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Will the Brits Blow Up Elections,
Ignite War?

by Lawrence Freeman

March 26, 2010—With a little over two weeks until Sudan's combined national, state, and Presidential elections, the British Empire is deploying its assets, including those within the United States and Sudan, to blow up these momentous elections, scheduled for April 11-13, in order to prevent the emergence of a united sovereign Sudan. With full knowledge that the collapse of their monetarist-financial system will result in a Dark Age, as described by Niall Ferguson in his recent article in Foreign Affairs, "Complexity and Collapse: Empires on the Edge of Chaos," this British oligarchical faction violently opposes any stability in the continent, especially in the volatile Horn of Africa.

Their fear is that, with the expected victory of President Omar Hassan al-Bashir as the new elected President, the nationalist-patriotic elements in the country could gain the upper hand against those who are intent on dismembering Sudan into warring entities. Rather than gamble on the risky strategy of trying to unite the nearly 20 opposition parties behind former Prime Minster Sadiq al-Mahdi in a presumed run-off against Bashir, they are deploying to create the maximum chaos to prevent the elections from taking place at all, or to create such a disruptive environment that the results would be severely undermined.

Efforts To Disrupt the Elections

Although there is growing pressure on the National Congress Party (NCP), the co-signer to the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement with the Sudan Peoples Liberation Movement (SPLM), to postpone the elections until after a referendum on secession, the NCP has refused. While the SPLM has officially maintained its support for April elections, there are elements inside the SPLM that would like to opt out of the elections because of internal opposition. But, the NCP will not accept a referendum on secession next January, if the April elections are postponed, so the SPLM has been forced to reluctantly support the elections next month. However, the SPLM Presidential candidate Yasir Arman has called for Bashir to step down before the election; and a prominent SPLM official has called for Bashir to turn himself in, and face fraudulent charges of war crimes.

Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the fanatical prosecutor of the British-created, fraudulent International Criminal Court (ICC), on March 23 issued another one of his British-inspired, hate-filled attacks on the government of Sudan, by comparing Sudan's election to an election under Adolf Hitler.

Right on cue, the misnamed Save Darfur Coalition e-mailed its supporters to pressure Congress to reject the "stolen" Sudan elections—which have yet to take place. But they have already deemed them to be fraudulent.

The Carter Center, invited to observe the elections, has intervened against the sovereignty of Sudan by echoing the call for a postponement of the April elections. The Center's call came several weeks after former President Jimmy Carter's proclamation that Bashir would not win a majority in the first round, which outcome would necessitate a second-round run-off.

Rep. Donald Payne (D-N.J.) joined the anti-Sudan chorus by attacking the credibility of the election because of the participation of President Bashir, whom the ICC has indicted for alleged war crimes in Darfur.

Anyone knowledgeable about the long arduous road, from the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in January 2005, which ended the manipulated civil war between the North and the South, knows that if these elections do not come off, then the January 2011 referendum on the unity of Sudan will be disrupted, resulting in a new and more deadly war in this strategically important nation. The reports of increased military purchases by both the North and South portend more lethal combat should war break out. As Salva Kiir, the leader of the Government of Southern Sudan, told a Washington audience: If Sudan returns to war, all of Africa will bleed.

Institutional Response

At hearings March 24 on Capitol Hill, chaired by Payne, both government witnesses, Earl Gast, from the African Bureau of the U.S. Agency for International Development, and Johnnie Carson, Assistant Secretary of African Affairs for the U.S. State Department, expressed their support for keeping to the elections schedule. Gast, to the dismay of some, told the committee unequivocally, that if the elections did not go forward as planned, we would be letting down the people of Sudan, and creating the conditions for the referendum process to fail in January, which would lead to a return to war. Carson categorically refuted accusations by Rep. Ed Royce (R-Calif.) and John Prendergast and his ENOUGH organization, who have repeatedly accused the Sudanese government of harboring Joseph Kony's murderous Lords Resistance Army (LRA) cult in Darfur. Carson said that he has no intelligence whatsoever to substantiate these charges, and that the LRA is now operating in the Central Africa Republic.

The United Nations has clearly decided to take no part in this effort to trigger a new war in Sudan, with one official stating: We shouldn't look at this [the April elections] as a negative, we should look at this as a positive. UN special representative of the UN-African Union peace keeping mission in Darfur, Ibrahim Gambari, said that even if the election takes place in an imperfect environment, it would be beneficial to Sudan's future.

But this plea for sanity is being challenged by President Obama's ambassador to the UN, the Sudan-hating anglophile, Susan Rice, and an openly pro-Southern Sudan faction in the State Department led by Roger Winter. With special envoy Scott Gration's prestige undermined by his public kow-towing to the Obama lie of genocide in Darfur, it should not be ruled out that the U.S. would follow the British policy of blowing up the April elections and the referendum.

It's the British

With Bashir's break from al-Turabi and his Muslim Brotherhood in 1999-2000, he opened the way for serious discussions between the North and the South, which ultimately led to the signing of the CPA. The Darfur crisis, in the way it was created and portrayed, was not truthful. It was ignited by forces outside Sudan in 2003, and manufactured as a hoax, to use as a battering ram against the government of Sudan, leading to the ICC's indictment of President Bashir. There are Sudanese patriots in the North and the South, who do not want to see their country torn apart in new ethnic/religious wars; but whether they can prevail is not certain. There are all kinds of British assets running around Sudan, acting according to well-established profiles, which are being used against the country's interests. Unless and until the machinations of the British Empire, inside the U.S. and Sudan, is understood and identified, the best intentions of those who desire a sovereign Sudan, will minimally be undermined, or could fail. With the British financial empire now collapsing under the weight of trillions of dollars of worthless paper, now is the time to strike and outflank the empire's nasty operation against the people of Sundan, by joining Lyndon LaRouche in forcing a Global Glass-Steagal reorganization of its bankrupt financial system.

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