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This article appears in the March 2, 2012 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

LaRouche Slate Fights To Reverse
'Clinton's Terrible Mistake'

by Matthew Ogden

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Feb. 28—On Feb. 27, an urgent LaRouchePAC release hit the streets across the United States. Titled "Obama's Thermonuclear Holocaust: President Clinton's Terrible Mistake," the leaflet identifies the leading source of demoralization for the American people: the capitulation of former President Bill Clinton to the British agent occupying our White House, Barack Obama. With his decision not to oppose Obama, Clinton—the one leader to whom the American people would ordinarily look to lead a fight against a President they rightly view as their enemy—has just eliminated himself as a potent factor of leadership at this historical moment. Although President Clinton's "terrible mistake" can be reversed if he musters himself to change that decision, the combined effect of the Democrats' cowardice, combined with the four dangerous clowns currently running for the Republican nomination—who would better be called The Committee To Re-Elect Obama—is that the American people have been rendered demoralized and leaderless at the very moment they need to fight the most.

As LaRouche opened the discussion which he held with the LaRouche National Candidates Slate on Feb. 27:

"We are now entered into the very big leagues, essentially, in the campaign this year. Because now that Clinton has made the elegant mistake of supporting Obama, he has eliminated himself and the current leadership of the Democratic Party from any significantly positive role in the coming election campaign from this point onward. The obvious intent is to change that, and to convert him back to becoming a fighting representative of the Democratic Party."

The demoralization of the American people can be reversed, though not by the ordinary party-politics methods. The desperation and despair that the majority of the American people feel in the face of the oncoming elections can only be solved through boldly saying what others are too cowardly to say: that Barack Obama must be impeached, or else this nation will find itself destroyed in a thermonuclear Third World War. And anyone supporting Obama, including leaders in the Democratic Party, will themselves be found culpable for such a war by the tribunal of universal history.

However, the psychological issue goes much deeper. As LaRouche continued during the same Feb. 27 broadcast:

"The only policy on which you can organize a sane and safe society, is the dedication: 'You, the meaning of your life, will not be permitted to die!'... It's this sense of a dedication to the future, participation in the future, which makes life securely meaningful, that is, the meaning of your life never need cease! Your life may cease, but the meaning of your having lived will never cease. And that is essentially the only morality there is. Otherwise, it's wild guesswork.

"And therefore, that's where we have to be: the future. And the future is expressed today, typified by science.... This is the real secret of statecraft, today!"

The Slate Mobilizes

This is the quality of leadership which the current six members of the LaRouche Federal Slate are bringing to the American population at a time of great desperation and pessimism. Not empty political empowerment, or pragmatic populism and sloganeering. But finding those one-in-ten American patriots who still have in their bones the sense that they are personally responsible for the unbroken continuity of American culture and American history. A sense that the identity of this nation—stretching all the way back to the original settlers who came from a war-torn Europe to escape the repressions of oligarchism and tyranny—was one of science and technological power; an unbroken continuity of production and progress, as a single unit of history.

Each of the candidates, running for Congress, but with a view of representing "what a Presidency must be," is working aggressively from their locales to convey this idea of American identity, and to raise the current population to it. They are, in order of announcement:

  • Kesha Rogers (Texas-22nd CD);
  • Summer Shields (Calif.-12th CD);
  • Diane Sare (N.J.-5th CD);
  • Rachel Brown (Mass.-4th CD);
  • David Christie (Wash.-9th CD); and
  • Bill Roberts (Mich.-11th CD).

The emerging cadre of organic leadership, catalyzed by the activities of the candidates slate, was apparent at a joint town hall meeting held on Presidents' Day weekend, in New Jersey and in Texas simultaneously, hosted by Diane Sare and Kesha Rogers respectively. In New Jersey, Sare hosted a meeting with 60 guests, which included leaders of the New York Teachers Union, who proudly announced that the UFT, with 641 delegates present, passed a Glass-Steagall resolution. The Houston event was a day-long conference, which began with a keynote by Rogers in the morning, followed by a presentation by Basement research team member Jason Ross, and candidate Summer Shields, who made a guest appearance, and gave a presentation on potentials for cooperation with China and Russia. Lyndon LaRouche joined both meetings via live video feed, answering a parade of questions after a very moving opening presentation.

After both events, the response from participants and guests was indicative of precisely the principle which LaRouche described, as a campaign based on the science of creating the future being the only source of durable optimism in the American citizenry, and therefore, the real secret of statecraft. Indicative of the moralizing effect of a full day of scientific pedagogy, music, and historical discussion, which Rogers hosted as the substance of her conference, can be seen in a post-conference video report , comprised of interviews with conference guests and participants. Here is a selection of some of the reactions to the effect of the event, coming from young and old, alike:

"You guys talk about so much that I think about all the time, but when I talk to my peers, they don't understand. So, it's good to find a group that finally thinks the way that I do."

"I thought it was fantastic. I enjoyed it so much! There was so much to learn, and so many things that I didn't know about science, that made things so much simpler! We need Kesha! We need Summer. We need the entire team, so that we can create a different world for us all to live in!"

"I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to know and learn what's going on. Extremely good! I won't forget this. I took a lot of notes, and I'm going to truly stay involved!"

"It's always exciting when you hear new ideas that can help progress humanity, that you can actually understand and you know how to apply. I support Kesha because she's part of a panel of people who are bringing this kind of movement of enlightenment into the U.S. government."

"I think she's going to be great, and she cares about us. And that's what's important. Someone who cares, and wants to work for people. And I loved the music. See, I love singing. I think music is the root of everything."

"Kesha represents the spirit of a whole generation that has the potential to reestablish the mission of John F. Kennedy, and she has that as her whole being."

A Question of Statecraft

Now, come back to the discussion held this past Monday between LaRouche and the candidates slate. Only by taking the following principle of statecraft seriously—lovingly assisting our fellow citizens to discover and fulfill the durable meaning of their lives—will we be able to penetrate and revive the souls of a demoralized and dejected citizenry, and muster ourselves and others to the task of deciding our own destiny. Only in this way will we be qualified to succeed in taking the creation of a new Presidency into our hands.

"So it's this cultural development across successive generations, always based on scientific and cultural progress," LaRouche said, "but a unity of scientific and cultural progress. And that's the only weapon we have which can address the problem that faces us now. And only to the degree that you can make science understandable as a sensuous thing, to people once they understand that science is progress, and without science there is no progress, then the experience of progress is the basis for optimism, it's the basis for culture. Without that factor of culture, you can not defeat the kind of monster we face now!"

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