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This article appears in the May 6, 2011 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

What Nancy Pelosi Knows:
Nerobama Is Going Down!

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May 2—On April 21, during a re-election campaign fundraiser at San Francisco's upscale St. Regis Hotel, President Barack Obama totally lost it, when a group of activists interrupted his prepared remarks with a protest song, denouncing the Administration's treatment of accused Wikileaker, PFC Bradley Manning.

According to eyewitness accounts, once the disruption had ended, the President turned angrily to former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who was seated several chairs away from him, and demanded to know whether she was responsible.

The President's paranoid targeting of Pelosi did not end there. In a private reception, following the fundraising breakfast, Obama stalked Pelosi, accusing her of betrayal, for refusing to vote for his rotten compromise budget deal with Republicans, and continued to accuse her of staging the singing disruption.

According to a close friend of the Congresswoman, she was so taken aback by the President's in-her-face abuse, that she was nearly brought to tears.

The incident has radiated throughout Democratic Party political circles, because it clearly reveals that the President is in a paranoid meltdown, typical of someone suffering from severe narcissistic disorder. As one senior party official put it, "The President is going crazy, and the real campaign has not even started yet. This is very serious."

For many Washington insiders, who believed that Lyndon LaRouche was exaggerating when, on April 11, 2009, he publicly called Obama a new Emperor Nero, the recent widely circulating accounts of the President's mad behavior have provoked a serious soul-searching. How could they have been so blind to the Obama disease?

LaRouche took careful note of the Obama-Pelosi incident, which was far from an isolated outburst. There are a number of reports of similar recent displays of narcissistic madness on the part of the President, which other top Democrats, close to the White House, have described in vivid detail. But the Pelosi incident, involving such a prominent Democratic leader in such a public setting, was, for LaRouche, a singularity, exposing the President's personality disintegration in a way that is now impossible to hide from the nation's political movers and shakers.

The unfolding mental breakdown of the President can only be remedied by the invoking of Section 4 of the Constitution's 25th Amendment, which was ratified in the aftermath of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, precisely to deal with the prospect of a President being so physically or mentally disabled that he cannot continue in office.

LaRouche Speaks Frankly

In discussions with colleagues on April 30, LaRouche elaborated:

"Now, it's happened: This President is on the way out, now! He's finished. The Emperor Nero in the last moment. So go from April 11, 2009 to the present time. That's where we are: Nero is going down! And everybody with a brain in Washington knows it. They're frightened by it, but they know it. Only loony bins, like the President himself, his wife, and [White House political advisor Valerie] Jarrett, are still hard-core believers in Obama. Nobody else believes in their reality. The setup is already in the administration for dumping Obama.

"Now, how it's going to happen—that we don't know. But we know that the situation is such, that the United States could not survive unless Obama is dumped. Not only is that a fact, but most people in Washington, who have any clout right now, know that, and accept that as reality. The issue on the table in Washington today is, 'how are we going to dump this guy? And how do we send the two witches to the outhouse?'

"Go through the states: The states that did function a few weeks ago don't function now. The Mississippi effect of this storm, is just one example. These entire states do not function! And the people in the states, the political forces in the states, unless they're absolutely bonkers and insane, know it! You no longer have Republican, Democratic lines of separation in politics. On the state level, everybody knows it. Everybody knows that Jarrett and Mrs. Obama, and Obama, are nuts."

Congress Faces Calamity

Senior Democratic Party officials, veterans of previous White Houses, have emphasized that the devastation hitting parts of the Midwest and Southeast, as the result of tornados and severe flooding, is confronting the Congress, back from the Easter recess, with the unavoidable need to invest in rebuilding the devastated regions. Since many of the states hardest hit by the storms and tornadoes are Republican-majority states, the need for bipartisanship on Capitol Hill is overwhelming—and the Obama White House has already made clear that, while the President sympathizes with the victims of the disasters, he has no intention of putting emergency funds into the cleanup and rebuilding effort.

A showdown between a growing bipartisan coalition in the Congress and the White House is now on the table, and the weight of the economic crisis now puts the restoration of Glass Steagall front and center—now.

