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This article will appear in the January 7, 2011 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Britain Declared War on the United States

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Jan. 1—William Shakespeare peopled his plays with scoundrels, buffoons, liars, cowards, and fools, ruled by such ambitions, fears, guilt, and madness, from which they conjured such twisted conspiracies that, when compelled into action, led to their ruin and that of their equally mad benefactors. When we meet such figures on stage, they bear a semblance to the behavior of characters we think we know, but their fictional circumstances distinguish them. Until, that is, we leave the theater and find such real life actors as Erica Duggan and Marielle (Molly) Kronberg, and those associated with them—dramatis personae in twin legal hoaxes brewed in London.

In "The Mighty Wurlitzer Implodes," we summarized the British intelligence steering of the crude propaganda campaign against Lyndon LaRouche and the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM) currently framed by the ongoing North London Coroner's Inquest in England concerning Jeremiah Duggan's death in 2003, and the related legal case of Marielle Kronberg v. Lyndon LaRouche et al., which was dismissed by the Eastern District of Virginia Federal court due to the misconduct of Kronberg and her attorney.

In November 2010, a Federal magistrate found that Kronberg and her lawyer acted in bad faith and abused the Federal legal system by failing to answer questions and refusing to turn over her e-mails and documents to the defendants in the case. In December, a Federal judge adopted the magistrate's findings, but, like the magistrate, failed to order Kronberg to pay the legal costs incurred by the defendants due to her misconduct, and allowed her the opportunity to refile her case. LaRouche and his co-defendants are appealing the court's failure to throw the case out altogether, and to hold an evidentiary hearing to determine the relative fault of Kronberg and her lawyers in order to apportion the appropriate monetary sanctions.

Meanwhile, according to published reports, Kronberg has foolishly refiled her frivolous case, albeit with a new attorney, while she and her publicist, Dennis King, have engaged in a frantic effort to erase the magistrate's factual findings from all accounts of the case, going so far as to demand that Google News remove LaRouchePAC's press release from their search engine!

In this report, we draw back the curtain, and provide additional details about the people and methods central to the plot. So as not to lose sight of the most important plot line, however, please note that the ebbs and flows of these legal frauds are not governed by events in the court system, or even by the alleged subject matter of the cases themselves. Both hoaxes—the Duggan and Kronberg cases—remain active only because they are standing operations against LaRouche, who is correctly perceived by the British Imperial Establishment as the Empire's, and its puppet Barack Obama's, major opponent.

In pursuit of their vendetta, the British Establishment has utilized a group of frightened former associates of LaRouche's movement who were recruited to the networks of the British-controlled intelligence operation known as the Congress of Cultural Freedom (CCF). Led by ex-communists like Sidney Hook, Wall Street and City of London spooks like John Train, and fascist sympathizers like Hannah Arendt and Leo Strauss, the CIA-funded, but British-run, CCF steered the culture of post-war America and Europe away from the tradition of Franklin D. Roosevelt, and into the destructive direction of the British Fabian Society liberalism which characterizes the Nazi-like policies of Barack Obama today.

These CCF-Conversos, some of whom you will meet below, had fled the LaRouche movement in the wake of the massive attacks on LaRouche in the 1980s—an operation that, former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark said, "represented a broader range of deliberate cunning and systematic misconduct over a longer period of time utilizing the power of the Federal government than any other prosecution by the U.S. Government in my time or to my knowledge." Like all intellectual cowards, these Conversos, many of whom are now associated with right-wing neo-conservative, nominally Catholic circles, are filled with such fear and loathing toward their former selves that they seek comfort in gang-like formations, feeding each other's spiteful frenzies, and are driven to prove to their masters that they are more "normal" than the "normal," or more fascist than the fascists, a character trait played out in the account which now follows.

The Duggan Hoax

In March 2003, Jeremiah Duggan, a young British student studying in Paris, committed suicide by running into traffic on a busy highway, while attending a conference opposing the Iraq War and proposing large-scale infrastructure development, sponsored by the Schiller Institute in Wiesbaden, Germany. The German police investigators determined the cause of death to be suicide, an obvious conclusion, initially accepted by Jeremiah's mother, Erica. Almost immediately thereafter, Erica Duggan, was picked up by the then-damaged and politically desperate City of London intelligence circles centered on Tony Blair and the British monarchy, whose long-standing hatred of LaRouche had been stoked by LaRouche's April 3, 2003 BBC and other exposures of the British intelligence frauds which led to the Iraq War.

