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This article appears in the October 22, 2010 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

LaRouche: Evict Psycho Obama
While We Still Have a Nation

by Nancy Spannaus

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Oct. 16—"It seems as if every moment of the passing day brings a new, added proof that the time is way past overdue for launching an acutely ill President Barack Obama out of office," declared U.S. economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche in a statement Oct. 14. "It is to be doubted that we can wait as long as the post-election moments of Nov. 3 or 4, and still expect the very existence of our republic to remain intact.

"At each turn, this sick-minded President perpetrates fresh evidence that his own plausible plea for avoiding a charge of virtual treason, is that the poor fellow's mental illness has overwhelmed him. Otherwise, all the evidence to date tends to identify him as a treasonous agent of the British empire bent on delivering the death of our United States to the damnable incumbent British monarchy—or, call it 'The Brutish Monarchy.'

"The debate is not really necessary. Throw him out, and be done with it; the principle and relevant evidence on behalf of the 25th Amendment will be sufficient. Just do it quickly, preferably before Nov. 2."

Every Day It Gets Worse

LaRouche's statement came as a kick in the behind to those individuals in and around the White House who are known to be considering applying Section 4 of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution to the dysfunctional President. As has been flagged by the series of blog entries put out by one "Ulsterman," a self-described D.C. insider who, since early September, has been describing the increasing dissociation and mental instability of the President, there is an institutional move underway to prepare the ground for the President's removal. But, so far, the relevant persons—necessarily including the Vice President—have chosen not to act.

The latest Ulsterman report came Oct. 12, and focussed on the increased role being taken by First Lady Michelle Obama in the White House, including in confrontations with staffers she fears are acting against her husband. The summary section of the report makes the general point: "West Wing is increasingly in bunker mentality these days. President remains unresponsive/agitated while at W.H., repeats that he 'wants to be out speaking to the people.' Staff paranoia at all-time high."

Indeed, President Obama has gone into what can only be described as a flight from responsibility, in which he travels from political rally to political rally, in order to bask, Nero-like, in the adulation of crowds. Meanwhile, his Administration's policies get more and more outrageous in their attacks upon the living standards of the population.

'Evict the People!'

Among the most egregious of the Obama Administration's actions have been the policy declarations on what is called the foreclosure crisis—the belated exposure of the gigantic web of illegality which the major banks and mortgage companies created in order to evict people from their homes. While this is just the end-point of the process which the imperialist banking system has imposed in order to loot populations, and keep their bankrupt carcasses in business, it has been a socially devastating one. In the 3rd quarter of 2010, nearly 300,000 people had their homes seized due to foreclosure, with more than 100,000 seizures—a record—occurring in September.

But the scandal around the fraud endemic to the foreclosure process has brought it to a near halt, as leading mortgage-holding and securitizing institutions like Bank of America have imposed a moratorium on the process. Criminal investigations are underway state by state, and all 50 state attorneys general are demanding a Federal investigation as well. Sales of foreclosed properties, which amounted to a quarter of all home sales nationally, are grinding to a halt. And the purchase of the securities based on these questionable mortgages—securities which allegedly make up more than $1 trillion of the assets of the U.S. banking system—is mortally threatened.

And the Obama Administration? Spokesman after spokesman has demanded that the moratorium not spread, because it will have "unintended consequences." An Oct. 11 New York Times article was less circumspect, noting that the White House is arguing in public and private that a moratorium "will only delay the inevitable and necessary process of forcing many Americans out of homes they cannot afford."

This sadistic display of Schumpeterian "creative destruction" has frequently been stated in as many words by Obama himself. As recently as Sept. 28, Obama told a back-yard gathering in Albuquerque, N.M.: "Frankly, there are some people who really bought more home than they could afford, and they'd be better off renting, or they're going to have to make adjustments in terms of their house."

While Democratic Congressional candidates are demanding justice for their constituents who are victims of this fraud, Obama, in effect, is calling for their eviction. Isn't that a sign of insanity?

'Slash Social Security'

Equally lunatic was the Obama Administration's decision, formally announced Oct. 15, to forgo, for the second year in a row, a cost-of-living increase for the close to 60 million Americans who rely on Social Security and disability payments from the Federal government. The decision was allegedly based on the cost-of-living index, which lies that there is no inflation (excluding, of course, food and energy costs!). Instead, Obama called for another $250 grant to Social Security recipients—a back-handed acknowledgement that the no-inflation claim is bogus.

Coming from a President who loves Executive Orders even more than George W. Bush did, this decision can be read as not only insane, but sadistic. Obama is committed to cutting support for the poor and elderly, as he has repeatedly stated in talking about his Fiscal Commission, and health-care "reform."

The reality is that the cost of living is soaring, from food prices to heating oil, to health care and other necessities, and that this process is being accelerated by the hyperinflationary monetary policies of the Administration. And while the crazy President continues to claim that his policies have brought "progress" on the economy, the latest Census reports show that poverty levels rose from 13.2% to 14.3% in 2009, on Obama's watch.

Thus, Obama proceeds to impose fascist austerity on the population, while destroying the Democratic Party as well. As LaRouche has emphasized, there is no solution in sight but that which he and LaRouchePAC have put forth: Invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Obama—and get on with the Glass-Steagall and NAWAPA recovery programs which are all set to go.

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