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This article appears in the November 12, 2010 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

LaRouche Rallies Patriots
To Avert a New Dark Age

by Nancy Spannaus

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Nov. 8—Addressing an international webcast audience Nov. 6, U.S. statesman Lyndon LaRouche delivered on his promise to provide the marching orders which patriots in all the political parties need in the wake of the Nov. 2 U.S. election debacle.

Forget political party issues, LaRouche told his audience. These are the times when you must proceed from the standpoint of the nation, from the standpoint of the real American System principles upon which the United States was built. "Right now, the parties don't really mean anything," he said.

"Now, the plans of the Republican Party are to blackmail the Administration, by striking a very close alliance with the President.... This President, now, is already, and has been committed to the same policy that the worst of the Republican Party, as typified by [incoming Kentucky Senator] Rand Paul."

And if the Democratic Party, and sane Republicans, capitulate to the fascist policies of Rand Paul—which are shared by the President—it will be capitulating to a policy of mass murder that will destroy the nation, and thus, the world.

"So," LaRouche summed it up, "we've come to a time, where the Third American Revolution has got to occur: We have to go to the people—don't talk about the politicians.... Let me be concrete: What's the program? My program is, number one: Obama out! Why? He's clinically insane. We have a 25th Amendment. The 25th Amendment says, an insane President can be removed. Now, don't worry about the details: He's insane, we have a law, we say that insane Presidents can not function. They're out. So, he's going to be out. That's number one. If you don't get this President out, you're not going to do anything good!"

"Get him out: He's now the New Republican. He's a post-election Republican—and you're going to find out that's true, very fast, and very painfully. He is going to make Hitler look like a humanitarian. That's what you are dealing with."

The next steps are to formally institute FDR's Glass-Steagall, have the Federal government issue credit to save the cities and the states, and launch a massive recovery program, around the upgraded North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA) plan.

But success on this program demands that we fight now against what Rand Paul represents, including the President, without compromise. "The only way you are going to win, against these bastards, is not by placating them. You are going to win by crushing them—and it can be done."

The audio and video of LaRouche's webcast can be found at, and the full transcript will be published in EIR's next issue. Here, we summarize his urgent message, which, as the question-and-answer session of the webcast showed, is currently being seriously debated among leading Congressional Democrats, among others.

The American Constitutional Principle

LaRouche began his opening address with the question of American history, noting that it is precisely the principles of the American Constitutional Republic which our politicians and others have lost sight of. If they had understood the fact that the United States "represented the distillation of what had been, in European civilization, these ideas we can trace back to Plato and his immediate predecessors"—specifically, the idea of man as a willful creator—they would not have permitted the present crisis to occur.

At present, LaRouche emphasized, we have lost sight of this legacy, because the population generally no longer believes in creativity. But we have to look back to the meaning of our Federal Constitution. "You look back to figures like President Franklin Roosevelt. Look back to figures like Abraham Lincoln, and others, who were great heroes in their time.... We exist, not just for the benefit of the United States, but for the benefit of the world, as Franklin Roosevelt understood that mission."

That legacy is now in danger of being destroyed, through the hyperinflationary, looting policy which has been pushed through by the British Inter-Alpha Group, LaRouche said. If this policy is allowed to destroy the United States, that means decimation for the rest of the world.

What Rand Paul Represents

LaRouche chose incoming, Tea Party-backed Republican Rand Paul as the leading representative of what must be destroyed in the immediate period ahead. Although he will be a freshman in the Senate, Paul is the poster-boy for the lunatic wing of the Republican Party which is determined to dictate the agenda of the new Congress, in collaboration with the fascist President!

LaRouche did not hold back in indicting Paul, whom he described as both a complete degenerate, and an idiot.

"Look at Rand Paul's policy. You want to get an idea of what a real idiot is, a dangerous one: His policy is: We've got to balance the budget. He's nuts! He's talking about balancing the monetary accounts!

"What about our unemployed? What about our dying citizens? What about the states that are bankrupt, when most of them are? What about the destitution being wreaked upon our people? Is this in our Constitution? How did that SOB get elected in the first place? And there are other people like him! This is the policy of the New Obama Administration! The second half of the term of Obama is an administration based on the policies of creative destruction, by that fascist, Schumpeter, and his predecessors, Nietzsche and so forth: Which is a monetarist conception.

"This guy is an enemy of humanity! But he's now the newly elected Senator from Kentucky. And he's typified by what the leading Republican edge is now: to get the Democratic Party to capitulate—you know, this is a time that an old soldier like me—and I'm not much of a soldier; strategist, maybe, not soldier—says, "No, no, no, no, no! We don't—We make no concession, to Rand Paul!" Because the United States' existence depends upon physical economic conditions. And money conditions are not physical economic conditions—they're paper! And it's pretty much toilet paper by the time Bernanke gets through with it, right now.

"We're already in a hyperinflation, comparable to that of Germany in 1923. That's the process which is in process, now. It's not merely confined to one nation, as Germany, in 1923, was a case of one nation, within its own borders, confined to a certain special treatment. This is now the world economy. But, if you look at the pattern, what Europe has rejected, is what the United States has accepted: We have accepted the self-destruction of our nation! And Rand Paul typifies that threat! You can not be a supporter of Rand Paul, and a true patriot of the United States. Because if you can't defend the United States and its citizens, you're not defending the United States. There is no room for a Rand Paul in a safe United States.

