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This article appears in the January 8, 2010 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

British Monarchy Marching
In the Shadow of Edward VII

by Jeffrey Steinberg

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Jan. 2—As the New Year begins, there is an unmistakable pattern of British-provoked asymmetric warfare around the globe, particularly in the aftermath of the Monarchy's failure at the December 2009 Copenhagen conference on global warming. At the Commonwealth meeting in Trinidad & Tobago in November, Queen Elizabeth II stepped directly onto the world stage, to declare, on behalf of the British Monarchy, "We are in charge." But just weeks later, the British failed miserably in their attempt to use Copenhagen to strike a death blow against the Westphalian system of sovereign nation-states, and to depopulate the planet.

Since Copenhagen, the British have launched a new global "strategy of tensions," beginning with the physical assault against Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, and then, against Pope Benedict XVI. A senior U.S. intelligence source warned that the targeting of Berlusconi and the Pope signaled a new round of British destabilizations against all of continental Europe. When London goes to war against continental Europe, it always starts with Italy, a U.S. intelligence source elaborated. Since the end of World War II, Italy has been the weak link on the continent. "Love him or hate him," the source explained, "Prime Minister Berlusconi has brought a degree of stability to Italian politics, that is unprecedented in the last half-century. The targeting of Berlusconi, followed by the assault upon the Pope, delivers an unmistakable message: Italy is in London's crosshairs."

The pattern of British operations extends far beyond Europe, with the London hand behind recent moves to set the stage for an Israeli strike against Iran (see accompanying article), that would send all of Eurasia into chaos—particularly if Israel resorted to the use of nuclear weapons, ostensibly to wipe out Iran's nuclear weapons program.

A similar and related escalation in irregular warfare has been launched since late December, coming from an alphabet soup of Anglo-Saudi sponsored "jihadi" groups. The attempted Christmas Day bombing of an Amsterdam-to-Detroit Northwest Airlines flight, by a product of the "Londonistan" recruiting and brainwashing apparatus, sent a clear message that London's irregular warfare operations are directed against the United States.

The attempt to blow up the Detroit-bound flight was so amateur, that U.S. and European counterterror analysts are viewing the incident as a probe of how the Obama Administration would respond to another 9/11 attack. The fact that the bomber, the son of a prominent Nigerian government minister and banker, was recruited into the jihadi circles in Britain, while attending University College, London, was an unambiguous provocation, testing whether the U.S. would dare take on the British Monarchy's Londonistan terror breeding ground, or fall into self-destructive finger pointing over who failed to stop the would-be suicide bomber before he got on board the plane. So far, President Obama has failed the test, focusing on Yemen, and even ignoring evidence that two of the leaders of the so-called al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), were former Guantanamo Bay prisoners, who were released into Saudi custody in 2007.

Af-Pak Under Siege

In eastern Afghanistan this week, a suicide bomber infiltrated a CIA compound and blew himself up, killing eight Agency operatives, in the most significant hit against the U.S. intelligence community since the Beirut U.S. Embassy bombing in 1983. On Dec. 31, a suicide bomber in Pakistan killed at least 98 people at a volleyball tournament in Peshawar.

As much of Eurasia is being detonated from London, the British-engineered asymmetric warfare is being extended into the Western Hemisphere, as well, with two British-manipulated clowns, Venezuela's Hugo Chávez and Cuba's Fidel Castro, lining up against the United States, and feeding a narco-insurgency across the Atlantic into western Africa, where cocaine smuggling is financing the buildup of so-called "al-Qaeda in the Maghreb" operations.

Chávez and Castro showed themselves as loony as the Queen, after the collapse of the Copenhagen Climate Change conference, ranting and raving against China, and also against Obama, who, for once, stumbled in the right direction by siding with China and India—once the conference had disintegrated, and under the guidance of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and National Security Advisor Gen. James Jones (ret.).

The British Empire itself is in desperate shape. Its post-Bretton Woods world monetary system cannot survive. British banks were hit hardest by the recent collapse of Dubai World and the bust of the Greek real estate bubble, which leaves that country on the very edge of sovereign default.

And the real meaning of the defeat of the British Monarchy at Copenhagen is that Russia, China, and India—three of the four powers in LaRouche's proposed Four-Power alliance—delivered a devastating blow to London's plans to wipe out 3-5 billion people over the next couple of decades. The fact that China and India, with the behind-the-scenes backing of Russia, held the line, and killed the global warming, cap-and-trade swindle, simultaneously blocking the creation of a global dictatorship, hit the British Monarchy like a ton of bricks. As LaRouche recently noted, it was the Russia-China agreements in October, on the joint development of Northeast Asia, that set the stage for the defeat of London at Copenhagen. In the aftermath of the Copenhagen defeat of the British genocide plans, Russian Railway Corporation head Vladimir Yakunin gave an interview to the British tabloid the Sunday Express, highlighting the Bering Strait high-speed rail tunnel proposal, calling for its implementation within the next decade. This was tantamount to a slap in the face to the British Monarchy, that plans for a global land-bridge are alive and well. What is crucial, though, is to add the fourth pillar to the Four-Power alliance: the United States. That is where the battle will rage in 2010.

The Legacy of Edward VII

This is all too familiar to London. One can imagine the ghost of King Edward VII pitching a fit in the drafty halls of Windsor Castle. As EIR historians have reported, in the post-Civil War period, the Abraham Lincoln/Henry C. Carey faction spread the American System around the globe, particularly in Eurasia (see EIR, May 2, 1997). With the American-Russian collaboration in building the Trans-Siberian Railroad, following the 1869 completion of the Trans-Continental Railroad in the United States, the world was moving in the direction of what Lyndon and Helga LaRouche today call the Eurasian Land-Bridge. The first calls for the building of a rail tunnel under the Bering Strait came when Nicholas II was still Czar of Russia.

Queen Victoria's son Prince Edward Albert, later King Edward VII, took the lead in fomenting regional wars all over Eurasia, often resorting to assassination as a weapon—as in the cases of French President Sadi Carnot and American President William McKinley. The result: World War I, and, later, World War II.

That is how the Brutish think, and that is how they operate. The war drive successfully led by Edward VII is being revived today from the same British Monarchy. So, when President Obama, returning from his Hawaiian vacation in a few days, fumes against U.S. intelligence for "failing to connect the dots," and failing to catch the would-be Nigerian "underwear bomber," someone should tell him to check out the Union Jack sewn into his own underwear! You don't stop asymmetric warfare by connecting dots. You take a top-down approach and nail London as the imperial enemy of the United States and the world. London is betting that, from the President on down, this Administration will not do it. The fate of humanity will be decided, by proving that London is wrong.

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