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This article appears in the December 18, 2009 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Only Real Reform Measure
Is The LaRouche Plan

by John Hoefle

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Dec. 11—Never in U.S. history has financial reform been more necessary than it is today, as the global financial system enters the final phase of its disintegration. Either we dramatically change the way we operate, along the lines indicated by Lyndon LaRouche, or the world will plunge into a global new Dark Age.

However, it is also the case that every move to take down the protections put into place by President Franklin Roosevelt after the banking collapse of the early 1930s, has been done in the name of reform. The repeal of interstate banking prohibitions, the deregulation of the savings and loan sector, and the repeal of Glass-Steagall, along with a host of other measures, were all done in the name of reform.

Today, the world is full of calls for reform. Some of them are genuine attempts to restore sanity to our regulatory process, others are well-intentioned but misguided efforts that would fail to have any meaningful impact, and still others are malicious measures that would advance the British Empire's plans for a global financial dictatorship. It is imperative, therefore, that we have a standard for sorting the wheat from the crap and the Trojan Horses.

Fortunately, such a standard exists, in the LaRouche Plan. By addressing the crisis from the highest standpoint, the LaRouche Plan provides both the roadmap to lead the world out of this mess, and a standard by which to judge the efficacy of the various reform proposals.

The Whole Enchilada

The critical point, as LaRouche has repeatedly insisted, is that nothing less than the full plan will work. Any solution requires the writing off of the giant mountain of speculative debt currently choking the global economy, a reorganization of banking according to the Glass-Steagall standard, and the replacement of the Anglo-Venetian imperial monetary system—including that scam known as globalization—with sovereign national credit systems, complete with fixed exchange rates among national currencies.

With those measures in place, supported by the combined power of the U.S., Russia, China, India, joined by other nations, to keep the empire from making a comeback, we can begin serious work on rebuilding the physical-economic productivity of the world, through large-scale investment in infrastructure—led by building state-of-the-art nuclear power plants, a global network of high-speed, magnetically levitated trains, and water management systems to provide the water for people, agriculture, and industry.

It is not sufficient to merely repair existing facilities, or to build new facilities at existing technological levels. What we must do is to replace them with higher levels of technology, raising the productive power of human labor to new levels. This requires a science driver, the adoption of a mission which will force us to make the scientific and technological breakthroughs necessary to push mankind forward into a new Renaissance; to give ourselves problems to solve, which imbue us with a sense of optimism, and engage our creativity.

The perfect mission in this regard is the mission to put a manned base on Mars. To get to Mars requires not only returning to the Moon, but developing the capability on the Moon to build the spacecrafts necessary to make the trip to Mars. It also means developing the propulsion systems necessary to maintain a constant acceleration, and then a deceleration, of 1 Earth gravity, and solving an incredible range of other problems.

This is not a collection of programs, from which to pick and choose. It is a coherent program which must be adopted in its entirety if mankind is to avoid, at this late date, a collapse of civilization as we have known it.

Society Is Crumbling

To understand why the full LaRouche Plan is required, we must understand the full extent of the problems we face. We are not facing merely a financial crisis, though we certainly have one. Neither are we facing merely a political crisis, which can be fixed by replacing one set of bums with another. What we are facing is a breakdown crisis, in which the very fabric of society itself, is crumbling.

Look around you, at the rate at which people are losing their jobs, their homes, their ability to survive. Look at the rate at which governments at all levels are going broke, unable to perform their proper functions. Look at the way that all attempts to solve these problems are failing.

Nothing works as it should anymore. That is the problem. Our ability to fix things has broken down, because we have become so fixated on money, that we have forgotten how to run our economy, and have allowed our political system to be taken over by the very financier interests that are sucking us dry. We have allowed our schools to devolve into intellectual deserts where children are taught what to think, not how to think. We have allowed giant insurance and pharmaceutical companies to turn medicine into a looting ground, and allowed giant corporate cartels to increasingly dominate our lives. Far too many among us allow ourselves to be distracted by the latest celebrity gossip, the local sports teams, the business news, partisan politics, and a host of other trivia. We have allowed ourselves to become stupid, and thus easily manipulated.

This is what we must correct, and the LaRouche Plan offers the way to do it.

Real Reform

The propagandists of the Anglo-Venetian empire have gone to great lengths to try to convince us that our future depends upon returning their predatory financial system to health. We are induced to focus on such relatively minor issues as bankers' bonuses and accounting issues, while the financial predators continue to steal us blind. They make us think that we need them, even as they lead us into a nightmare of fascist austerity, global government, and genocide.

Real reform means busting up the imperial monetary system, with its control over the issuance and price of money, and replacing it with sovereign credit systems. It means an end to the power of the private central banks, beginning with the Federal Reserve, and a return to the principles laid out in the U.S. Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution.

Anything that reeks of globalization, we toss. Beginning with the idea of a global transaction tax, which is really intended to be the first tax of the global financial dictatorship. Same goes with cap and trade, and all the other greenie taxes. No funding of imperial schemes, period.

Derivatives regulation is easy. We outlaw derivatives. All derivatives contracts currently outstanding are declared null and void, and all new contracts prohibited. Problem solved.

The mountain of speculative debt gets written off through the bankruptcy reorganization, and the banking system that emerges from that process will operate under the Glass-Steagall standard. We will have banks, not casinos—and we'll make sure they behave. Banking serves the economy, not the other way around.

We'll set up a new Bank of the United States, to act as the intermediary between the government and the private banking system. We'll audit the Fed, after we shut it down.

Lesser measures, such as the moves in Congress to reinstate Glass-Steagall, are useful and should be encouraged—as long as everyone understands that they are steps along the way to a larger solution, and not solutions in and of themselves. We must not fall into the trap of confusing winning a battle or two with winning the war. Civilizations have been lost to such errors.

Finally, we need to change, so that we citizens can understand what must be done, and make it happen. It is our future, after all.

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