"What are they going to do? The cuts that they plan, the cuts they're going to try to blackmail the Democratic Party leadership into accepting, mean mass death in the United States! This is mass murder! This is the destruction of the United States. You're going to find that in the law of the United States? Can the law of United States, or the power of lawmaking of the United States, be used to destroy the United States, as it is now being destroyed? As Europe is on the way to being destroyed? As Russia is being destroyed by the same kind of policy? And in the long run, China and India—or not so long, will also be destroyed.

"The policy is to reduce the world's population to less than 2 billion people, from 6.8 billion. And this is the way to do it! These kinds of economic policies."

No Compromise!

"If we go along with conceding to the Rand Pauls, we're not going to have a nation," LaRouche concluded. Too many Democrats want to compromise, but we cannot afford to compromise. We have to force through the policy, immediately!

He elaborated:

"So, what we have before us, is the opportunity: Now, what we could do, as a nation, if you've got people with the brains, and guts, in government to do it, and there isn't much in terms of both brains and guts in government right now, to do much of anything any good—but, maybe we can muster it. Maybe some of the people will become angry enough to insist that their politicians rethink the recent election, which was a farce! A President who's insane, is now being given Republican backing, for his insanity!

"Well, we have a policy: The key to economy, real economy, as opposed to all this monetarist nonsense, is physical economy. That is, mankind, especially with such means as increasing the energy-flux density of the modes of production we employ, by increasing the capital intensity in terms of technology, that we develop and employ, we are able to increase the power of mankind to exist, to sustain a larger population, and this ultimately means that we're going into space. We're going to extend man's operation into space.

"Now, we have a policy right now, which my associates and I are pushing, and some other people are sympathetic to, which is this NAWAPA project. Now, we've given new meaning to the NAWAPA project, from what it was meant in 1964, because we are now talking about the new implications, which are not read into the design of the NAWAPA policy. NAWAPA policy, as it was defined by the Parsons Company, was a very good design, and it still, essentially, is the foundation, of a very good design....

"Now, let's take the United States in particular: Take the Western land-area. Look at the 20-inch rainfall line. We are now losing the aquifer level of resources, to maintain the production of food in the central states of the United States. We are draining deep wells of water, we are draining the subterranean resources. And this is producing a destruction—along with certain policies—a destruction of the ability to produce food!

"And also, we have cut out nuclear power. We no longer are competent in nuclear power, we are no longer competent in energy policy, in power policy; we have these windmills and solar power, solar cells. Windmills? These things—they're only good for killing birds, not a source of power! And the cost of a windmill is greater, from the time of its construction through its demolition, when it's worn out—is greater than all of the income you got from it! The solar collector, the same thing: It's a complete waste of time!

"Well, then, what is the natural form? Nuclear power. And you know, Asia is a nuclear power. China is a nuclear power. India is a nuclear power. Japan will be active in nuclear power, now. So, the sane part of the world is going to nuclear power, and that's already a little bit late. Because we now have to go to thermonuclear power. We need to increase, as has always been the tendency, we increase the energy-flux density of the application of power, which enables us to transmute materials and so forth, this sort of thing."

LaRouche then further elaborated on how the NAWAPA project represents the potential for development over the next 50 years. It represents a scientific revolution, which can benefit all of humanity.

So, he concluded, isn't it worth more than your life, to ensure that Rand Paul and pro-austerity Democrats, don't succeed? "Wouldn't it be worth it, to take the effort to do that, for the sake of a couple of coming generations of humanity, for the benefit of humanity as a whole? ... There is no moral excuse for compromise."

An Active Debate

There were two highlights in the extensive discussion period that followed LaRouche's keynote address. The first was a couple of questions from significant Russian representatives, one of whom, deputy Zavtra editor Alexander Nagorny, was attending the webcast in person. Nagorny asked about the threat of world war coming from the new political constellation in the United States. While LaRouche agreed the threat was real, he focused again on the potential solution, along the lines he had laid out in his keynote.

The second characteristic was a number of questions from individuals associated with the Democratic Party, who are involved in intensive discussions around how to deal with the election results.

The President got the election result he wanted, noted one self-identified Democratic consultant, and no strategy can be undertaken without understanding that fact. LaRouche emphatically agreed, and reiterated his marching order: President Obama must be removed through evocation of the 25th Amendment during the lame-duck session.

It is the Vice President, Joe Biden, who must act, LaRouche said. "If the Vice President doesn't act, he will carry that guilt to his grave."

A second Democrat suggested that, in order to get Biden to act, he must be provided with a list of particulars of what must be done, that he can march into the Oval Office with—or else. LaRouche indicated that he didn't oppose that, as long as it was done "with a certain higher goal in mind." "It should be a bill of indictment, not a proposal for a compromise," LaRouche emphasized. "You cannot get a compromise with the guy.... You want to answer the question that the citizens out there are going to ask." You confront him, and in the process, convince the people around him that he has to go.

A third Democrat, a Senator who was re-elected Nov. 2, chimed in next, recounting the fact that the incoming Republican majority has now threatened to filibuster everything in the lame-duck session, especially the extension of unemployment insurance and the continuing resolution to fund the government, unless they get draconian cuts in Social Security, Medicare, and the like. He asked for advice.

LaRouche was clear: You have to be firm, and go to the American people. You have got to go back and do what you should have done before. "You go for the removal of the President from office. If you don't go for that, as the step which must be taken first, no other step you would take or try, will work."

"I laid it out very carefully on this. I went through this very carefully. You must first remove this President from the Presidency! Until you do that, you can accomplish nothing on any issue. That's your problem....

"If you do not remove this President from office, on legitimate grounds, of his insanity, then you are responsible for everything bad that happens to this country and its people. And you personally are responsible. Maybe for reasons of cowardice. Fine. Cowardice is a good excuse, I suppose. But it's cowardice, nonetheless."

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