The same circles today stand accused of covering up for the alleged murder of British arms expert David Kelly, in July 2003, who, on May 30, had seconded LaRouche's charges on BBC, saying that Blair had "sexed up" his Iraq intelligence dossier—this time from within the British defense establishment. At the time, Blair and company had claimed that Kelly committed suicide, a claim that has come unraveled as new evidence has emerged.

After returning to London, Erica Duggan was immediately surrounded by a coven of low-level retainers scooped from prior intelligence operations against LaRouche, some of them dating back to late 1970s; these included Dennis King, Chip Berlet, Steve Hassan, Rick Ross, and the suspect Jewish Defense Organization of convicted violent felon Mordechai Levy. Within weeks, Duggan was claiming that the German police had conducted a coverup in investigating her son's death, and that Jeremiah was the victim of foul play or murder by individuals associated with LaRouche. Washington Post reporter April Witt, who joined the British campaign against LaRouche and the LaRouche Youth Movement with a 2004 Post Magazine piece, reported that the British government itself had provided Erica Duggan with a lawyer.

The bogus "evidence" claimed by Duggan to support her mad assertions, has been fully aired in her appeals all the way through the German legal system. Repeatedly these claims have been deemed unfounded. This process ended in February 2010, when the German Constitutional Court, Germany's highest court, rejected Duggan's claims as akin to a devious and unfounded conspiracy theory. The British Coroner who conducted the first British inquest also refused to disturb the thoroughly investigated conclusions of German police concerning Jeremiah Duggan's death.

The media sewer spigots had, however, opened fully, following a January 2004 meeting between Duggan and Baroness Elizabeth Symons of the British Foreign Office. Symons, a crony of Dick Cheney, is the wife of Phil Bassett, Tony Blair's chief Iraq War propagandist. After that meeting, Duggan and the London law firm working on her case engaged in a series of publicity stunts related to her various frivolous legal appeals, as a means of keeping her grotesquely false allegations against LaRouche before the public—even as the courts and responsible authorities repeatedly rejected the same allegations.

In December of 2009, however, Duggan's claims were resuscitated, if only briefly, by the notoriously corrupt British legal system. Then British Attorney General, Lady Scotland, who, one year earlier, had opposed reopening the Duggan case, and who was now under personal political attack, reversed her previous decision, and announced her support for a new inquest into Jeremiah Duggan's 2003 death. A London North Coroner's investigation was opened with great fanfare, and the matter was referred to Scotland Yard for investigation. But the inquest has been moribund ever since, prompting bitter complaints from the Duggan camp. In her blog, Erica Duggan, whose head has been filled with wild conspiracy theories, opines that the first British Coroner engaged in a coverup; that German state officials and judges expressed hidden anti-Semitic and anti-British sentiments through their decisions in the case; and, further, that the same officials are beholden, somehow, to Lyndon LaRouche.

The Duggan Case Begets the Kronberg Case

On April 11, 2007, Ken Kronberg, a leader of the LaRouche movement and the printer of its publications, committed suicide in Sterling, Va. Kronberg left no note explaining his action. A business card left in his car directed investigators to his company, PMR Printing. A sheet of paper provided telephone numbers for his wife, Molly Kronberg.

Unlike her husband, who was a creative intellectual, devoted to LaRouche's ideas and policies, Molly bore a seething hatred of LaRouche, and a fervent love of all things British, particularly the right-wing Fabian Society-kind of British. Both graduates of St. John's College, at a time when neo-fascist philosopher Leo Strauss held forth there, along with Donald Rumsfeld's intellectual mentor Richard Goldwin, Molly clung to and romanticized her experience there, while Ken had a different view, and became inspired by the intellectual challenge posed to him by LaRouche.

As detailed below, Molly has written that, at the time of Ken's death, she was demanding that he publicly break with LaRouche. She had already done so, contributing to and supporting the Presidential campaign of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney in 2004—although she lied to Ken's political associates in 2005, when the contributions were first publicly reported, claiming they were an elaborate joke played on her by Ken's cousin.

Following Ken's suicide, Molly admitted her long-standing hatred of LaRouche to Loudoun County Sheriff's investigators, noting that she had been disaffected from the LaRouche movement since 1989. She pointedly emphasized that Ken Kronberg did not share her views.

