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This article appears in the February 10, 2012 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

LaRouche 'Call to Arms'
against British War Threat

by Nancy Spannaus

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Feb. 7—American statesman Lyndon LaRouche took to the airwaves at LPAC-TV last night, to issue a deadly serious "call to arms" to American patriots, against the imminent threat of the British detonation of thermonuclear World War III, through the empire's puppet Barack Obama.

"Nobody's paying attention to reality," LaRouche said.

"We have two threats: the economic collapse, a chain reaction collapse in the trans-Atlantic system which will take over the whole world; the other thing is a thermonuclear war, which will leave maybe nobody alive on this planet, at least no human being, alive on this planet when it stops."

To stop this war, LaRouche emphasized, Obama must be removed from office now, not in November. He explained:

"If we don't remove him from office, if you allow this thing to go to the vote in November, you're going to find, assuredly, before November, you're going to see the attempt to launch a thermonuclear war, by London and by Obama. You will see mass killings, orchestrated by Obama, against U.S. citizens, as is already being done in various parts of the world. People are being killed, in violation of the Constitution; American citizens are being killed in violation of the U.S. Constitution by this President, who is acting along exactly the road of Adolf Hitler, in this respect, and nobody's doing anything about it."

Preemptive, and Thermonuclear

From the outset of his presentation, LaRouche spelled out with great specificity, the scenario for total war. He said:

"And the way it's supposed to go is this way. The Israelis are supposed to start a strike against Iran. Now we don't know how deep that strike is going to be. It could go down 200 feet, for example, one of these kinds of attacks. And this would be enough to trigger a war, because Iran has relationships with other countries, including Russia and China; and it's known in Russia that if that war starts, the intention is to launch a thermonuclear attack on Russia, and on China, from the United States and Britain.

"The major force that would be used for that, in the war, would be a full-scale thermonuclear attack, coming as a technical surprise, leading into a general preemptive thermonuclear attack on the United States, in return for a thermonuclear attack by the United States on Russia and China, from Britain and the United States.

"Such a war is always going to be preemptive. When you get to the magnitude of thermonuclear warfare, if you look at what our navy represents, in terms of thermonuclear warfare capabilities, launchable from the Pacific against China, and against Russia. That means it's a first-strike war, which is a knock-out blow, which is what's intended. And therefore, Russia has a similar view of what the realities are.

"However, one thing is true: If Obama were not the President of the United States, or were kicked out of office in the near term, then we would probably avoid thermonuclear war, because, without the United States' thermonuclear capabilities, such a war could not be successfully struck."

The best way to remove Obama, LaRouche emphasized, is to apply Section 4 of the 25th Amendment, which provides for removing a President who is unfit to fulfill his duties as President—which the insane, Nero-like Obama most definitely is.

The Remedies

In addressing why the British, who control Obama, are pursuing this war, LaRouche went in some detail into the economic breakdown crisis of the trans-Atlantic system. The British monetary empire is totally bankrupt, but intent on maintaining its power, LaRouche said, even if it means destroying the bulk of the human race.

Thus, once Obama is removed, the first steps to be taken are economic. First, we have to recognize that the United States, as well as Europe, is totally bankrupt—and that the trillions of dollars of debt out there will never be paid. "We have to declare a form of bankruptcy," through the application of Franklin Roosevelt's Glass-Steagall. Otherwise, nothing is going to work.

However, LaRouche added, it will not be sufficient today to just apply the Glass-Steagall standard, which will wipe out the gambling section of the banking system. We are too bankrupt; the debts are too big, and the shortages are too great.

Therefore, we must go back to the Constitutional system of Alexander Hamilton, and dump the treasonous legacy of Andrew Jackson, who killed the Bank of the United States (see next article).

"That means that we will have, under a Federal credit system, sufficient credit available, with projects like NAWAPA [the North American Water and Power Alliance] and other major projects of that type, sufficient growth in productive employment to save the United States."


"if we do it in the United States, continental Europe will also have to make a change similar to our own."


"we have to also go back to Franklin Roosevelt's intention for the post-war period. That is also necessary. Roosevelt planned to use the Federal Reserve System, under his direction, to bolster an arrangement for recovery in Russia, China, and other countries, as well as in Europe. And to bolster a recovery of this part of the world. What he was going to do is essentially create a fixed-exchange-rate credit system, international credit system."

Give Our Leaders Some Guts

Most political leaders and institutions in the United States are too terrified to face this dual reality, LaRouche emphasized. That's why he, as a senior statesman at nearly 90 years of age, had to stand up to tell the truth, and lay out what must be done. If we can get rid of Obama, reject the genocidal Green imperial policy, and revive the policies implicit in FDR's Administration, we can survive.

"So that's where we stand. That's the vision of our future which we must have. We must understand this war. We must defeat the plan for thermonuclear warfare, which is on the table. Those who deny it are stupid or liars. It's there: It probably is going to happen. It will happen one day, when suddenly it will happen. It will not happen as a trend—suddenly, it will happen! The trend, the accumulation of the potential for the unleashing of this horror is there, it's building up. And you won't get a chance to argue about it, unless you do something about it, now! "

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