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This article appears in the April 18, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Obama Is Killing the Democratic Party

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April 14—Working hand-in-glove with the Kesha Rogers campaign for the Democratic Party nomination for Senate in Texas, LaRouche Democrat Michael Steger is leading an aggressive effort to take back the Democratic Party in California, for a real FDR-JFK policy. Steger is running in the June 3 primary for the Democratic Party nomination in the 12th Congressional District, now un-represented by Nancy Pelosi.

Steger co-hosted with Rogers a webcast on an Emergency Program To End the Drought, on April 12. He is also leading an offensive at the California State House, which is controlled by the Democratic Party, with the determination to force real solutions to the water crisis onto the agenda—which, of course, begins with the re-enactment of FDR's Glass-Steagall law, and includes the removal of faux-Democrat Obama from office.

On April 7, Steger issued an Open Letter to California's State Legislature and the Members of Congress, in which he presented the "about-face" in national policy required "before this election period, or we face the end of both the Democratic and Republican Parties to a British Empire-Bush family fascist program, endorsed by the most rabid promoters of the green genocide agenda and the drug lobby....

"The only solution to the immediate threat of the bail-in hyper-deflationary financial blowout, and the increasing threat of nuclear world war, is a sudden return to the principles of President Franklin Roosevelt, expressed in the best policies of Presidents Eisenhower and Reagan, such as the Atoms for Peace and the Strategic Defense Initiative, but typified most by the commitment to progress by President John F. Kennedy.

"The soul of our nation, and the true Democratic Party, must be revived based on the same principles developed by Alexander Hamilton, John Quincy Adams, and Abraham Lincoln, with the intent to restore a Constitutional system for the people of the United States. This, and only this, will be sufficient to save the Democratic Party, and the nation."

Confronting Delusions

The Steger campaign's interventions at the California State House are taking due note of the fact that the Democratic Party majority folded, back in August 2013, when, after the introduction of a memorial for Glass-Steagall, the Democrats were told by their party "leadership" and Wall Street lobbyists to back off from the resolution.

Currently, the Democratic Party is swept up a delusion of "success," because of the state's budget surplus. That "surplus," which follows heavy cuts to the social safety net, is primarily attributable to a Wall Street bubble in Silicon Valley and in certain areas of San Francisco, which has had the palpable side-effect of driving up housing prices so high that homelessness is reaching boom proportions. The uproar against people being kicked out of their apartments so that the building can be converted into high-priced condos, is so great that there have been rallies held, and legislation introduced, to attempt to stop it.

During their April 8 day of action in Sacramento, the Steger campaign found considerable demoralization among the legislators, which has been intensified by the indictment of three State Senators, one black, one Hispanic, and one Chinese-American. At the end of the day, however, the organizers found a serious response among many legislators on the subject of the drought and the NAWAPA solution, which Steger and LaRouche PAC have been campaigning for.

Despite a certain amount of grandstanding, neither the Democrat-dominated California state government under Gov. Jerry Brown, nor the Obama Administration, has offered any credible solution to the historic drought, and the legislators know it. The only two live legislative discussions are a water bond, which would build more storage in ten years, and a legal mandate to force towns in the Central Valley with very limited water supplies, to share their water with towns that have none.

In the midst of his busy schedule, Michael Steger took the time to answer the following questions from EIR.

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