Further adding to the Glass-Steagall momentum, is the fact that both Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner are pressing for a third quantitative easing (QE3)—an additional $1 trillion—to bail out the Wall Street banks and their London and continental European counterparts, before the end of the year. Writing in the Daily Telegraph on May 2, Liam Halligan warned that Bernanke's recent precedent-setting press conference in Washington "was, in fact, preparing the ground for the start of QE3," adding that, "the Fed's actions are undermining the dollar precisely because that's what the White House wants." On Obama's watch, "America's base money supply—the bedrock of the world's reserve currency—has doubled in little more than two years." It is becoming more and more obvious that every major economic and monetary policy decision taken by President Obama has contributed to the destruction of what little remains of the U.S. real economy.

Glass Steagall Now!

LaRouche again put the situation in the most direct and stark terms:

"Get Obama out, period! That's the agenda. Because if you don't get Obama out, you don't have a country, period! That's your choice. You want to send the United States down the toilet, and other nations as well? Keep Obama in. And you take the heat for doing that!

"Now, we can give you some suggestions, if you want to do it. We can give you some very useful suggestions on how to do that: Glass-Steagall. Ram it through. Panic it through! Take the panic that exists, and focus the weight and force of the panic, on that issue. You don't have a nation! You don't have anything that's yours any more, unless you get Obama out now!

"Without the enactment of Glass-Steagall now, in the United States, there is no possible systemic remedy for the crisis that's coming down upon us! Unless a revolutionary change, in the policymaking of the United States, back to what it had been at least under the attempts under Kennedy, takes place now, there is no hope of the continued existence of the United States, and therefore, no raison d'être for the continued existence of people in in the United States, as elsewhere.

"The program now is, Glass-Steagall rammed through real quick. Because Glass-Steagall represents the only well-defined piece of action, which can save the United States: It has to be now! Immediately!"

Returning to Obama, LaRouche concluded,

"He can be removed readily, by the right political action in Washington now. He can not do anything right! Everything he does now, is a failure, or worse than a failure. He no longer has any intrinsic authority as President! Even the mere fact that he's a President, by law, he has no authority to change history, because, he's controlled in himself, by the very instincts and compulsions which ensure his destruction. He is a new Nero, as I warned on April 11, 2009! He is a Nero, of strictly of that type! He was gone, then!

"Now, the ability to get him out is there. It doesn't take much right now. But it has to be taken in a timely fashion, and it has to be the appropriate action: Get him out! How do you get him out? Right now, in many states of the United States, there is no longer a Republican versus a Democratic Party; it no longer exists. So, partisanship is dying in that sense—it will come back in a different form. But right now, it's dying in this form....

"Nothing is going to be done, to save the lives, that are now in grave jeopardy, nothing is going to be done to save the crops, on which the existence of many people in the United States depends—unless he's out, now! The planting season is running out of time: Better get him out! Now!"

London and Wall Street Respond

The strategic implications of the President's narcissistic meltdown have not been lost on those in the City of London and Wall Street who have pulled Obama's strings throughout this political rise. According to one senior U.S. intelligence official, these international financiers have lost confidence that Obama can put down the Glass-Steagall momentum now building around the nation and on Capitol Hill. And, while they have war-gamed options for defeating the Glass-Steagall drive, they know that if Obama is removed from office, and replaced by Vice President Joe Biden, they lose the whole shebang.

It is in this context, that the May 1 Navy Seal commando assault on Osama bin Laden's hideout in Pakistan must be assessed. According to both senior intelligence and military sources, as well as White House official accounts of the raid, the U.S. knew, as of August 2010, where bin Laden was hiding. Even taking into account the time required to corroborate the intelligence and plan the operation, the raid on bin Laden could have occurred at any time in the past several months.

Why did it take place on May 1? In LaRouche's view, one of the primary objectives was to revive Obama's collapsing Presidency, at the moment when his psychological meltdown could no longer be hidden. The thoroughly engineered media response, and the President's own late-night carefully crafted announcement, were all about Obama.

The dilemma that Obama's frantic handlers in London and Wall Street face, now more than ever, is that the President may have a moment of exhilaration, and may briefly bask in the public spotlight as the man who finally brought Osama bin Laden to justice. But when the media-orchestrated euphoria comes to an end in a matter of days, Obama will still be left with a devastated American economy, an impossible financial gambling bubble, and a mass-strike dynamic building in intensity throughout the land. Any good student of psychology knows that once a narcissist reaches an emotional peak, the crash can be all the more devastating.

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