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This article appears in the February 7, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Thermonuclear War Countdown
Demands Impeachment Now!

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Feb. 2—With the danger of thermonuclear warfare breaking out between now and the month of March, Lyndon LaRouche said in his Jan. 31 webcast, the crucial action which is most likely to derail that British imperial objective is to remove British agent Barack Obama from office by impeachment. This is the strategic reality which trumps all other so-called issues.

After presenting LaRouche's argument, we append the already obvious grounds on which this President merits impeachment immediately.

"So, when you're talking about this kind of business, you've got to get down to, especially now, when we're at a point when the whole United States is in jeopardy; we're at a point where we're on the verge, within a period, which I can fairly estimate, between now, and sometime in March: We are, on a world scale, now preparing, for a global thermonuclear war. The war is to be fought, and is set up to be fought, as a thermonuclear war, and the thermonuclear war is intended to be, and being prepared to be a thermonuclear war, between, on the one side, the trans-Atlantic region and the Eurasian region.

"And, what you're seeing right there, on the edge of Russia, you're seeing conflict, the conflict is actually a prelude to an intended early thermonuclear war. A thermonuclear war intended to be fought on one side with the help of the Saudis and so forth, a war being fought as a thermonuclear war, from the start, between the power of the trans-Atlantic region, which is actually an imperial British power essentially; and on the other side, Eurasia, not just Russia, not just China, India and so forth.

"And in the midst of this you have a squabble, the terrorist buildup, which has been built up actually since the initial Chechen wars in the North Caucasus. And the North Caucasus area is still the center. And the war there is being fought by what? By Nazis! Because the Nazi regime, with British consent, took the SS and related forces recruited from that area, and made them permanent Nazis. The protest groups inside there today, that protest group is actually a Nazi organization; it still has insignia based on the time that the parents of these families were all Nazis. So therefore, you have the British Empire, again, using Nazis against Russia. And the United States, under this Presidency, is complicit in the whole dirty business.

"So therefore, the question is: We're now looking at a global thermonuclear war. The parties are, on the one side, the trans-Atlantic region—the United States, and so forth, and Western Europe; on the other side, the Slavic area, Russia in particular, Ukraine actually involved in this; China, a major power; India, a major power. And therefore you have these two regions of the planet, who are now armed, and mobilizing, and playing the preliminary games of pre-warfare, aiming: We are now at the point that the real war has begun. The real thermonuclear war has begun by various actions to prepare for that war. We are in a short-time countdown, between now and probably sometime in early March, by which time a thermonuclear war under present conditions will happen.

"Now, the question is how do we stop it from happening? Well, there are two things I have to say at that point: First is, remove Obama from the Presidency. He's a liar, he's no good, he's really an enemy agent, and whatever the guy is: He's may be just a bomb. But we know what he is—he's useless. Pulling Obama out of the Presidency by impeachment—and all the preconditions for impeachment, summary impeachment, exist. If he were removed, my guess is that by releasing the British control represented by Obama from the United States government, you would actually create a situation in which other reactions would occur, and the United States would refuse to go into a thermonuclear war. As long as Obama is able to continue his role as leadership in the United States, we are headed for a thermonuclear war of mutual destruction.

"So, therefore, anyone who's trying to keep Obama in the Presidency—he's not really the controller, but the British Empire is. But in order to tame the American people into a state of stupidity, they have to believe that this monkey—and he is a monkey, essentially, as far as politics are concerned—as long as they believe that he is the President, that he can give the authorities of the President, you're in danger of an actual thermonuclear war. If he is impeached, as he should be—as a matter of fact, this speech we just heard this week would be an excellent reason for impeaching him, one of the best: He nakedly has shown how worthless he is in office. Throw him out of office! Impeach the guy. He's an animal, not a human being!

"But, now let's look at what the other problem is, the other side of this. Most people, citizens in the United States, and in general in Europe, too, with some exceptions here and there, have no understanding of the principle of warfare. What do you get? They say, 'So-and-so's gonna fight So-and-so.' What, you mean a boxing match? A wrestling match? Is that what you're talking about? Maybe with knives involved, maybe with bullets involved? Maybe with a hand grenade or two! But that's not strategy! That's insanity!

"So, therefore, as long as people think that warfare, and going to war against an adversary, is playing those kinds of tactical games, like street war, on the extended basis—they have no comprehension whatsoever of what strategy is! And most people, except top military and a few other people in the world, have a very, almost incompetent—they're not MacArthurs! Douglas MacArthur was a real thinker. And we had other people who were real officers, real commanders, and they understood strategy. But, strategy is not necessarily warfare. Warfare will break out to become a subject of strategy.

"The way we organize the human species on the planet is as a whole; or it used to be. There are certain parts of the planet which were relatively isolated regions—transportation and other things of that sort. You would have the most serious war where there were large migrations of mounted horsemen. And that way you could extend the area which would become actually a strategic area. But in larger part, the communications system was such that you had very poor strategic relations with different territories of the planet. For example, you take the case of Europe and Asia, Eurasia as such, and compare that to what became the Americas. There was almost no strategically significant relationship across the Atlantic Ocean, and certain parts of the Pacific Ocean, the same.

"What happened with modern society and the mobility of populations—now the world as a whole becomes a cockpit of potential warfare. And under these circumstances, the question of strategy becomes a military strategy. At the same time, strategy becomes an economic strategy, not just a military one. It becomes an economic strategy and a cultural one: How nations trade, how they agree, how they communicate, how their economies are connected, how they reverberate in connections from one to the other. Any territory on the surface of planet Earth, which has that kind of integrity, is global, is strategic. If you get an area of the world which does not have connections outside that limited area, that's also strategy, but it's not global strategy; it's strategy still. And, strategy is not the intention for warfare. Strategy may lead to warfare, within the context of warfare.

"But therefore, we have to look at the process as a strategic question. The point is, if the President of the United States were to be removed from office now, it would be the probable case that by removing this fellow from being an instrument of the powers of the President, you would suddenly get an uncorking on the threat of thermonuclear war. Because people in general do not want to be assassinated in a global frying expedition of thermonuclear warfare.

"And, the fact is that the people out there, our people, do not understand this. Therefore, they are stupid enough, or stupefied enough, that as long as they believe they have to learn to work with our President, we are headed for thermonuclear war. So if someone says, 'Strategy is how we're going to win the war'—strategy, if you understand it, and have any brains at all, strategy is to not have the war. Strategy is to change the relations among nations throughout the planet, and throughout regions of the planet, in such a way that you have an economic policy rather than a genocide policy. And the point is, when you confront people, you confront them with the reality of what strategy really means, which the poor fellows never really did understand. Well, once they get the idea what strategy really is, they will not allow war to occur.

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