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This article appears in the November 5, 2010 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Election Decided Nothing;
The U.S. Needs Leadership Now

by Nancy Spannaus

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Nov. 3—The results of the election yesterday decided nothing, stated Lyndon LaRouche in today's LPAC Weekly Report. True, the Democratic Party has been left in tatters, but the Republican Party that is coming in, has absolutely nothing to offer, in response to the actual breakdown crisis engulfing the nation, and the world. Those who are declaring victory are like the leaders of the French Revolution: on top today, and on the way to the guillotine tomorrow.

We cannot come to any conclusions yet as to what the "trend line" is going to be, LaRouche continued. For example, take the contrast between the results in Texas and California. In Texas, a lot of good Democrats were wiped out, because President Obama was seen as the "bad guy," and they were associated with him. In California, it was that son-of-a-Nazi Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was the hate object, and therefore, the Republicans, who were associated with him, lost the significant contests.

What we know, is that important decisions are going to have to be made soon, but we can't really expect them to surface before the end of the week, after his webcast, LaRouche said. Certain sections of the Democratic Party that represent actual leadership—including LaRouchePAC, and the Clinton grouping—are going to have to decide what moves to make in the face of what, otherwise, looks to be a move toward political chaos.

It's crucial to keep in mind, however, LaRouche stressed, that it is the old Congress, with the Democratic majority, which is still in power until January. Thus, there is a window of opportunity for action along the lines required—specifically, the removal of Obama from office by invoking the 25th Amendment, Section 4; the immediate passage of the FDR-modelled Glass-Steagall bill; emergency credits for the cities and states; and the launching of the grand project which can create 3-4 million jobs immediately, and turn the entire process of devolution around, the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA).

If certain leaders of the Democratic Party can find the guts to take the necessary action, the nation can be put on the right path, LaRouche emphasized. If not, we are looking at the disaster which the current British Imperial system has put on course, through its adoption of a hyperinflationary bailout, and fascist austerity. Such a policy, which is being ratified by the Federal Reserve Board and the European Union leadership this week, will lead to global collapse.

Inchoate results

While the Republican Party did, in fact, take over from the Democrats as the majority party in the House of Representatives, that is the only summary conclusion that can be made. For the reality is that the winners, as LaRouche emphasized, effectively became the losers, because they will be the next targets of the population's rage. Even the expected incoming Republican Speaker John Boehner had a sense of this in his election night address, when he noted that it wasn't really a night for celebration, when the Congress as a whole has a popularity rating of 11%, and one in ten Americans does not have a job.

What we saw was a whipsaw process, in which voters registered their rage against certain hate objects, in the absence of any positive alternative policy for the nation.

The cases LaRouche focussed on in the Weekly Report were Texas and California. In Texas, Democratic Party officials credit President Obama, who is immensely unpopular in the state, with wreaking havoc on their chances in the election. Incumbent Gov. Rick Perry smashed the popular Democratic Houston Mayor Bill White, 65 to 33, while longtime Democratic Congressmen Chet Edwards, Ciro Rodriguez, and Solomon Ortiz also went down to defeat.

In California, it was Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger who was the hate object, and the beneficiaries were Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown, and Sen. Barbara Boxer, both of whom had been locked in very tight races during the campaign.

Leadership Needed

In the course of the Weekly Report discussion, LaRouche outlined precisely the kind of leadership required to move the nation out of the potential collapse into chaos, which is looming in this post-election period. Among those leaders, he noted, is LaRouche Democrat Kesha Rogers, the Democratic candidate for the 22nd District in Texas (Houston), who emerged as a significant national leader of the party in the course of the election campaign.

Rogers was given 32% in her race against incumbent Republican Pete Olson, but the numbers by no means tell the story. Reverberations of her courageous fight for removing Obama, saving the space program, and implementing the LaRouche plan are being felt internationally, and will continue to be so.

She will be joined, of course, by fellow LaRouche Democratic candidates Rachel Brown (Massachusetts) and Summer Shields (California), who also waged principled fights through the electoral campaign.

Between Now and January

In his comments during the LPAC Weekly Report, LaRouche gave the following summary of what must be done in the month ahead, while the Democrats still control the Congress:

"So therefore, we have a situation, in which the minority, which includes me and my friends, politically, both here and implicitly in Europe, and also in Asia—those who are implicitly my friends, in the sense that they have policies which concur with my intention; that is, the effect concurs with my intention, and goes in the same direction: high technology, improvement of food supplies, raising the standard of living, going to technologies, which raise man's power to exist, that sort of thing.

"Therefore, unless the policies which I would put in, and with people who think in a direction similar to what I'm doing, would put in—these policies are the only thing that would work. Otherwise, if somebody has a policy contrary to what I would endorse, now, they're finished! They're finished before they start, because they're going to take their nation down with them.

"So, the Republican Party is a joke. Not all the Republicans are jokes, but the Republican Party is a joke. The Democratic Party is not a joke: The Obama Democratic Party is a joke. But the Democratic Party is not a joke. What has happened, is the Democratic Party, which is more comfortable for the people, normally, at least under these conditions, could, free of Obama, function:

"We could, between now and January, the January transition, we could actually, launch a number of programs, through the Democratic Party, which would save the nation, and put the world on direction to save it from this crisis. That means that Bill Clinton and company would be playing a big role in that sort of thing, because he's a credible ex-President. All the other ex-Presidents, including Gore, who would be an ex-President, are failures! They can accomplish nothing: They're not competent. They don't have the ideas, they don't have the willingness to adopt the kind of ideas. Oh, you'll have some Republicans, for example, would be sympathetic to the space program, sympathetic to other things like that, which are good....

"So, you'll get a bipartisan policies which will be good, among Democrats and Republicans. That's possible, and that's what's desired. But the Democratic Party, really, in this period, between now and the next transition to the official swearing in of the new Congress, until that's done, there is a gap, in which the existing leadership in the Democratic Party—if it dumps Obama!—would then be freed to consider measures, which would be popular. And the very fact that you see this Texas/California irony, where Texas—the place, an absolute disaster for the Democratic Party in Texas! All kinds of good candidates were just wiped out along with the others in this thing. California? The most hated thing is the governor. He's killing more people than anybody else. He's really like, you know, his father's Hitler background is coming forth out there.

"So therefore, you'll find that, now the election has occurred, and people have pulled the chain, on the toilet—the result—that, there's an interim period, right now, in which it is possible, conceivable, and necessary, for the Democratic Party, with others, in the United States, to take a lead, in going first of all, with getting the President out: The saving of civilization, as a whole, today, immediately depends on getting Obama out. And that means, the 25th Amendment, 4th section. And that's necessary, it's there, the evidence is there, the guts and wisdom to do it is what's lacking. But I think that can change."

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