In the days before Ken's death, Molly exchanged messages with ex-members of the LaRouche movement who shared her hatred of LaRouche and, particularly, of the LaRouche Youth Movement—people who obsessively needed to justify and cover their cowardice by endless ritualistic railing at LaRouche. Molly's exchanges with them included chatter supportive of the British Duggan operation, and a request for a psychiatric referral for Ken due to his mental state. Molly, of course, did not raise her concerns about her husband's mental state with any of Ken's political associates.

The week of his death, Ken had decided to shut down the printing operation he had run for over 25 years, and to lay off its employees. He had not shared this decision with others at PMR, or with leaders of the LaRouche movement. He faced serious legal jeopardy from the IRS for non-payment of withholding taxes. He had had a recent adverse medical diagnosis.

In her Internet exchanges the day before the suicide, Molly wished for the financial demise of the LaRouche movement, while admitting that this would be personally uncomfortable because of Ken's financial entanglements. According to her subsequent Internet posts, she was also demanding that Ken hold a press conference and publicly attack LaRouche over his company's financial difficulties. She offered to hold the press conference herself to attack LaRouche, to which she says Ken replied, "Ah—Erica Duggan move over—eh?" Molly Kronberg insists, however, that Ken discussed his suicidal intentions with her, "only obliquely."

Within days of Ken Kronberg's death, Erica Duggan, probably impressed with the opportunity to boost her own operation on a new front, contacted the Loudoun County Sheriff's Department to claim that Kronberg, like her son, was a victim of LaRouche. Molly, in lockstep, repeated the same claim to Sheriff's investigators on April 23, 2007. The Sheriff's Department, however, rejected Kronberg's claims, as without factual foundation.

Enter the Junior G-Men

During the period April-December 2007, Molly Kronberg, working closely with brainwashed former LaRouche associates Criton Zoakos, Linda Frommer, and Paul Kacprzak, long-time LaRouche poison pen Dennis King, and others, sought to exploit the effect of Ken Kronberg's suicide, both on his close friends within the LaRouche Movement and publicly—all in an effort to "finally" destroy LaRouche. Thanks to the limited discovery pried from Kronberg et al., in the recently dismissed case, we now know more of the details about this effort. Because the subsequent actions and tone of this cabal strikingly resemble J. Edgar Hoover's early public relations efforts, we have dubbed this group the Junior G-Men—Junior Gs for short.

Early on, literally, in the first hours after Ken's death, the Junior Gs settled on the false and insane narrative they would repeatedly publish: Ken Kronberg heroically leapt to his death, to draw attention to his company's financial difficulties caused by the evil Lyndon LaRouche, i.e., "LaRouche killed Ken." Not only was this group intent on fabricating a myth around Ken Kronberg's completely irrational action, they were equally intent on wiping out any memory of the actual Ken Kronberg, as known to his friends and political associates.

Molly insisted, in an e-mail message, for instance, that there be no discussion of any mental illness suffered by Ken, because such an explanation "lets LaRouche off the hook." Zoakos instructed Molly, by e-mail, that she and only she was the owner of Ken's legacy and memory. Subsequently, Molly made the deranged assertion, in an Internet post, that by killing himself, Ken really meant to kill LaRouche, and to indirectly express his empathy for Jeremiah Duggan. Thus, the actual Ken Kronberg was obliterated. In his place was a grotesque caricature—a martyr, ultimately, for the cause of empire.

Consistent with their crazy mythical narrative, the Junior Gs insisted that an internal LaRouche publication, the Morning Briefing of April 11, 2007, contained a suggestion by LaRouche that Ken Kronberg commit suicide, and that Kronberg had dutifully complied. The document in question, of course, says nothing even remotely close to that. Obviously, LaRouche is not a wizard nor was Ken Kronberg a zombified pod person. The Junior Gs' efforts to sell this crazed fable to law enforcement or civil lawyers as a wrongful death legal claim, beginning within hours of Ken's death, accordingly, flopped, completely.

Undeterred by reality's constraints, the Junior Gs continued their campaign. This is, after all, a British-steered and -supported psychological warfare operation, where down is up and up is down; what is, isn't; and what isn't, is; and power is everything. It also deploys individuals who have become quite "labile," in the words of Linda Frommer.

