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This article appears in the October 29, 2010 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Choice on Nov. 2:
Obama's Ouster or Ungovernability

by Jeffrey Steinberg

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Oct. 26—Lyndon LaRouche today issued a stark warning, as voters prepare to go to the polls on Nov. 2.

"Either we get Barack Obama out of office now, or the United States and the rest of the world will soon plunge into a state of ungovernability. Anyone who is willing to face the reality that the entire global system is coming down, and who is searching honestly for an alternative, must face the fact that Obama's departure is the only feasible option."

Increasingly, leading American politicians have been warning privately that they fear that the outcome of the Nov. 2 midterm elections will throw both political parties into chaos. With the White House already in a state of meltdown, a collapse of the Congressional function would be disastrous, they warn. To this, LaRouche responded: "The reality is that the entire global financial system is in a state of breakdown crisis, now. The recent pronouncements by Bernanke and Geithner, that they are prepared to launch an even more insane hyperinflationary emission, in the range of $4 trillion, assures that we are now entering a new phase of this disintegration process. We have reached a point of discontinuity, where any presumption, based on the previous pattern of events, is guaranteed to be dead wrong, and dangerously so. LaRouche warned that Tuesday's election results will be "the final blow for the process up until this moment."

He concluded:

"We must now make the impeachment of President Obama—or his removal from office under the terms of Section 4 of the 25th Amendment—real. There is no solution to this crisis without the immediate removal of Obama from office. If Obama remains in as President, Europe goes down, via a U.S. hyperinflationary blowout. Russia goes down, as well. And although China and India are somewhat better insulated, they cannot survive this blowout either. We must win in the United States in the immediate days ahead, or the whole world will plunge into a prolonged New Dark Age. What we see in places like Haiti and Central Africa today will overwhelm the entire planet."

The Emperor Has No Clothes

The reality of this crisis is being increasingly acknowledged, most dramatically in an ongoing series of insider revelations from the Obama White House and its immediate environs. The series of blogger "Ulsterman" revelations, based on interviews with a recently departed, anonymous White House official, has focused, in recent days, on the President's personal psychological meltdown, a meltdown that puts the issue of the 25th Amendment squarely on the table.

In the latest Ulsterman leaks, posted Oct. 25-26, President Obama's bizarre behavior is described, in detail, by participants in a recent National Security Council session, convened to review the state of the U.S. and NATO deployments in Afghanistan. The White House insider recounted an eyewitness report from one of the NSC participants. President Obama arrived at the session ten minutes late. He entered the room, giggling with staffers. He was clearly disconnected from the business at hand, and he abruptly got up and departed from the meeting after just ten minutes, resuming his jocular giggling.

Earlier reports from the same White House "deep throat" described the President going in and out of bouts of deep depression, disassociated from his job, and prone to frequent fits of rage directed at staffers. The President is reportedly being treated for these psychological problems. A senior U.S. intelligence source corroborated the Ulsterman reports to EIR, and added that, while most politicians in Washington are under some form of psychological or psychiatric care, the problem, in the case of President Obama, is that "the treatment is just not working."

It was in response to these credible reports of the President's deteriorating mental health that LaRouche recently called upon Vice President Joseph Biden to invoke Section 4 of the 25th Amendment, to take over the responsibilities of the Presidency, in consultation with leading members of the Cabinet, because Obama is no longer mentally fit to serve.

The 25th Amendment was ratified in the late 1960s, in direct response to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, which forced the issue of Presidential succession, and the question of clear procedures for the removal of a President from office if he is no longer physically or mentally able to serve. On two separate occasions during the Reagan Presidency, top aides contemplated invoking Section 4, including on the day that the President was shot by would-be assassin John Hinckley. When Richard Nixon was in his final days, the invoking of Section 4 was contemplated, but Nixon chose, instead, to resign from office, rather than cause a far more profound Constitutional crisis.

The danger, in the case of Obama, is that his severe narcissistic disorder virtually rules out any voluntary departure from office. This is precisely the situation that the authors of the 25th Amendment anticipated, in drafting Section 4, with a built-in system of checks and balances, to prevent a Constitutional coup against a sitting President, while also assuring that a President no longer able to serve can be involuntarily forced out for the good of the nation.

A Growing Drumbeat

LaRouche delivered his first public evaluation of the potential for a mental meltdown by President Obama, on April 11, 2009, following Obama's disastrous visit to Great Britain, and the Time magazine revelations about the circle of behavioral economists who had been appointed to dominant positions on the Administration's economic policy team. At that time, LaRouche called for the firing of the entire economics team, and for the President, who was already exhibiting Nero-like narcissistic behavior, to be placed under the tight control of the national security team, including Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, National Security Advisor Gen. James Jones, and Vice President Biden. At the time, LaRouche offered that alternative to Obama's immediate removal from office.

That option no longer exists, as demonstrated by the President's increasingly irrational conduct, the recent ouster of General Jones, and the looming departure of Defense Secretary Gates. Now, in LaRouche's assessment, there is no alternative to Obama's immediate removal from office—for his own good, and for the good of the nation.

Over the past week, LaRouche's call for the invoking of the 25th Amendment has become the hottest topic in Washington, D.C., and in capitals around the world. His call for Obama's removal has been picked up and reported in Pravda, on Fox News, the Huffington Post, Press TV, and in literally hundreds of news outlets and Internet blogs.

One result of this proliferation of coverage and debate over the President's mental state and the urgent need for his removal from office, is that more and more individuals, inside the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party, are finding the courage to come out with their own accounts of the White House meltdown and collapse into chaos. Top Democratic Party sources are reporting that new, even more damning revelations will surface immediately after the Nov. 2 midterm elections, in which Democrats are expected to lose control over the House of Representatives and, possibly, the Senate.

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