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This article appears in the June 20, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

British Monarchy’s
Green GLOBE Genocide Summit
Busted Up in Mexico

by Gretchen Small

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June 14—Unfortunately for the British Crown, the LaRouche Movement in Mexico decided last week that they, as Mexican patriots, could not stand quietly by and allow the Global Legislators Organization for a Balanced Environment to hold its Second World Legislators Summit in the Mexican Chamber of Deputies on June 6-8 unchallenged.

GLOBE, as the organization is known, has the self-proclaimed mission of lining up parliamentarians and congressmen from every nation in the world to march in lockstep behind the British monarchy’s satanic doctrine that human activity destroys the planet, and so must be radically reduced.

GLOBE’s Mexico City summit was planned as a critical step toward the British Crown’s goal of establishing the green dictatorship, which eluded it at the 2009 Copenhagen UN Climate Change Conference, by the time of the next such conference to be held in Paris in 2015. The model which they are demanding all nations follow, is that of ... Barack Obama.

GLOBE’s Assignment

GLOBE was founded in 1989 at the instigation of the Queen’s favorite Tony Blair, the inconvenient Al Gore, and then-Sen. John Kerry. It is headquartered in London. Its president from 2010-14, now honorary president, the Rt. Dishonorable John Gummer, Lord Deben, had been Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s Minister of Agriculture, and went on, under Prime Minister John Major, to become the UK’s longest-ever serving Secretary of State for the Environment, winning the dubious title from the BBC of being “the parliamentarian who did most for the environment internationally.”

GLOBE’s role was upgraded after the Crown was defeated at Copenhagen. The problem faced by the Queen, is how to outflank the recognition by key governments that the actual agenda at Copenhagen, was to get them to sign on to the genocide policy; that the proposed binding international agreement, to be supranationally enforced, would lead to the death of the billions of people left without food, power, water, or industry, if they agreed, as demanded, to tear down existing productive and potential new capability of their nations. China, India, Brazil, and South Africa led the developing-sector nations in refusing to sign on to what they rightly dubbed a “suicide pact” at Copenhagen.

GLOBE’s post-Copenhagen mission is to recruit legislators to put through the desired suicidal climate legislation on a national level, without waiting for a global accord. By December 2010, GLOBE released its first annual “Climate Legislation Study,” prepared for it out of hoaxster Sir Nicholas Stern’s Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, at the London School of Economics. Lord Deben wrote that the idea behind the report on various climate change initiatives underway in different nations (restrictions on forestry and fishing, carbon emission reductions, etc.) was to “inject a real sense of momentum,” and thus give “governments the confidence to go further and faster in the international negotiations.”

The January 2013 summit in which GLOBE escalated this flank by launching its “Climate Legislation Initiative” was held at Her Majesty’s Foreign Office itself.

LaRouche Movement Blows It Open

Mexico became a “significant” GLOBE success story, after a cross-party group of legislators rammed through a drastic, Crown-pleasing “General Law on Climate Change” in 2012. Thus, GLOBE expected smooth sailing, when its Second World Legislators Summit opened in the Mexican Chamber of Deputies. Instead, as Lord Deben was delivering his closing pep-talk to the 400 or so lawmakers attending from 80-plus countries, his speech was interrupted with loud calls from the press balcony at the back of the hall: “This is the new British imperialism!”; “Mexico repudiates British imperialism!”; “Out with GLOBE!”

The LaRouche Citizens Movement of Mexico (Mocila) had struck. The conference froze as the organizers began singing Verdi’s famous patriotic chorus, Va, pensiero, leafleted the press, and dropped several hundred copies of a Mocila leaflet to the delegates below, warning them, in Spanish and English, that GLOBE is “The New Face of Fascism.”

“Members of Congress of any nation should be ashamed to belong to such an immoral organization, or any such organization opposed to progress and in favor of depopulating the planet,” the Mocila leaflet admonished (see below for full text).

With Lord Deben yelling from the podium in a decidedly un-lordly manner, that the challengers were “representatives of the past,” responsible for “the felling of many trees,” private security agents hired by GLOBE to police the highly secured conference violently dragged the organizers out of the hall, manhandling and bruising the women organizers, in particular. The display of excessive force shocked the national and foreign reporters present, and GLOBE’s team began demanding their videocameras and cellphones, and even verbally assaulted the director of information for the Chamber of Deputies’ press office.

Mocila’s charge of fascism resonated. The chorus of obsequious press praise that British “climate change” lords have come to expect from “the natives,” was broken by a dozen or so stories in the Mexican media which reported on the arrogant, vicious response to the LaRouche movement’s intervention, many identifying the actual issue raised by the organizers: that the green agenda is fascism. For example, Noticias de Veracruz and Hoy Noticia reported that “the demonstrators distributed propaganda titled ’The New Face of Fascism,’ where they told the legislators ... that they should ’distance themselves from the neo-colonialist ’green’ agenda of the supranational spokesmen and representatives of the British empire’s foreign policy.’... What lies behind the policies disguised as ’mitigation and adapting to climate change’ pushed by supranational environmental organizations, is what is known as ’Malthusianism,’ their printed leaflet detailed.”

