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This article appears in the June 14, 2013 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

LaRouche: Oust Obama Now,
Or Face Overt Dictatorship

by Nancy Spannaus

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June 8—Speaking at his regular Friday night webcast on on June 7, Lyndon LaRouche addressed the current revelations about the "de facto coup d'état" which the British puppet Barack Obama has set in motion, and warned: Either the American people get Congress to move to remove Obama from office, or they face "an actual, overt dictatorship over the American people."

LaRouche laid out the parameters of the choice the American people face, now that the unprecedented, unconstitutional spying operation of the Obama Administration has been exposed.

"The issue is that [Obama] has been allowed to go to the point that he is seeking absolute, total dictatorship over almost everybody, and this fact has suddenly become conscious within leading circles."

Comparing Obama to Richard Nixon, LaRouche noted,

"The time has come for that lawful process that dealt with a President earlier, and threw him out of office, back in the early 1970s—the same treatment, with probably an extra kick or two, is coming to Obama."

He continued:

"What happened this week, of course, is the Congress has risen in revolt. And the pattern is that this spying operation that Obama has been running on behalf of the Queen of England, has brought them to the point that people are now—on that account, and several other related accounts which have been piling up—ready to throw this bum out of the Presidency. And that's where we stand now. We're on the edge.

"Is Obama going to succeed in making himself an absolute dictator over the United States? No, he's not going to succeed because the British Queen is the one who's occupying the position; he's just her dummy. But the threat is that if he succeeds, on her behalf, in what he has put through, then there will be an absolute dictatorship in the United States."

In response to a question, LaRouche elaborated:

"We've come to a point where this Obama has abused, brutally abused, the United States and its citizens and economy, in every imaginable way. We're now in that kind of situation where people are saying—and you saw it in Congress this week—what happened was that there was a sudden revolt in the Senate against this operation. A sudden revolt! They were sitting there quietly listening to this crap, and then, suddenly, boom! Things changed. And the rioting began. 'What? What are you doing to us? You're doing this to us?' That was what rang out in Congress.

"We also had a reflection of that from Britain, where voices in Britain of some significance made the same kind of observation."

LaRouche noted:

"What has happened, is that Obama was never really good. He was never really liked very much. But people were afraid of him. And when important people are terribly afraid of what some bum can do—and Obama did a lot of cruel things to intimidate people—and we've come to the point, yes, a few Senators did try to cover up for Obama, but most of them did not.

"So, we've come to a point of ripeness, where Obama is ready to be ushered from the exits, or thrown out of the exits. We've come to one of those times where either Obama is capable of imposing an actual overt dictatorship, over the American people, and the institutions, or he is going to be thrown out."

Obama's Controllers Want Dictatorship

The recent disclosures of Obama's spying, in ways far beyond what was done under the Cheney-Bush Administration, underline the accuracy of LaRouche's April 11, 2009 portrait of Obama as a Nero-like dummy who could be manipulated to do anything on behalf of the policies of the British Queen. Already notorious for his unconstitutional launching of war and murder of U.S. citizens, themselves impeachable offenses, Obama is now consolidating what the Empire has wanted all along—a full-blown dictatorship.

The activities of LaRouche's political organizations, particularly LaRouchePAC, have been focused on halting this threat through two measures of equal urgency.

  • The first is the need to remove Obama from his position of political power, constitutionally, either through impeachment, or forced resignation, on the basis of his mental impairment or fear of impeachment. Such a shift would not solve all problems, but would remove the Queen's agent Obama from the ability to carry out her genocidal intentions, in the realms of both strategic and economic policy.

  • The second is the need to crush the power of the British financial empire itself, through the re-institution of the Glass-Steagall legislation in the precise form that Franklin Delano Roosevelt put through. Such a re-institution would bankrupt Wall Street, the British Empire's main tool in the United States, and open up the pathway to re-establishing the Hamiltonian credit system and rebuilding the disintegrating physical economy of the nation and the world.

While support for both these measures has palpably grown over recent years, one of the major stumbling blocks has been the outright cowardice of people, even in high positions in Congress, in confronting the President, who has consistently moved toward consolidating unconstitutional rule by decree—from initiating wars, to murdering Americans on his personal say-so, to violating the separation of powers and due process of law.

That cowardice, as LaRouche indicated, is now beginning to wane, in the face of the outrageous revelations about Presidential overreach. But a deeper understanding of the problem is required, if it is to be solved.

The 9/11 Coup

The British Empire, a.k.a. the Anglo-Dutch Empire, as a continuation of the Roman Empire of yore, has never given up on its determination to destroy the only effective challenger it ever had, the American Republic. After losing three wars against the United States, the British chose to carry out their aims through subversion and assassinations of those American political leaders who represented a threat to their power, the last one being President John F. Kennedy 50 years ago. Since that assassination, followed by the elimination of the Bretton Woods system of sovereignty over currencies in 1971, this global financial empire has been on a devastatingly effective offensive aimed at destroying the system of sovereign nation-states dedicated to technological progress which President Franklin Roosevelt had envisaged.

On Sept. 11, 2001 the Empire struck what it undoubtedly thought would be the decisive blow, toward eliminating constitutional government in the United States. Using networks which had been created by British intelligence, in collaboration with its Saudi cousins, the Empire carried out the terror attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon as a means of terrorizing Americans into accepting the imposition of de facto dictatorship. The laws and the wars were already on the shelf, waiting to be put in place. And British Prime Minister Tony Blair was there for the Queen to deploy as needed, to make sure Bush and Cheney did what she wished.

Unfortunately for the Empire, Congress did not prove as compliant as they wished. Limitations were put on the original Administration demands for total war and police-state control, and despite persistent efforts by Administration officials to implement a total surveillance state through secret programs and methods, they kept running into resistance from both Democrats and Republicans.

Enter President Barack Obama, another buddy (read puppet) of Tony Blair! Candidate Obama had made noises of opposition to Guantanamo, the 2003 war in Iraq, and torture, but in July 2008, even before his election, then-Senator Obama voted to give the telecommunications companies immunity from civil suits for their cooperation with the National Security Agency (NSA) in their massive wiretapping operation. It has been reliably reported, and not disputed, that what changed Obama's vote was the advice of his campaign counterterrorism advisor John Brennan, who was speaking out publicly in favor of immunizing the telecoms who had been giving the NSA full access to their electronic traffic.

Once in office, Obama said nothing about the surveillance program he found in place. Indeed, he moved relentlessly ahead with virtually all of the Cheney-Bush programs, with notable expansions in the areas of secret drone strikes and prosecutions of whistleblowers. While these were basically done without fanfare, even when they were exposed, the Congress provided nary a peep of opposition.

It is that supine behavior which is just beginning to crack, as reflected in the scandals—many of them longstanding—being broken by the U.S. and British media, and some signs of life in the Congress.

But there should be no illusions. For Congress, and the population, to take on Obama means taking on the massive British imperial/Wall Street apparatus which put him in office, and helps him carry out the dirty work of threats, bribery, and the like to ensure that Congress complies with measures that are suppressing and murdering, their constituents.

As St. Paul put it so eloquently, we fight not against persons, but against "principalities and powers." Against that evil, it is only the courage of human beings willing to fight for the principle of the good, without compromise. That is what the reassertion of the U.S. Constitution's own unique principles will mean, when our citizens take up the fight.

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