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This article appears in the March 12, 2010 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Impeachment Is Now On the Agenda

by Harley Schlanger

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March 4—If the Scott Brown victory in the special senatorial election in Massachsetts on Jan. 19 was a "wake-up call" for the Obama Administration, demonstrating that the American people have turned against its fascist and unconstitutional policies, the vote in the Texas 22nd Congressional District Democratic primary on March 2, in which voters gave LaRouche Democrat Kesha Rogers a decisive victory, confirmed what Lyndon LaRouche declared at the end of last week: that Obama is now facing his own Ides of March.

With her victory in the Democratic primary, Rogers, a leader of the LaRouche Youth Movement, sent a clear and unmistakable message to the White House and its British imperial controllers: Your days are numbered! Rogers' campaign hit relentlessly at a single theme—that President Obama must go, either through resignation or impeachment. His attacks on this nation—his dismantling of the manned space program; his efforts to ram through a fascist, killer "health-care" policy; his endless bailouts for Wall Street swindlers, while demanding budget cuts which will increase the death rates among the growing number of poor and unemployed, the elderly, and the sick, will no longer be tolerated.

While mainstream Democrats endorsed Rogers' opponent, and refused to believe that any Democrat would listen to her case against Obama, the usual chorus of skeptics and naysayers among her putative supporters told her that sticking with LaRouche's call for impeachment was "impractical."

Obviously, the voters were ready for something "impractical," as 53% cast their ballots for Rogers. They have been waiting for someone to take leadership, to "speak the unspeakable," as the suffering imposed during the Bush-Cheney Presidency has grown worse under Obama, with unemployment and foreclosures skyrocketing, while hopes for improvement have been dashed. Appeals from Obama apologists to "give him more time" were rejected, as voters responded to Rogers' insistence that the problem is not lack of time, but that Obama is controlled by the very City of London and Wall Street financial interests that are responsible for the policies that have spread misery and despair.

The landslide for Rogers (her Democratic Party-backed opponent received only 27%; a third candidate 20%) came from a population not yet sure what they want, but certain of what they no longer want—Obama in the White House!

'Save NASA: Impeach Obama!'

The Rogers campaign took off once the President announced his intention to savage NASA, by cutting the funding to the manned mission to the Moon and Mars. While Rogers had been emphasizing the necessity of manned space flight as the kind of "science driver" essential to break out of the post-industrial collapse imposed on the U.S. since since mid-1960s, the Obama announcement provided an additional, special impetus to her campaign to impeach the President.

The 22nd C.D. includes the Johnson Space Center (JSC), NASA's headquarters for training and operational control of the U.S. space program. The city of Houston and its surrounding area has benefited enormously from the work at the JSC, including its spinoffs in medicine and computer technologies. That the President was prepared to act, unilaterally, without the consent of Congress, to dismantle this last remaining area of American scientific progress and innovation, was the proverbial last straw for many, who had been holding on to some hope that the White House was not blind to their suffering and demoralization.

Rogers and her campaign team jumped on this, producing a huge banner, and lawn signs with illustrations of the Space Shuttle, and a simple message: "SAVE NASA, IMPEACH OBAMA, VOTE KESHA." The campaigner workers were highly visible, at the intersections and highway overpasses through which hundreds of thousands of Houstonians pass every day; they went door-to-door, not only in neighborhoods surrounding the NASA complex, but in the run-down formerly middle class and poor neighborhoods in Fort Bend County, where the "forgotten men and women" are struggling for survival; and Rogers herself visited senior centers, where elderly have been left to die, out of sight, bringing to them her vibrant optimism, singing canons to them with other organizers, letting them know that she will not allow Obama-care to murder them.

While Rogers attended the "regular" Democratic clubs, it was evident that the hacks who preside over them were blindly unaware of the surge of anger and even hatred directed against the Obama Administration, from the voters they were hoping to control. When Rogers would begin by identifying herself as a "LaRouche Democrat, who is running on a platform of impeaching Obama, and implementing the LaRouche Plan for U.S. and global economic recovery," their jaws would drop. Even those who agreed with Rogers on her program would pull her aside and whisper, with their voices shaking in fear, "You can't say that in public."

But Rogers did not worry about the clubs' endorsements. Meanwhile, her main opponent would follow her, kissing up to the hacks, introducing himself as "the candidate in this race who doesn't want to impeach President Obama." His 27% of the Democratic vote in the 22nd District is not exactly a good sign for the Narcissist-in-Chief.

Courage and Imagination

Rogers' victory demonstrates that the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM) is beginning to deliver on its promise to offer this nation a "new generation of leadership," to revive the world historic tradition of the American Revolution, to take our nation back from the genocidalists of the City of London and the British monarchy, which have escalated their attacks on our nation and its people, through their puppet, Obama.

The victory also shows that the American people will respond to real leadership. Those, including her losing opponent, who claimed that the voters did not know what they were doing, displayed an arrogance which merely served to further rile up the voters against the Obama apologists and party hacks. It is clear that, on the contrary, the voters knew exactly what they were doing when they cast their ballots for Rogers. They were inspired by her courage, with many asking, hopefully, "Will you really do what you are saying? Will you really push to impeach the President?"

Further, they were activated by her uncompromising message. Rogers told them, "This is your time to make history, to take this country back from those who are destroying everything which is precious to us. After we impeach Obama, we are going to implement the LaRouche Plan, beginning with a global Glass-Steagall, to put speculators out of business, and full funding for a Moon-Mars mission, as the science driver behind a commitment to build the modern infrastructure this nation needs."

And the voters responded, proving Percy Bysshe Shelley right, that during moments of profound crisis, courage and imagination will defeat immoral skepticism and gutless pragmatism (see statement from Lyndon LaRouche).

Adding to Obama's heartburn: Two other LaRouche Democrats, calling for impeachment, are running for Congress: Summer Shields, in California's 8th C.D., against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (June 8); and, in the 4th C.D. of Massachusetts, Rachel Brown is taking on "Bailout Barney" Frank (Sept. 14).

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