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This article appears in the November 15, 2013 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Time for America To Free Itself
from JFK's Assassins

by Nancy Spannaus

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Nov. 11—As we approach the 50th anniversary of the assassination of America's last great President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, thoughtful citizens will confront themselves with some profound questions as to what has happened to our nation, and why. Why have so many of the United States of America's best Presidents been assassinated? Where has the optimism, and perspective for real economic growth, of the Kennedy era disappeared? What must be done to reverse a process of rot which has turned our government into a monster, apparently intent upon destroying our nation?

In LaRouche PAC's Weekly Report of Nov. 6, Lyndon LaRouche identified the crucial conception, about which nearly all Americans are ignorant today, for answering those questions: The United States was created to become a culture free of, and in opposition to, the oligarchical principle of empire. Informed by the insight of the Renaissance Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, whose ideas inspired Christopher Columbus, the American founders crossed the ocean in order to escape the oligarchical system which dominated the European continent. That anti-imperial commitment lay behind the extraordinary progress and success of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and then, after that colony was crushed, the unique Constitutional government of the United States of America.

But, LaRouche emphasized, the United States as a nation has never totally freed itself from the Anglo-Dutch imperialists, nor has it defeated them globally. The financial oligarchy dominates most of the planet today, and the evil influence of the imperialists has implanted itself solidly within our institutions, typified most clearly by the financial institutions of Wall Street, which exercise a deadly subversive role within the nation.

Thus, as the historical review which we republish in this issue of EIR demonstrates, the Anglo-Dutch imperialists have been well situated to carry out assassinations of those Presidents who threatened to remove them from power, or wipe them out. Conversely, these stooges of the oligarchy have worked to preserve and extend the Presidencies of those who do their bidding—most notably, at present, those of George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

We have, however, reached a breaking point, where the crucial founding principle of the American Republic must be mastered, and reasserted, once and for all. Victory for the Anglo-Dutch oligarchy today means the imposition of a global fascist/feudal order which is leading human civilization to the brink of extinction. There is no room for co-existence between the Wall Street/City of London crowd, and the future of humanity—and humanity must survive.

The Anti-Oligarchical Principle

The anti-oligarchical principle of the United States is embedded in its history, specifically in the bitter wars it has fought against the Anglo-Dutch empire's attempts to suppress the creation of a society based on the commitment to uniquely human progress, through the exercise of human creativity in developing ever-greater power over nature. Our Revolution and Civil War were such bitter wars, waged in defense of the dignity of the human individual and species, in contrast to the dominant imperial conception of man as a talking beast.

Today, thanks to decades of dominance by the ideas of the financial oligarchy, and the butchering of the educational system, an increasingly small ration of American citizens knows or understands that history. Morever, those who lived through the battles for the defense of our republic against empire, are dying out. The true American tradition is in danger of doing the same.

In his July article "On the Subject of Oligarchy" (EIR, July 26, 2013), LaRouche addressed the necessary principle, in contrasting the American System with the system of empire. He emphasized

"that the practice of what is to be classed as oligarchism, so illustrated, is the most significant of the roots of the systemic evils of society, still today. I point out some remedies here, as follows:

"The most readily accessed example of the contrast of good to evil in modern times, has been typified not only by the goodness of the anti-monetarist principle on which the original Constitution of the United States of America was premised; it was also the same principle which had been adopted earlier by the Massachusetts Bay Colony. That principle, which modern society should trace back to such Renaissance geniuses as Nicholas of Cusa, has been demonstrated through the crucial quality of a leading contributing role specific to the included role of U.S. Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton....

"In other words, true economic value is properly delimited to the identity of a system of public expressions of physically efficient credit, as opposed to the notion of mere money per se. Money has been, often, a veritably customary expression of the 'root of all evil,' as notably, for example, since the recent decades' intrinsical looting of the U.S. economy, a looting which was launched by the U.S.A.'s 1999 Gramm-Leach-Bliley legislation.

" 'To be clear,' as President Richard M. Nixon had repeatedly spoken that phrase, evil is commonly expressed as the alienation of value, as away from the authority of that vital U.S. interest which is represented by a proper consideration of the social-economic effects on the whole population of the nation. Money itself has, actually, no rightfully intrinsic value, no value which were independent of the direct ownership which must be fairly available, in effect, to all of the people: all based on a condition of access to a higher quality of ownership which is expressed most efficiently as 'the public interest of the nation as a whole': a system based in the right to its origin and its participation in the national physical credit which is composed, respectively, of each and all of the people of a truly sovereign nation when considered as a whole. Whereas, the distinctions among both individual persons and households, arise to comprise the expression of the individual's contributions to the whole, as illustrated by Alexander Hamilton's treatment of the subjects inherent in the sequential relations among the practices of agriculture and manufactures, sequences which are merely typical in forming the evolutionary progress of the wealth of the nation as a whole."