Some Dramatis Personae

The pathetic and hyperactive Paul Kacprzak, aka xlcr4life, who plays a leading role on FACTNet's LaRouche discussion board; other private LaRouche message boards for former members obsessed with justifying their betrayal of their former principles; the LaRouche Planet website; and, as we shall see below, in coordinating operations against LaRouche and the LaRouche Youth Movement in conjunction with the Duggan campaign, was a failed political organizer. He functioned for years as a courier between LaRouche political organizers and their contacts in New Jersey, picking up checks and dropping off political literature. Currently, when not posting as xlcr4life on the FACTNet Message Board, and acting as the social maven for the anti-LaRouche movement, he expresses himself through comments on professional wrestling magazine sites, apparently still believing that professional wrestling is a real sport.

Kacprzak became important in the British-steered anti-LaRouche effort by serving as the frontman for April Witt's 2004 Washington Post Magazine attack on the LaRouche Youth Movement centered on the Duggan hoax.

Both Zoakos and Kacprzak turned tail and ran from the LaRouche organization, in reaction to the U.S. government's massive 1986-88 attack on LaRouche. Although he formally left the movement sometime after the main prosecutorial events, and boasts that he has been deprogrammed, Kacprzak attracted no government interest following his departure, probably because he had no lies he could credibly sell. He now claims, however, to have known everyone and everything.

Zoakos is a different story. Facing heavy government pressure, including live deportation proceedings involving false statements on his immigration papers, Zoakos became a government witness against LaRouche in 1987. Zoakos, who once wrote a devastating critique of Aristotle based on Plato, now defended the philosopher of empire, joining his controller, former member Costas Kalimtgis, who now pushes the evil Greek philosopher from the University of London and other locations. Once accurately dubbed "Cretin Bombasticos" by a student newspaper, Zoakos suffered from a core cowardice which revealed itself as a propensity to either engage in bombast, or faint under conditions of stress. Quite the ladies' man in his day, Zoakos's affairs included Linda Frommer and Christina Huth, both now LaRouche-haters and active in Junior Gs. Characteristically, Zoakos attempted to evade the banality of his betrayal by claiming that his split with LaRouche was due to a heated philosophical disagreement over the nature of the Filioque.

According to a release from Jude Wanniski's Polyconomics, Zoakos was a consultant for the U.S. National Security Council after leaving the LaRouche movement. He also worked with Wanniski at Polyconomics, consulted for the spooky Potomac Institute and Dr. Norman Bailey, did a stint with the Asia Times, and now consults for various Wall Street hedge funds. Politically, he became a Catholic neo-conservative.

Frommer, whose personality, for those who follow Peanuts, is identical to Lucy Van Pelt at her worst, suffered a somewhat later conversion to rabid support of George Bush and Catholic neo-conservatism. She joined a split from the LaRouche movement, run by right-wing fascist Catholic assets in the intelligence community and put into operation during LaRouche's imprisonment. According to former friends, Frommer's flight from principle was also the product of a sour marriage and divorce; family counseling by the nominal leader of the Catholic splinter group, Fernando Quijano; money and family pressures; and an affair with someone at the U.S. State Department. Quijano is also an active Junior G.

The Junior Gs' 2007 Campaign

For purposes of their planned media campaign, in April of 2007, Zoakos and Kacprzak urged that Frommer act as Kronberg's liaison for press operations, once Kronberg emerged from a short period of grief. Molly agreed.

From April-August of 2007, Molly faked her continued membership in the LaRouche movement in order to argue to Ken's grieving friends that LaRouche had killed Ken or otherwise abused him. She received frequent advice from Zoakos and Frommer on how best to turn the trauma and grief of "the LaRouchies" over Ken's suicide against LaRouche. Condolence letters were analyzed, and every statement made by a "LaRouchie" was sifted for possible points of manipulation.

Within days of the suicide, Molly began posting the Junior Gs' monstrous fabrications about Ken's death, under the pseudonym "Eaglebeak," on the FACTNet website, and as Rachel Holmes on the Skull/Bones website; she started a Ken Kronberg Memorial website as a feeder for "future use by journalists," and began editing various LaRouche Wikipedia sites, including a page dedicated to Ken Kronberg. She was also feeding her personal copies of LaRouche organization internal documents concerning Ken's suicide, for posting on Dennis King's politically and graphically pornographic LaRoucheWatch website.

King, in a twisted tract, proposed that LaRouche had practiced a type of voodoo or black magic on Kronberg by which he induced him to commit suicide. Molly endorsed this statement. Otherwise, King hyped the Duggan hoax on his website, having played a major publicist role in the British intelligence drama since 2003.

