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This article appears in the July 11, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

LaRouche: Obama's Impeachment
Is a Strategic Priority

by Nancy Spannaus

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July 7—On June 24, upon receiving confirmation of the substance of the report by Blood Feud author Ed Klein about President Obama's order that Hillary Clinton lie about the nature of the Sept. 11, 2012 Benghazi attack, Lyndon LaRouche directed his Political Action Committee to pull out all the stops in the mobilization for impeachment. LaRouche's statement is circulating as a mass leaflet around the nation, and serving as the basis for an intensified campaign of confrontation with the U.S. Congress over its responsibility to impeach this President now.

In the two weeks since that leaflet began circulating, the urgency of Obama's removal from the Presidency has increased, as the President, functioning as a mere tool of the British Empire, has used his power to stoke the flames of confrontation between the West, and Russia and China. Once again, as he did in Libya, in a blatant impeachable violation of the Constitution, he has committed U.S. armed forces into a war zone, this time, Iraq, and bragged about it. His administration's stance toward Russia has become increasingly strident and hostile as well.

Not surprisingly, the opposition to the President's policies and person has reached new heights—a recent Quinnipiac poll showed one-third of those polled rating Obama the worst President since World War II, and 54% saying his government was incompetent. LaRouchePAC organizers also report broad anti-war sentiment within the U.S. population, including the fear that this President is going to take the country into a new war. Equally stunning, was the Supreme Court's June 26 unanimous decision that Obama violated the Constitution in making recess appointments, in violation of the Constitution's separation of powers.

In fact, it would take just one Congressman citing the already well-documented offenses by the President, to start impeachment proceedings against him, as international law expert Francis Boyle pointed out in an interview with The LaRouche Show on June 28 (see below).

Obama Means War

Interviewed by Voice of Russia on June 26, LaRouche put it this way:

"Particularly after the past two days, we can say that the likelihood is, that Obama will be thrown out of office. If that does not occur, however, for some reason or other, we're looking at thermonuclear war."

LaRouche was referring especially to the revelations in the Klein book about Benghazi, which put on the table not only an instance of the President deliberately lying to the American public on a matter of serious concern, but which reflects the very significant political split between Obama and the Clintons, who represent the one potentially viable counterpole to Obama's tyranny within the Democratic Party. The book is being serialized in the New York Post, and has hit the top of the New York Times bestseller list. While subject to a lot of hostile comment, the book's assertions can be expected to gain traction, and serve as the basis for a raft of subpoenas to the Select Committee looking into the Benghazi murders. There the question will loom: What did the President know, and when did he know it? (See article below.)

But it would be suicidal to wait for Benghazi hearings, to remove a President who is, right now, bringing the world to the edge of World War III.

In Ukraine, the Obama Administration outrageously ignores the outright genocide being carried out by the Nazi-installed government in Kiev (see EIR, May 16, 2014, against the population in the southeast of the country, blames the ongoing violence on Russia, and threatens a new round of sanctions against Moscow. Moscow understands these sanctions well, as "a new type of offensive weapon," in the words of the Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov. If pursued, war by the U.S. and NATO against Russia goes to only one conclusion—thermonuclear war.

In Southwest Asia, Obama follows the British imperial strategy of permanent war, a strategy that involves both sending support to radical jihadis, and carrying out military operations against them. The ISIS onslaught in Iraq is a direct outcome of this policy, whereby Obama (and the British directly) have backed Saudi funding and recruitment of these groups. Indeed, even while the administration expresses alarm at ISIS's gains, it seeks to increase military support to insurgents in Syria—support that will obviously get into the hands of the most radical extremists.

In other words, on both fronts, Obama is, contrary to law, backing enemies of the United States—Nazis and al-Qaeda terrorists—and thus both violating the Constitution, and threatening to take the world into chaos, and eventually World War III.

A Genocide Policy

Obama has committed myriad other offenses against the Constitution, but none is more dangerous and offensive to the nation than his basic economic policy, which comes straight from the British Empire through Wall Street. This orientation, which bans crucial infrastructure projects, nuclear fusion and fission, and the space program—scientific progress—in the name of going "green," condemns the U.S. economy, and its inhabitants, to a dying country.

Obama talks the opposite, of course—with his latest riffs on the minimum wage, income inequality, and the like. That's as truthful as his assertion that his administration guaranteed "due process" to those individuals on his "kill list." It's a lie.

From the moment he entered the White House, Obama has implemented a policy of saving the banks, and slashing living standards of the population. His signature legislation—the Hitler health bill and Dodd-Frank—tells it all. The first, Obamacare, is a complex but clear roadmap for cutting health costs—not by taking out waste, but by cutting care. That's genocide, by post-World War II Nuremberg standards. The second, Dodd-Frank, was a deliberate subterfuge to prevent the restoration of Glass-Steagall, because Glass-Steagall would wipe out the speculators.

Obama can jawbone about regulation all he wants; if he opposes Glass-Steagall, he is serving the banks.

The latest example of Obama's bought-and-paid-for-by-London character is his administration's defense of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in favor of the vulture funds' attempts to suck the last drop of blood from Argentina. Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes uttered the policy on July 1, telling Argentina to "meet its obligations," in order to regain the "trust" of the international community. This, to a nation which has been paying its debt regularly to 93% of its creditors, and is being held hostage by a mere 7%, comprised of monsters like Paul Singer.

Not an Option

In the face of Obama's abominations, there has been a clear upsurge in the discussion of impeachment—much of it by those desperate to prevent it. What most Americans, especially Democratic leaders, have yet to accept, is that impeachment is a necessity, just like LaRouche's Four Laws program of recovery. The British Empire's policies of war and genocide would be crippled without Obama in the Presidency—and Glass-Steagall can finish them off. For humanity's survival, Congress must be forced to impeach Obama now.

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