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This article appears in the November 25, 2011 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

As World War Threatens,
Russia Proposes 'SDE'

by Benjamin Deniston

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Nov. 15—During the LaRouche PAC Weekly Report of Oct. 19, 2011, Lyndon LaRouche said the following on Russia's proposed revival of his SDI:

"We, in the United States, must actually unite with these nations of Asia. The United States must enter into a cooperation immediately, a virtual alliance, something which Russia is proposing right now.

"From Russia, we're getting a proposal for a revival of SDI, the Strategic Defense Initiative. It's coming out of Russia in a new form. It's based this time on space, on threats from space, and measures that have to be taken in space to defend the people of the United States, and similar kinds of programs. So this is a kind of SDE [Strategic Defense of Earth], which it's called now in Russia, which is the equivalent to my SDI definition, back then.

"So SDI is back, my SDI is back in that sense. And the bringing of the United States into a direct alliance with China and with Russia, now, on this program, and other nations coming in, is the global impact requirement to save this civilization."[1]

As Obama has proven himself to be exactly what LaRouche uniquely said over two and a half years ago, namely, a mentally unstable puppet of the British Empire (a virtual carbon copy of the Roman Emperor Nero),[2] every aspect of his policy continues to be in lockstep with the insane, immediate strategic doctrine of the British Empire: the reduction of the global population from the present level of 7 billion to less than 1 billion through world war against the Eurasian powers of China, India, and Russia. As LaRouche has warned, and EIR has documented, the immediate targeting of Iran and Syria is itself a trigger for broader conflict against those leading powers.

However, heard through the nearly deafening drumbeat for World War III, the call for a strategic alternative has echoed from across the Pacific—and from as far back as 1977.

In the context of Russia's vocal concerns about U.S. missile "defense" systems being pursued in Turkey, Romania, and Poland, Russia's representative to NATO (and special representative to NATO countries on anti-missile defense systems), Dmitri Rogozin, publicly proposed that Russia and the United States collaborate in the creation of a new global system to defend against not only missile threats, but also to defend mankind as a whole from asteroids and other threatening objects from space, thus clearly raising the focus of international collaboration to much larger issues.

The proposal was covered in the Russian-language Kommersant last month, and then picked up by the English-language cable TV program "Russia Today" in an Oct. 18 report titled, " 'Star Wars' as Alternative to Missile Defense."[3] According to Kommersant, Russian President Dmitri Medvedev expressed interest in the proposal, and instructed one of his aides, Sergei Prikhodko, to work with Rogozin on the initiative.

The "Russia Today" program appears to play to a bit of populism in placing the name "Star Wars" in the title. The actual name currently being used for the new proposal is the "Strategic Defense of Earth," SDE, in explicit reference to the Strategic Defense Initiative, SDI—which any serious person knows was LaRouche's program, going back to 1977.[4]

Asteroid 2005 YU55 and Your Location in the Galaxy

Against that backdrop we have the Nov. 8 and 9 flyby of Asteroid 2005 YU55. Admittedly, some may debate how much of a "near miss" this particular asteroid was, passing just within the Moon's orbit of the Earth, but it should be taken as a warning shot, reminding us how vulnerable mankind actually is in our solar and galactic systems.

Since a NASA release last March, the asteroid's path had been well-known. To quote the end of the release, "Although classified as a potentially hazardous object, 2005 YU55 poses no threat of an Earth collision over at least the next 100 years. However, this will be the closest approach to date by an object this large that we know about in advance."[5]

Take note of the fact that this asteroid was only discovered in 2005, providing merely a six-year warning until its flyby. This raises some obvious questions, for example:

Would six years have been enough time to prepare an adequate defense if it were discovered that the asteroid was on a course to impact with Earth or the Moon?

How many other potentially hazardous objects are out there that we have not found yet?

Still, this is only one aspect of a larger picture. We must take a broader view to provide a better analysis of the threats mankind must come to face, if we wish to secure a permanent place within our galaxy.

Add to the picture the threat posed by large "solar storms." A series of reports over recent years have detailed the potential for catastrophic damage to our satellite systems and electrical power transmission systems from the impact of large outbursts of solar activity.[6] Although the Sun is constantly putting out radiation that varies in intensity, every so often, there can be extremely large singular outbursts which can generate large-scale magnetic and electrical effects if they reach the Earth.

Recent examples of extremely large events occurred in 1859 and in 1921. The reason that there was relatively little damage from those events was that mankind was then still only entering the electrical age. Now, however, the survival of civilization depends on large-scale electrical generation and transmission systems spanning entire continents. These systems can act like huge antennae for the electromagnetic pulses created when large solar outbursts hit the Earth.