King's absurd claim that LaRouche induced Ken Kronberg to commit suicide, repulsed even LaRouche-haters posting on the FACTNet site, who have recently, again, mocked and satirized it. They compared it to King's oft-repeated absurd assertion that every time LaRouche attacks the British Empire, he actually means to attack Jews. Molly was urged to break with the discredited King. She, instead, embraced him.

King got his start as a poison pen against LaRouche for the late Roy M. Cohn, the organized-crime-connected lawyer and hatchet-man for Sen. Joe McCarthy's infamous 1950s witchhunts against alleged communists. King is the author of a defamatory book about LaRouche which received funding from the neo-con Smith-Richardson Foundation as a result of introductions by John Train and Richard Mellon Scaife. As a reward for his anti-LaRouche activities, King was given a stint as editor of New America, the magazine of the Social Democrats U.S.A. SDUSA is a wholly owned political subsidiary of the Fabian side of Anglo-American intelligence agencies which morphed into the CCF.

In August of 2007, a short memo was published as a LaRouche movement internal document, which responded to the Junior Gs' frenetic four-month campaign. It noted Molly's two 2004 contributions to Bush/Cheney at a time when her husband was fighting their fascism with all of his heart. The memo questioned whether anything more needed to be said about the issue of Ken's suicide. Since it had been clear for some time that Molly was feeding her copies of internal documents to King, her access to an internal mail system was disabled.

Her spy vs. spy fantasy fractured, Kronberg dropped any pretense of friendliness toward her former associates, a game which had a short fuse, in any event, given what is now known about her activities and her intent. She plastered the internal document referencing her Bush/Cheney contributions all over the Internet. Dennis King screeched that LaRouche was now "sliming" the widow Kronberg, just as he had "slimed" Erica Duggan.

Avi Klein and the 'Washington Monthly'

The coup de grace for the U.S. side of the British campaign against LaRouche was supposed to have been an article authored by Abraham Dov Klein in the Washington Monthly magazine of November 2007. At the time of his initial contacts with Molly, shortly after Ken Kronberg's suicide, Klein had served an apprenticeship in right-wing Republican spook circles, writing for the American Spectator and the Homeland Security Daily Wire. Grant Lally, one of the publishers of the Security Daily Wire, leads the Irish-American Republicans, an organization accused of dirty tricks on behalf of George Bush during the 2000 Florida Presidential election recount. Lally was listed as a director of the Bay of Pigs Museum and Library chaired by former CIA officer Felix Rodriguez, notorious for his ties to George H.W. Bush and the Iran/Contra fiasco.

Klein's editor at the Daily Wire was Ben Frankel, who, Washington sources note, has prior ties to Israeli intelligence. Frankel was founding editor-in-chief of Security Studies, a quarterly journal of international security affairs published by the British company Routledge.

It appears that Klein's article, "Publish and Perish," was sheep-dipped through the Washington Monthly, in order to poison LaRouche's channels in certain Democratic Party circles. Paul Glastris, the editor of the monthly, thought Klein's article documented "the end of the LaRouche movement," since Kronberg's death meant that LaRouche would no longer have ready access to print publications, and LaRouche had failed to master the Internet. Kacprzak and his allies on FACTNet reflected the same idea at the time of April Witt's 2004 Washington Post investigations. They called for financial warfare against Kronberg's printing operation as an effective way to end the LaRouche movement.

Molly was the major source for Klein's article. It claimed that Ken Kronberg was a martyr because PMR Printing's LaRouche clients failed to pay their bills. Consistency never being a mainstay of this operation, the same article also falsely claimed that LaRouchePAC had committed various FEC violations by overpaying PMR.

In an e-mail after the article appeared, Molly pressed Klein to follow up with John Train, noting that Train had already introduced Klein to a literary agent. She urged a documentary as the next step, naming two former LaRouche associates, Ken Mandel and Dan Polin, as potential producers. Mandel, like Zoakos, was among the stable of cowardly ex-members recruited by the prosecutors of LaRouche. Both Mandel and Polin had received funding for their subsequent political film careers through John Train's foundation. Klein responded to Molly's plea that he contact Train by saying they had already touched base, and Train had offered unspecified funding.

Train, a Wall Street financier with deep ties to British intelligence, was a player in the Congress of Cultural Freedom and other "white shoe" Cold War intelligence and propaganda games. He convened salons with major media figures and moguls following Ronald Reagan's March 1983 endorsement of LaRouche's Strategic Defense Initiative proposal, in order to map and implement a defamation campaign against LaRouche. The self-described intent of the Train salon's defamatory campaign was to create the environment for what became William Weld's (U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts) 1984-86 Boston Federal grand jury and prosecution of LaRouche.

