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This editorial appears in the August 9, 2013 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

'Green' Is Killing Us

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The rot is so pervasive that most people don't notice it any more, but Green ideology and policies are killing us. As we shut down Wall Street, our complementary priority is to shut down the Green policy and start economic progress again.

There is no area of the world economy which has not been devastated by the Green policy, itself financed and imposed by the major Wall Street and Anglo-Dutch financiers. To wit:

  • Energy: Thanks to Green sabotage of nuclear fission and fusion, vast sections of the world's people live without life-saving electricity, and are condemned to miserable, short lives, not to mention, real environmental degradation.

  • Water: Green policy has killed most of the significant water-management projects that were on the boards since the TVA, in the name of saving "nature" and "scarce resources," thus leaving mankind subject to devastating floods, droughts, water-borne diseases, and food shortages.

  • Food: Green policy has systematically assaulted the scientific investments and approach to expanding the world's food supply, using perverted arguments in favor of local farmers and "natural" foods to mask their intention to reduce population worldwide.

  • Population: With the aid of the artificially created shortages of energy, water, and food, the Green movement has directly attacked the core identity of mankind as a creative being, thereby justifying policies which write off whole groups of people as "excess" or "lives not worthy of life." This degraded concept of mankind as "just another animal" has the potential to destroy many more human lives than all the material deprivation cited above.

'Green' policies must go! They are contrary to the reality of mankind's existence, which has depended upon the use of its creative powers to increase human power over nature, through advances in energy-flux density. Man progresses in knowledge and productive power, or he dies.

Up until approximately the time of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, this idea of progress was embedded in the identity of the American, above all. That idea had infected whole sections of the world—Germany, Japan, Russia, other parts of Europe and the Americas. It was an idea which had enormous power in inspiring people to carry out great enterprises and projects, which are still sustaining civilization today.

It is for precisely this reason that the world's leading financial oligarchy, centered in the Anglo-Dutch monarchies, escalated its "Green" movement in the 1960s. The core infrastructure, based unabashedly in the eugenics movement, was there before, but in the 1960s and early '70s, it took off—from the WWF, Limits to Growth, "No Nukes," to the perverted rock-drug-sex counterculture which now is the dominant culture in the globalized world. Their intention, as Lyndon LaRouche has emphasized, and Green documents and spokesmen repeatedly state openly, is to reduce the human population, which they call a "cancer" on the Earth, from today's over 7 billion, to an allegedly "sustainable" less than 1.

There is no "sustainable" human existence without technological progress! Mankind either progresses in his power and mental capabilities, or he dies. The mental rot of Green ideology will easily fall aside as we embark on Great Projects again, but we have to directly identify it as the evil it is.

'Green,' along with Wall Street, has to go!

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