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This article article in the September 12,, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Bill Clinton Must Pull Together
a New Presidency

by Nancy Spannaus

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Sept. 9—Lyndon LaRouche issued a statement on Sept. 7 declaring that former President Bill Clinton is “the only individual who has the capability of rallying large forces in the United States around a new Presidency.” “I’m issuing a clarion call,” he added. “Bill, we need you now!”

“The case is open and shut,” LaRouche continued. “Bill Clinton is the indispensable person, not to become the President, but to create the conditions for a new Presidency. He has the capability which could be decisive. He is the only person who could force an agreement.”

“The decision as to whether to do it is his,” LaRouche added, “but I am saying that the only hope for the United States is for him to accept my proposal. And if he accepts, I am prepared to happily support him.”

Dump Obama

As the LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC) began to circulate LaRouche’s call, LaRouche and the LPAC Policy Committee held a discussion Sept. 8 on the context for his initiative ( LaRouche kicked off the dialogue.

Referring specifically to the drought in California, Texas, and other states, LaRouche said, The situation of the Southern states of the United States, Western Southern states, is presently in a virtually hopeless condition. And there is nothing in sight under the present Presidency, and I qualify, under the present Presidency, there is no hope for the United States in that region. There’s nothing there.

“We are going to have to create that option, which means we’re going to have to violate everything that this President and his like represent.” The only way you’re going to save the Southwestern states of the United States, he said, “is by dumping Obama. If you don’t do that, people are going to start dying massively in those states. That’s the situation.

“So therefore, you have a choice: You can either kill the citizens of the Southwestern states, or you can eliminate Obama from the Presidency, that’s your choice. If we organize on that basis, we can solve the problem. And other members of the staff of this crazy Presidency are also useless crap.... Some of the people there just absolutely hopeless people: They’re big mouths, but they have nothing inside them of any competence. And that’s the key issue here....”

We Have Options

“Now, we do have options. The options are not options of the United States as such; what we’re running into with Helga’s operation [in China—see International], in particular—she has been an active factor in terms of the creation of a new option for humanity in the Eurasian section. What she was doing, and is doing right now is actually creating a new option for humanity. And this goes together with what’s happening in other parts of the area.

“So we have great options, but we have to choose them. We have to pick them out and choose them. And say, look, first of all, get rid of the British system. Just take the Queen and throw her out of the window, or throw her someplace, get rid of her! ...

“So that’s the situation we have. But the point is, we’re going into a new condition of mankind, at best. We’re already moving across the Pacific. We’re moving essentially from China—and China is the center of the organization of the future of humanity right now. It’s not an isolated case. It’s not an also-ran. It is a part of a system of nations which is going to dominate this planet henceforth, if we do our job.”

“We are going to create a new way of thinking,” LaRouche continued, “about mankind in the Solar System. We are also going to apply that to going beyond the Solar System as such, going into the higher orders of powers, of economic powers. And that’s what’s going to happen.

“We have to do that. Because right now, under the policies now, there is no immediate chance, for the people in the Southwestern part of the United States. We’re going to have to create the condition which deals with that. I mean, we’re going to have move people out of parts of that region, we’re going to have to move them to safety, to economic safety and so forth. And we have to start doing that.”

The Clinton Potential

“Now, in this connection, I place great emphasis on the role of our former President. He is actually essential in order to pull this thing off. Without his role, and despite his wife’s different opinion, there is almost no chance for this region of the United States—none! I don’t care what the terms are, I don’t care what the beg is, I don’t care what the whining is; it ain’t going to work! There’s no way we can save the Southern states of the United States under present conditions.

“We have to create the conditions which can do that. And people have to be told that, because it’s going to make some people very unhappy, because they don’t want to do the things that can be done, to save those parts of the United States. And in short, that’s a short presentation of where I’m going.”

In the course of further discussion, members of the Policy Committee highlighted the crucial role which Bill Clinton had played in responding to LaRouche’s push for a New Bretton Woods financial system back in 1998, with Clinton’s call for a “new financial architecture.” Although Clinton’s moves in that direction were ultimately sabotaged, as he retreated under the British/Republican assault on his Presidency, his willingness to listen to LaRouche’s advice is a crucial element in his qualifications to do what is necessary at this time.

Clinton’s popularity also represents an important asset, and is reflected in the fact that he is in high demand to campaign for Democratic candidates this Fall, in areas where Obama’s name and person are political poison.

Solving the Problem

In emphasizing the necessity of Bill Clinton’s role, LaRouche elaborated further:

“These are the realities that we have to deal with: How do we feed people? How do we meet the standards required, in order to increase the productive powers of labor? How do we create a situation where we have children who are going to grow up and become successful and develop, and be proud of themselves and so forth?

“And you know, I’m not pushing Bill as running for President or anything of that sort. I’m simply saying: Here’s a guy, who’s one of the best Presidents we ever had; that’s it! I mean, he’s one of the best Presidents we ever had, and therefore, if he can make a contribution by being a leader, in the organization of trying to bring the United States into a better perspective on its own account, then that’s what we want to do.

“And I know Bill; I’ve had a close a relationship with him of some kind, and he will do the job. I know he will do the job; he will have problems of interference with his ability to do the job, including from other people who are close to him otherwise, but he actually is a responsible person, and he’s one of the few people on the planet that I would personally trust, to help deal with the challenge of the planet. And that I would say, absolutely clear, no question....

“Bill is a guy who can carry the ball, if he wants to, and he gets the right kind of help. You don’t need to have him run as the President of the United States, or some foolish thing like that. You have to organize the United States, so it’s going to have a Presidency, which is crafted in such a way that we do have a Presidency. Which means we’re going to solve the problem, which we can not now solve in the Southern states, the Western Southern states of the United States.

“We have condemned the majority of the people of the Southwestern states of the United States to death beforehand! And that’s a fact! And it’s time that people awakened to that reality.”

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