At the time of the Klein article, Kronberg also conducted an interview with Chip Berlet for the Political Research Associates website, again alleging that LaRouche was responsible for Ken Kronberg's death. In that interview, Molly stated that she had opposed LaRouche since the 1970s, and lamented, "To this day, I can't figure out why Ken retained his loyalty to LaRouche."

The Junior Gs otherwise feverishly worked to promote Klein's article. Among their efforts was a mass spam e-mail to members of the LaRouche movement, prepared by Kacprzak and Molly using Molly's internal e-mail list.

The Junior Gs—2008

Of course, neither LaRouche PAC nor the LaRouche Youth Movement evaporated in a puff of smoke as a result of Klein's piece, regardless of the Junior Gs' contrary fevered hopes. Requests for law enforcement investigations under a variety of pretexts which accompanied the piece were also rejected. Instead, in the midst of the full-blown international financial collapse which detonated in the Summer of 2007, LaRouchePAC and the LYM found increasing support from state and local officials for LaRouche's Homeowners and Bank Protection Act (HBPA), the only sane response to an otherwise unsolvable economic collapse.

In January 2008, Molly nonetheless puffed herself up, and manically declared that the 2007 activities of the Junior Gs had already "destroyed LaRouche's legacy." According to her, the increase of former members posting on the FACTNet Message Board; the birth of a new website, LaRouche Planet, "run by ex-members"; control of Wikipedia pages by editors hostile to LaRouche; Dennis King's weekly rants; and other blogs featuring her posts, were markers for this "victory." If you imagine a venomous toad, swelled up and constantly teetering on the edge of explosion, you have a graphic picture of the state of mind at work here.

The subject of intelligence community penetration and control of Wikipedia is far too large for our present purposes. Suffice it to say that the subject is widely debated on the Internet, and that the original editor of the Jeremiah Duggan Wikipedia page, Slim Virgin, aka Linda Mack, was accused of MI5 parentage by former John F. Kennedy press secretary Pierre Salinger. Mack also edited the original Wikipedia LaRouche pages. In 2007-08, Chip Berlet, Dennis King, and Molly spent hours every week policing Wikipedia sites devoted to LaRouche topics, stripping them of anything resembling truth.

A few former members of the LaRouche movement did migrate from the private Yahoo LaRouche message boards they frequented onto FACTNet as a result of the Junior Gs activities. Otherwise, FACTNet's major LaRouche posters were Molly, Kacprzak, Yves Messer, and Kevin Coogan. Coogan purportedly joined, and then, almost as immediately, left the LaRouche movement in the early 1970s. Whether he was working for the League for Industrial Democracy, the ADL, Leo Cherne's Freedom House, or some related intelligence front during his brief tenure remains an open question. Today, he divides his time between a career as an investigative journalist, published through an anarchist collective, while, at the same time, serving as a senior advisor to a California Homeland Security company dominated by former ADL and CIA operatives.

Many of Molly's fans on the FACTNet LaRouche discussion board were never in the LaRouche movement. Yet, they spend a substantial amount of their waking hours obsessing about LaRouche. These include Christine Wellman, a frustrated Robert Beltran groupie and former IRS employee, who has attempted to demonize the former Star Trek actor's friendship with LaRouche; Justin Sharman, who writes a blog entitled Skull/Bones hosted at; Dennis King; and the volatile Peter Tennenbaum. Tennenbaum openly speaks of his worship of Erica Duggan. He is the obsessed brother of Jonathan Tennenbaum, who, unlike Peter, once was, actually, in the LaRouche movement. Demonstrating his obsessions, Peter issued a famous call on FACTNet for Jonathan Tennenbaum to commit suicide, because Jonathan suggested to Erica Duggan that she seek psychiatric help.

The LaRouche Planet website is run by Britain's Yves Messer, formerly associated with LaRouche's Fusion magazine in France, with assistance from Kacprzak and Molly. Messer is a fervent admirer of modern art, which the Congress of Cultural Freedom did so much to promote. As a result, the LaRouche Planet website exhibits the graphic degeneracy of someone whose mind is permanently stuck on the image of Duchamp's toilet and similar motifs. LaRouche Planet hypes both the Kronberg and Duggan cases. It features a "Wall of Sanity" hailing the actions of Molly Kronberg along with confessed FBI informant, convicted thief, and proponent of the Iranian Revolution, Gregory F. Rose—both for speaking out publicly against LaRouche as ex-members.

