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This article appears in the December 18, 2009 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Copenhagen: They Tried Nazis
At Nuremberg, Didn't They?

by Nancy Spannaus

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Dec. 14—As the Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change (COP15) enters its decisive second week, the depopulation policies of Britain's Prince Philip, who, in his own words, wants to be reborn as a deadly virus in order to better assist in reducing the world's population by 80%, have now virtually been placed on the agenda in Copenhagen. One official after the other, including U.S. Environmental Protection Agency head Lisa Jackson, is putting forward the thesis that it is population growth which is causing the alleged threat of global warming—leaving one to draw the conclusion that it is by reducing population, that the problem could be resolved.

The argument itself is a fraud, just as much as that of Britain's Parson Thomas Malthus was two centuries ago, and as is the now-exposed pseudo-science behind so-called anthropogenic global warming. But the organizers behind the COP15 are determined to ram it through, by getting agreements for a de facto global dictatorship to police and reduce carbon emissions, until they reach the level of the "pre-industrial" age. At a pre-industrial level of technology, mankind's population must be reduced by billions—genocide!

As Lyndon LaRouche put it this week, those pushing the COP15 agreements for binding agreements (on any section of the world) to reduce and enforce carbon reduction, are advocating policies worse than Hitler's. They should be prepared to face a Nuremberg Tribunal.

Targetting Population

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), in its "State of World Population Report 2009," which was presented in Copenhagen on Nov. 18, makes the unabashed argument that global warming can only be reined in by means of a massive reduction of the world population.

On the panel presenting the report was Roger Martin, the Director of the Optimum Population Trust (OPT), a group which claims, with aid of a recent study by the London School of Economics, that the cheapest way to solve the so-called crisis of global warming, would be to reduce the world population by 500 million by the year 2050. Various projections show that by 2050, the world population would climb to over 9 billion. Thus, the proposal to reduce the world population to 6 billion (far less even than today's 6.7), means the elimination of 3 billion people!

In a March 16, 2009 press release, the OPT went further, saying that it believes the world's sustainable population to be only 5 billion! In a separate statement, the OPT demanded that population reduction be placed at the top of the Copenhagen agenda.

These numbers of persons targetted for elimination are greater, by several orders of magnitude, than those killed by the Nazis who were in the dock 60 years ago at the Nuremberg Trials.

As usual, the British Empire is using its old tricks, to try to get its agenda through. Aware that China, India, Brazil, and many Third World countries had come to an agreement a few weeks ago, to resist any binding agreements for reduction of their own greenhouse gases, on pain of their walking out of the conference altogether, the British are seeking to break up their unity. In addition, the Empire is trying to entice financially desperate developing countries to accept a global dictatorship by use of bribes. Those who think they are smart to accept whatever monies are offered, with the delusion they can renege on their pledges after they've gotten the money, will be cutting their own populations' throats.

Global Dictatorship

While the shape of the global dictatorship being planned is also being hidden, outspoken opponents of the climate fraud such as Lord Christopher Monckton are taking the point in exposing it. After getting the UN bureaucracy (after much resistance) to release to him the 180-page draft treaty, Monckton went to the media to denounce it as an attempt to set up a world government, although not by using the name. Power to police greenhouse gas emissions, and to collect huge sums of money to "fund" measures to deal with climate change, would be given to supranational agencies, he charged.

On top of the well-known swindle called cap-and-trade, these international bureaucracies would collect taxes directly, either through an international transaction tax, or taxes on carbon emissions. In this way, the longtime Keynesian proposal for a world bankers' dictatorship could be achieved.

Trying To Save Their System

It is only by understanding that the global financial system is hopelessly bankrupt, that one can explain how all sorts of strange creatures have the audacity to come crawling out of the woodwork now to express their genocidal ideas. So, it comes as no surprise, that one of the masters of manipulation by means of rigged computer programming, namely Dennis Meadows, the infamous co-author of The Limits to Growth, should add his voice to the clamor. It was in this 1972 study for the Club of Rome, that Meadows and his co-authors specifically excluded the role of human creativity in defining new raw materials. Through his intentional manipulation of the public, the book became an icon of the environmentalist movement.

And what wisdom does Meadows offer us today? In an interview with the German magazine Spiegel of Dec. 9, 2009, he said, "We have to learn to live a life that allows for fulfillment and development with the CO2 emissions of Afghanistan." Asked what this means for population, Meadows replied: "Even 7 billion people is too much for this planet.... If everybody is allowed to have the full potential of mobility, nourishment and self-development, it's 1 or 2 billion." That's an outrageous lie—and a genocidal one at that.

Also newspapers, such as the London Financial Times, or the Financial Post of Canada, have exposed their proposals for radical family planning, and even a worldwide one-child policy. Shall the future be a world only of old people? No, thanks! The most perverse contribution was definitely that of the German-language edition of National Geographic, in an article on the Hadza tribe of Tanzania, a people that today live as hunters and gatherers, just as in the Stone Age. The author writes that the question of sustainability confronts us with "the ever so sober, as well as unavoidable question: Can we, indeed, must we not learn from the Hadza?" Are we supposed to go back to a population potential of around 10 million?!

The British-based depopulation lobby has not changed one whit from their murderous agenda, expressed in the 20th Century through the eugenics lobby, and its spokesman, the late Julian Huxley, who ran UNESCO. The depopulators have been consistently frustrated in getting a global regime to enforce population cuts—the last time, in Cairo in 1994. Now, they are simply using the scientific hoax called "climate change" to go for the same objective.

The Alternative

If this conference in Copenhagen has had any use at all, it is that it has brought the genocidal agenda of organizations such as the OPT and the UNFPA into the light of day. It is this agenda that must be rejected with full force.

The systemic crisis of globalization, which is escalating daily, allows for only one useful discussion: how to create a new, just world economic order, in the quickest manner possible. The only realistic proposal, is that put forward by American economist Lyndon LaRouche—that the four most powerful nations of the planet, namely Russia, China, India, and the U.S.A. of Franklin Roosevelt, replace the currently bankrupt monetary system, with a credit system.

President Roosevelt's intention for the Bretton Woods System, to end colonialism for all time, must now be realized!

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