Based on the studies conducted over recent years, if a solar storm the size of the one of 1921 or 1859 were to the hit the Earth today, there is a good change that up to 130 million Americans could be left without power for at least many months, and likely years. No power means no water pumping, no food refrigeration, no computer systems, etc. Society would quickly break down.[7]

Taking these realities into consideration, a competent defense of mankind will have to be still broadened. Questions remain about the relation of solar and galactic activity to various forms of extreme weather, of which we have seen all too much recently, and so-called "geophysical" events such as earthquakes.[8]

Do these threats mean that mankind has to sit helpless on the Earth, subject to the potentially catastrophic whims of our solar system and galaxy?


There is nothing inherent in these threats that cannot be addressed by man—the challenge remains making the political choice to orient the scientific and economic power of leading nations toward a cooperative alliance in the strategic defense of mankind against these threats.

Strategic Defense of Earth

Recalling the warning shot of asteroid 2005 YU55, let us return to the "Russia Today" coverage of the Russian SDE proposal,

"In a move to overcome the Russia-U.S. deadlock over the missile defense, Moscow has reportedly come up with a new initiative: a global system to guard against missiles as well as asteroids and other threats from space.... The package of proposals has yet to be formalized. The idea has been nicknamed Strategic Defense of Earth as an allusion to the Strategic Defense Initiative....

"[The system] would be targeted against possible threats to Earth coming from space, including asteroids, comet fragments, and other alien bodies, the source is cited as saying. The system should be capable of both monitoring space and destroying any dangerous objects as they approach our planet.... [The Russian] concept gives an opportunity to propose [to the U.S.] an even more global task to save the world. And also do it together with us rather than on their own, Kommersant's informant noted.

"According to the paper, President Dmitri Medvedev showed interest in the proposals and instructed Dmitri Rogozin and presidential aide Sergei Prikhodko to work further on the initiative."

The Russian proposal points up the stark contrast between the two options now on the table for the American people, and the world.

The only way to achieve the far better option, the collaboration of Russia, the U.S.A, and China on the defense and the development of mankind, is to immediately remove the British puppet Barack Obama from office.

These Russian calls for cooperation, in the midst of their being threatened with war, serve to underscore the point that LaRouche's alternative program is immediately on the table, including the entire trans-Pacific orientation of mega-development-projects such as NAWAPA (North American Water and Power Alliance) and the Bering Strait rail tunnel connection.

However, it all depends on the immediate removal of Obama from office. Otherwise the other option, World War, has already been set in motion.

[1] The video of the Oct. 19 Weekly Report can be found at

[2] See LaRouche's prophetic forecast of the Obama Presidency in his international webcast of April 11, 2009 at


[4] Originally referred to by LaRouche as "beam defense," when President Reagan announced his support for the program on March 23, 1983, he did so under the name Strategic Defense Initiative, or SDI. See a 2008 LaRouchePAC video presentation, "A Brief History of Lyndon LaRouche's Strategic Defense Initiative," can be found at:

[5] "Asteroid 2005 YU55 to Approach Earth on Nov. 8, 2011,"

[6] In 2008, a report was published from a National Research Council workshop (under the National Academy of Sciences), "Severe Space Weather Events—Understanding Societal and Economic Impacts." In January 2010, the Metatech Corporation issued a report (commissioned under the 2006 Executive Order 13407), "Geomagnetic Storms and Their Impacts on the U.S. Power Grid." In June 2010, a joint report was released by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation and the Department of Energy, "High-Impact, Low-Frequency Event Risk to the North American Bulk Power System." These have detailed some of the "knowns and unknowns" of the threats from intense solar activity.

[7] On Oct. 6, 2011, the National Defense University held a public event to present the findings of its investigations into the solar storm threat, "Severe Space Weather Threats to the National Electrical Grid," at which one of the presenters described the potential consequences as similar to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, except the impact would be as if we had 10 or 20 Katrinas hitting several major cities at the same time, and the effects lasted a year or more. LaRouchePAC representatives attended the event, and our written coverage can be found at

[8] Although the exact mechanisms remain unknown, scientists are continuing to find correlations between solar activity and earthquake activity. A recent example is a study just released by a team out of Kyushu University, Japan, showing that mega-earthquakes (those with magnitudes ranging from 8.0-9.9) follow the 11-year solar cycle. LaRouche PAC coverage of this report can be found at

Benjamin Deniston is a member of the LaRouche PAC "Basement" Scientific Research Team (

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