Throughout 2008, the Junior Gs plotted to steal, publish, and deconstruct internal briefings and discussions of the LaRouche movement on the Internet. They shadowed and photographed LaRouchePAC organizers engaged in discussions on street corners throughout the U.S., and monitored and intervened in LaRouchePAC organizing for the HBPA. Through Kacprzak crony and lawyer Janine Benton, another ex-member, they purchased and posted trial transcripts from the LaRouche criminal trials, "proving," in their view, the validity of the infamous LaRouche prosecutions. At the same time, Molly and Kacprzak continued their incessant e-mail spamming of the LaRouche membership.

Not content with their sick fabrications concerning the deaths of Kronberg and Duggan, the LaRouche Planet website and FACTNet feature claims that Lyndon LaRouche is somehow culpable in the deaths of anyone in the LaRouche movement who has died over more than a 30-year period. This mad, macabre allegation covers anyone who died of cancer or other diseases, or in traffic accidents. When two LaRouche organizers were killed while attending to their vehicle on a Michigan highway in 2008, the Junior Gs loudly proclaimed that LaRouche was at fault, and Kacprzak called law enforcement officers investigating the case to suggest this. The fact that the driver of the vehicle which ran the organizers down was convicted of two counts of vehicular homicide had absolutely no effect on the continued life of this fabrication.

In October of 2008, Molly Kronberg appeared with Yves Messer and others at an event sponsored by the Duggan campaign in Berlin, Germany. There, she lied, in remarks posted on YouTube, that LaRouche had deliberately driven Ken Kronberg to suicide, and that the German political organization received fraudulent funds from LaRouche activities in the U.S. The stated goal of the British-sponsored Berlin event was to obtain a legal ban of the German LaRouche political association by the German state.

Kronberg's First Legal Complaint

In the first months of 2009, Kronberg published two tracts on the Internet, falsely claiming that female members of the LaRouche movement were coerced into abortions, as well as a defamatory tract, "Pawns of His Grandiosity" for a seminar put on by friends of Erica Duggan at the University of Northhampton in Britain. She now described herself as being on a "jihad" against LaRouche, resurrecting, what she knew to be long-discredited charges from the FBI's 1970s COINTELPRO program against the LaRouche movement, while seeking to become Duggan's advisor and confidante. She stated that, "my concern is to do everything I can to break up the LYM, louse up the Labor Committee, and make Lyn appear to the world as a monster, moron, and laughingstock."

True to this statement, Kronberg and the Junior Gs, including ex-members Michael and Marla Minnicino, allied themselves with Steve Hassan's Boston-area deprogramming center—using parents against LYM members in order to break up the LaRouche Youth Movement.

In February and March 2009, LaRouchePAC responded publicly, for the first time, to the Junior Gs' attacks, issuing press releases which referenced Molly's perfidies all the way back to her 1979-80 actions with Costas Kalimgtis in setting the stage for the tax conspiracy counts in LaRouche's Alexandria indictment. The fact that the press releases charged that she testified falsely about these events at LaRouche's Alexandria trial, "opened LaRouche up," in the words of Dennis King, to the lawsuit the Junior Gs had been trying to sell since 2007, a suit by Kronberg for harassment and defamation.

There was, however, apparently only one lawyer in all of the United States even interested in taking this case, according to Kronberg's subsequent court statements. That lawyer was former Federal prosecutor John Markham, who had led the prosecution of LaRouche in the 1980s. Markham, a former member of the satanic Process Church of the Final Judgment, and lawyer to Ahmed Chalabi, the intelligence agent who faked the intelligence for the Iraq War, already knew many of the Junior Gs. King had worked with Markham throughout the Boston and Alexandria LaRouche prosecutions. Many of the former member Junior Gs, such as Steve and Gail Bardwell, Ken and Janet Mandel, Criton and Vivian Zoakos, and Lana Murawiec, had been personally recruited by Markham, during the reign of terror which was the LaRouche prosecution.

Markham, for his part, drafted a fraudulent and frivolous complaint—banking on LaRouche's prior confrontations with the Eastern District of Virginia Federal Court and the liberal initial Federal pleading rules to get the case past initial pleading challenges.