This Hamiltonian principle has been foremost in the policy and practice of the greatest U.S. Presidents, which, in addition to those who were killed, included James Monroe, John Quincy Adams, and, most emphatically, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The Evil Empire: Wall Street

But, in none of these cases, was the oligarchical evil uprooted from our politics, economics, or our shores. While fighting valiantly to save our republic, these Presidents and associated patriots failed to mobilize sufficient political power and support to extirpate the center of monetarist thinking and control, specifically the nest of Anglo-Dutch imperial snakes in Wall Street.

Wall Street has been the key power behind the assassination of all our Presidents, most definitely including President Kennedy.

Wall Street was never an American institution, but rather a parasite inserted into the nation by its enemies. The very name of the institution stems from the days of Dutch rule over New Amsterdam, when the Dutch imperialists in the 1630s introduced the slave trade into the colonies, and built a wall across Manhattan, to keep out the Native Americans. (see, "Why We Don't Need Wall Street," EIR, Oct. 28, 2011). Despite Alexander Hamilton's success in ensconcing a contrary principle, the credit system, into the U.S. Constitution, the Anglo-Dutch heirs of this imperial system established an updated version of this evil, with Aaron Burr's creation of the Manhattan company (later to become Chase Manhattan bank) in 1799.

Hamilton's system was not only compromised by this power center, but its most notorious standard bearer, Burr, assassinated him. From that time forward, there has been continuous warfare, stemming from the Wall Street banks, in tandem with their Boston, Chicago, and London associates, all aimed at destroying the Hamiltonian principle and the Constitution itself. After Wall Street's sponsors in London failed in their direct attempts to destroy the United States in warfare (the War of 1812 and the Civil War), they resorted to other means of sabotage, from taking over institutions, up to and including the Presidency, so as to try to make it impossible for the Constitutional principle to be re-established.

Through these means, even those Presidents who sought to restore Constitutional principles—Eisenhower comes to mind—were crippled in their efforts. Others, such as FDR and Reagan, were met with assassination attempts, in hopes of intimidating them from going against Wall Street's demands for vicious monetarist policies. At the same time, the most stupid and anti-human Presidents—like George W. Bush—were kept in place, even in the face of broad popular rage against their policies.

Step by step, measures which were taken by our best Presidents, like FDR, to control the monetarist evils, have been dismantled, giving Wall Street presently nearly unprecedented power over the U.S. economy and the government. Through bribery and intimidation, the Congress has been rendered supine and cowardly before the "money power." British agents in the Presidency, like Barack Obama, have been given virtually a free hand to carry out Wall Street's will, which is nothing but the will of the Anglo-Dutch financial empire for global depopulation, and the destruction of all nation-states.

Obama Must Go

We have reached the end of the line. Faced with the genocidal onslaught being carried out by the Obama Administration, on behalf of the Anglo-Dutch financial oligarchy, the American people have no choice but to face the fact that the very survival of their nation is threatened, and to fight back on the proper basis.

Indeed, mankind itself is threatened, because if the British monarchy's policy of mass population reduction, from the range of 7 billion to 1, is further pursued, there is very little hope for the survival of human civilization.

The Constitutional system which America's Founding Fathers put in place provides all the necessary mechanisms for getting rid of the problem. The impeachment provision was made for the likes of Barack Obama, who has carried out illegal wars, killed American citizens without due process, given aid and comfort to the enemy (like al-Qaeda in Libya and Syria), and put into place a system of genocide against the American population, through his Hitlerian health-care system. Congress need only assert the Constitution, to carry out this needed radical shift, and open up the ability to get our country back.

Contrary to the farcical impeachment effort against President Clinton, the Constitutional provision was intended to be used as a check on overweening Presidential power. The fact that it was not used against Bush and Cheney set up the current disaster.

But, LaRouche emphasized again Oct. 6, Congress is terrified, and corrupted. Hardly ever do we find Congressmen standing up for principle against the powers-that-be, including their colleagues, in the way that Sen. John F. Kennedy described such incidents in his famous book, Profiles in Courage. They make excuses, cower, and sometimes even resign, in order to avoid going head-to-head against the forces which are systematically destroying the nation.

Yet, the necessary changes must be made. Obama must be removed from office, and Constitutional principles restored. Could it be that reviving the fight waged by the martyred John F. Kennedy today, could help reawaken that courage in a sufficient number of our citizens, to do what must be done? Could the recognition of how miserably we have failed to pursue the quintessentially American mission which JFK put before us, shame us into a new sense of fight to save the nation?

At the conclusion of the Oct. 6 LaRouche Show, LaRouche raised the prospect that

"if [American patriots] get scared enough, and can break through to reality, of their own mind, then we have a chance. But as long as you tolerate and admire an Obama, for example, you're not going to make it! You're finished, already. You're more than dead."

Wouldn't it be better to kill Wall Street instead, by removing its stooge Obama, and putting that traitorous enemy within out of existence with Glass-Steagall?

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