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This article appears in the November 2, 2012 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

LaRouche: Dump the Parties,
Put Recovery Program In Now

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Oct. 30—In webcast statements on Oct. 26 and Oct. 29, Lyndon LaRouche hammered away at the revolution in political practice that has to be accomplished in the United States, if it, and the world, are to survive. First, the political party system which came into the United States with Andrew Jackson, and has produced the wretched choice of candidates now facing the American electorate Nov. 6, must be abandoned immediately. Secondly, the American population must be mobilized around the policies that will save the nation, specifically the three-point full-recovery program of Glass-Steagall, national banking, and the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA).

While sticking to his evaluation that the incumbent British tool Barack Obama must be removed from office, perhaps by impeachment for his high crimes and misdemeanors, LaRouche focussed on the broader systemic problem bedeviling U.S. politics. How did we get the point of being faced with two such disgusting choices for President; one, Obama, being a mass murderous danger to our immediate survival, and the other, Mitt Romney, being an advocate of an economic program which will decimate our population by other means? It's the partisan party system, which the British have played for more than a century. It must be dumped for politics of principle, as Presidents George Washington and John Quincy Adams, most famously, demanded.

The prospects for making that change are about equal to the chances for the United States to survive the coming financial and geopolitical storms.

Hillary Must Turn Obama In

During the LaRouchePAC candidates' discussion on Oct. 29 (weekly at, LaRouche homed in on the potential that an immediate move for impeachment of Obama had for shifting the agenda appropriately. The firestorm of revelations currently coming out about the Administration's criminal negligence in the Benghazi terror attack (see following article) creates an opportunity, even at this late hour.

The key to the solution, LaRouche said, is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who, according to recent leaks by sources close to the Clinton family, has direct evidence that Obama's White House was the entity responsible for denying necessary security to the Benghazi consulate, where Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans were killed by jihadis. Hillary Clinton must

"turn Obama in, for the skunk, the traitor, the enemy of humanity which he is, and has manifested himself to be."

According to Ed Klein, author of The Amateur, a biography of President Obama, "the legal counsel to Clinton" told him that not only had the Secretary of State requested beefed-up security for the Benghazi consulate—as requested by personnel there—but Obama had denied the request. Speaking to The Blaze TV's Andrew Wilkow on Oct. 26, Klein said that his sources report that former President Bill Clinton has been urging his wife to release State Department documents that would prove that she ordered the beefed-up security presence; but she has so far declined to make them public, knowing that this would virtually assure Obama's defeat on Nov. 6.

But it's Hillary's duty to expose Obama, LaRouche insisted.

"That would be the solution: Because what that would do, if she would do that, she would save the Democratic Party. Not let the Obama issue settle it, but let the downing of Obama settle it. Because once Obama is out, whoever frees the nation from slavery to this mass murderer, is going to catch the sympathy of the nation on a rational basis, not on a screwball basis of the type they make usually, now."

Clearing the Way

Once we get rid of Obama, LaRouche continued, we greatly diminish the danger of thermonuclear war. Just voting him out, without impeachment, is more dangerous—since his rage at rejection, as well as the crisis state of his British masters, would tend to propel him to take more rapid rash steps toward themonuclear confrontation. Obama must be crippled politically, his authority over government destroyed by the impeachment process—or even the invocation of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, a measure long advocated by LaRouche based on the President's narcissistic personality disorder.

But once Obama is prevented from being a danger, LaRouche emphasized, "we can, in the United States, proceed to save our economy by the obvious reform, Glass-Steagall, and what has to go with Glass-Steagall as its supplements." Those supplements, outlined in LaRouchePAC's mass pamphlet "Program for a New Presidency," mean the restoration of a Federal credit system, built around a massive jobs-creation, reindustrializing program such as NAWAPA XXI, the huge Western U.S. water-diversion program that would create 6 to 14 million jobs.

Once Hillary Clinton took the steps to sink Obama, LaRouche said, that would provide a new perspective for the Democratic Party.

"It would give us a not-so-good President, nominally, but the power of the Democratic Party, once it's cleaned of the Obama affliction, the people who step forward in leadership, to dump Obama for the sake of the nation, would be a powerful force of the Democratic Party, particularly, when presently the Republican Party has no commitment to saving the lives of endangered people.

"They're going with a 'business program,' a business-based program, which is a vicious kind of austerity which will have horrible effects, in any case, in its own right, on the people of the United States! And at that point, if you can mobilize the Democrats, even after a Republican has been elected, if you can mobilize the Democrats, or a good part of them, to come out from under the ether, by an action which is considered an act of salvation of the nation, then, we will have the basis for destroying the party system."

The present party system, LaRouche went on to say, is what allows the British Empire to play people against each other, and destroy the nation—just as, in another venue, the Roman emperors got people to cheer for killing each other in the Colosseum. The British have consciously done this, he said—and we have to put a stop to it.

"This time, we've just got to do it," LaRouche concluded.

"I think we're right on it: Hillary Clinton has much more power for humanity than she probably imagines. If she dumps Obama, just by saying what the truth is about what happened in Benghazi, that would make her a hero, it would get rid of Obama, and it would enable us to dump the party system! And then, we're ready to go!"

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