True to form, Markham's maudlin missive falsely portrayed Molly, as an innocent widow whom LaRouche started attacking out of the blue the night before Ken's suicide, allegedly because LaRouche had suddenly decided to retaliate for Molly's testimony against him in Federal court 20 years earlier. As a result of the conspiracy, hatched on April 10, 2007, the widow Kronberg was shunned by her neighbors, co-religionists, and co-workers in the bucolic enclave of Leesburg, Va., or so claimed John Markham.

Markham also asserted that LaRouche had also criticized and harassed Ken Kronberg—but not because of any issue between them. Rather, Markham insisted, LaRouche was only attacking Ken, in order to actually attack Molly—all for her Federal court testimony, more than 20 years earlier, in 1988.

Each time the LaRouche defendants responded to Molly and her Junior Gs' attacks, they engaged in a new overt act of the conspiracy, according to Markham, whether that response was a two-sentence remark in an internal discussion, an internal memo, or the public releases in 2009, situating Molly's role in the LaRouche prosecutions. The fallacy of composition, of course, is that Markham's concoction never told the Court anything about the actions of Molly or her Junior Gs, or that the overt acts of the hokey conspiracy—paragraphs or sentences in internal discussions in 2007 and 2008—were internal responses to their attacks.

Markham had to know, of course, that Molly, working through two others, had stolen the very internal documents cited in the Complaint, and herself labored to post them all over the Internet. The fact that the documents were meant for internal consumption only seems to have only stoked the perverse pleasure that the Junior Gs took from this activity. Markham also had to know that Molly and the Junior Gs had been involved in full-scale harassment, and worse, against the LaRouche defendants since before the start of the Complaint's phony conspiracy—but, being John Markham, he felt he had no obligation to lay this before the Court.

Further, Markham also knew that the central tenet of the Complaint was also false, as Molly herself had proclaimed on the Internet, that all the statements made by LaRouche, of which she complained, were made in response to her false public proclamations that LaRouche was responsible for Ken's suicide, not on account of any testimony by her at LaRouche's Federal trial.

Finally, Markham was so brazen as to claim that the reason why Molly had "severed" her ties to the LaRouche movement "in the Summer of 2007" was because she had discovered that LaRouche was diverting funds to support his "lavish lifestyle." The canard about LaRouche's lavish lifestyle was the big lie in all of the Federal and state prosecutions of LaRouche and his associates, and of associated government publicity efforts aimed at potential jurors. This included the 1989 prosecution by the State of New York of Marielle Kronberg, in which she was convicted of a felony scheme to defraud. Without a shred of evidence to support it, Markham notes in a memo to Molly, in September of 2009, that this allegation will "dirty up LaRouche." This was too much even for Linda Frommer to stomach: She wrote back to Molly and Markham noting that she could not see how the lavish lifestyle allegation could be true.

Markham was disqualified in April of 2010 from representing Kronberg in the case. According to the judge's decision, Markham's role as the former prosecutor, in this current civil case against LaRouche, offended legal ethics and a reasonable person's perception of propriety.

After the disqualification, sustained by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, Kronberg, for all practical purposes, disappeared from her case. She provided evasive non-answers to interrogatories and flat out refused to answer questions concerning her internal document theft ring, or her relationship to the British Duggan effort, although she was ordered by the Court to do so. Having identified 9,000 e-mails responsive to the defendants' discovery requests—requests which would shed light on the activities of the Junior Gs' jihad against LaRouche—Kronberg refused to produce them, despite a court order to do so.

Appearing before Federal Magistrate John Anderson on the defendants' motion to dismiss her case, Kronberg attempted to blame her disobedience of court orders on the incapacity of her local counsel and the court's order disqualifying Markham. Anderson was obviously unimpressed, and recommended that Kronberg's case be dismissed without prejudice, and that she escape monetary sanctions only because he could not figure out how to apportion fault for bad faith and abusive tactics between Kronberg and her lawyer. He did not know, at the time he wrote his decision, that John Markham had drafted the statement which Kronberg read to him in open court, despite Markham's disqualification from participation in the case.

On the day Judge Anderson issued his findings, Kronberg obtained a new lawyer, who attempted to sneak Markham back into the case as his paralegal. Although LaRouche's attorneys vehemently objected to this new defiance of the Court's orders, the issue was not resolved before the case was dismissed.

This is where things now stand. Two fraudulent cases, Duggan and Kronberg, more than thoroughly exposed as frauds, kept alive through the use of self-hating low-lifes desperately seeking to make themselves useful to what they, foolishly, believe to be their patrons' powerful interests. The stuff of great drama—or, the CCF's theater of the absurd?

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