Other press accounts focused on Mocila’s charge that GLOBE “seeks to eliminate the concept and implementation of progress.” As reported, “the false guise of defense of the environment is used, while covering up their real purpose of eliminating sovereignty and the productive capacity of nations. ’For the oligarchy, the solution to the crisis is for most of the population to disappear,’ ”

Obama, the Hero

GLOBE had set out two primary objectives for the summit. The first was to induce more governments to put through binding national legislation which imposes drastic limitations on all forms of productive economic activity, in the name of preventing “climate change.”

Despite the hype, their effort is not advancing without resistance. A GLOBE regional chapter for the Americas was announced at the summit, strengthening its already dangerous penetration of this region, but Lord Deben admitted in his closing remarks that the final resolution passed at the summit was “vague.”

The United States under Obama is their bright spot. President Obama’s actions to ram through the radical “decarbonization” of the U.S. economy by unconstitutional Executive dictate, with his EPA decrees against coal, was held up as the example which governments should emulate.

Notably, simultaneous with the summit, Obama, in a June 8 interview with the New York Times’ Thomas Friedman, touted the usefulness of “market pricing” for moving the climate change agenda forward.

Radical Green Monetarism

Which takes us to GLOBE’s second principal goal for their summit: to induce nations to incorporate “natural capital” accounting in all their budgeting and fiscal decisions. That is, to assign arbitrary monetary values to “ecosystem systems,” water, forests, soil, mineral deposits, sunshine, etc., so as to use market pricing and GDP accounting to make the utilization of so-called “Nature” prohibitively expensive. They argue that if nations exploit their forests or mines, for example, they should be deducting X-amount of “value” from their GDP, as “loss” of “natural capital”!

This shameless absurdity of assigning monetary values to the biosphere or lithosphere, distinct from their roles in human economic activity, is frankly an insult to any intelligent human being. GLOBE claims for example, in its natural capital promo video, that there are 63 million hectares of wetlands worldwide, and this is equivalent to $3.4 billion per year. How? Why? Don’t ask; accept!

GLOBE’s updated “Natural Capital Legislation” study unveiled at the Mexico summit, baldly asserts the premise which underlies all their lies: that “human activity has substantially degraded the natural environment.”

GLOBE’s accounting goal comes top-down from the British monarchy, Prince Charles being the personal patron of the “natural capital” accounting scam. The Prince set up a “charity” called the Accounting for Sustainability Project in 2004, which states that it is putting together public-private-NGO initiatives to stop the human race—with billions still starving—from “over-fishing,” engaging in excessive agriculture, and generally over-exploiting everything “without accounting for the damage.”

Charles promoted his accounting project, and the former Deutsche Bank derivatives banker Pavan Sukhdev credited with packaging the “natural capital accounting” scheme, as the central feature in his keynote address to the May 27 City of London “Inclusive Capitalism” hedge fund war council. He followed up a few days later, co-hosting the “Clean Energy Finance Summit” held June 3-4 at the U.K. Department of Energy (see “Prince Charles and the City Seek To Save Their System,” EIR, June 6, 2014).

Lunatic? Yes, but the perverse radical monetarism expressed in GLOBE’s “natural capital accounting” goal, is no different than the drive to include prostitution and illegal drugs in national accounts, as the Troika has ordered for the entire European Union by September. Underlying both of these measures, is the Satanic oligarchical view of humanity which Aeschylus portrayed in his immortal “Prometheus Bound.” Mankind is not the species uniquely capable of willful, creative development of the universe, thus responsible for ever-extending our dominion over that universe, but a plague to be killed.

The treatment of the African delegates to the Mexico City summit puts the point on the fact that, when the Crown’s minions assert human activity “degrades” the planet, they mean all human activity, whether powered by nuclear energy, fossil fuels, or even plain old wood: The African legislators reported that their nations are under attack for using firewood.

Inter Press Service reported in a June 9 wire that African legislators attending the summit came under attack for not being ambitious enough to meet the challenge of a changing climate. The case of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) was cited. While the DRC is a gung-ho participant in the project to get nations to limit or prohibit use of national forests in exchange for cash (the “Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation” [REDD+] scam), those limitations have not been institutionalized in “a legally binding framework.”

What does this mean in human terms? A legislator from the DRC attending the summit explained to IPS:

“We need it [the forest] to feed our people, to get heat, to cook. You cannot tell your wife to stop using firewood and not provide an alternative source of energy.”

Nothing less than the dehumanization of the planet will satisfy this British monarchy, until it is banished from the Earth.

Research for this article was provided by Blanca Estela Pérez García.

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