisc.), one of the signers, characterized the e-mails as showing a pattern of "scientific fascism." The EPA is also called upon to withdraw various findings related to greenhouse gases until the science can be proven.

China and India Fight Back

Less well known, but of potentially even greater strategic significance, is the resistance to Copenhagen emerging from an alliance of China and India with other developing nations. Reduction of world population by halting the application of scientific progress has been the aim of the global warming charade since the 1975 invention of the hoax.

The point is not lost on the leaders of the world's two most populous nations. Resistance to the global warming hoax is not new in India and China, but has reached a higher level in the weeks leading up to Copenhagen. The acceleration led to a previously unannounced meeting in Beijing Nov. 27, called by Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao. Present were the outspoken Indian Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh, Brazilian Presidential Advisor Marcel Fortuna Biato, South African Environment Minister Buyelwa Sonjica, and the Sudanese representative of the G77 nations. China, India, South Africa, and Brazil signed a declaration, drafted by Beijing, which includes these nations' non-negotiable demands for the Copenhagen climate summit.

After the meeting, India's Ramesh emphasized that the draft declaration includes agreement for a united walkout of Copenhagen, if necessary, to protect their national interests. "We will not exit in isolation. We will co-ordinate our exit if any of our non-negotiable terms is violated." The "non-negotiables," he said, are that countries would never accept legally binding emissions cuts, unsupported mitigation actions, international measurement, reporting and verification of unsupported mitigation actions, or the use of climate change as a trade barrier, the Indian daily The Hindu reported Nov. 29.

India remains confident that China will stand by her on the issues of carbon emission reduction, according to Indian sources. The Manmohan Singh government has made it clear that it would not accept any commitment for a large-scale cut in emissions, but noted, with irony, that it is ready to assure the developed countries that the per capita emissions of India will remain lower than the average per capita emissions of the developed countries.

During the recent meeting of Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee and his Chinese counterpart, Xie Xuren, China gave assurance it would stick to its position of supporting India on this issue. "In our country, there are still 300 million people who don't have access to electricity," Mukherjee said. Before talking about reduction in emissions in mega-power projects, we first have to ensure that this section of the population is provided with electricity, the Finance Minister and prominent leader of the Indian Congress party told Business Standard.

Australian Revolt

The breakaway of Australia, another member of the British Commonwealth, from the Copenhagen forced march, portends more trouble for the empire. Australia sits atop vast natural resources, including large quantities of thorium and uranium crucial for the next phase of world economic development. As Lyndon LaRouche noted, on being informed of the Australian Senate's voting down of climate legislation: Australia's real interest is that the nation be developed along with its resources, rather than raped like Africa. Similarly, Canada, also a Commonwealth member, along with Russia, sits atop the mineral wealth of the Arctic Shield. Its real interest is of the same sort which Russia and China evinced in their recent agreement for economic development of Russia's Far East.

By a 41-33 vote on Dec. 2, the Australian Senate voted down the Emissions Trading Scheme, a Down-Under version of a carbon "cap and trade" scheme. The delicious irony of the victory was the role of LaRouche's Australian political associates in the Citizens Electoral Council who had carried the message through print and television debate, that global warming was nothing but a Prince Philip-led plot for genocide. The vote reflected a deep-rooted shakeup in the Australian political scene, a mass strike process like that now occurring in the U.S.A. In Australia, popular rage against the climate change fraud had become a lightning rod for discontent over the whole array of worsening conditions of daily life brought on by the global economic collapse.

The reality of that collapse is what dooms the Queen's expressed desire for continuation of her global imperium to a wishful fantasy. Neither the global warming hoax, nor any other tactic, can save this tottering monetary empire. However, neither is it guaranteed that the stated aim of global genocide will be avoided. Only a successful cooperation among the Four Powers in unleashing such vast and still untapped resources of creativity as now reside within the human soul can ensure that.

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