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This transcript appears in the May 1, 2015 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Obama's Mommy:
What Did She Do for a Living?

by Brent Bedford

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Brent Bedford of the LaRouche Political Action Committee gave this slide show on Nov. 16, 2011 in Northern Virginia; it has never been published before. Given the nature of the medium, some of the slides are unavoidably blurry. This version is slightly edited.

What I'm going to summarize is a series of articles by Wayne Madsen. They are from the "Wayne Madsen Report." He's a former naval intelligence officer, and so he knows some things. He knows how to read these things, and he's done a profile on Obama's background, which is probably better than "Obama on the Couch," if you want to understand why he's got some of the problems he has.

The Father

There's Barack Obama's father. This is Barack Obama senior.

What do people know about him? I'm just curious. The father of your President,—what can you tell me about him?

He was from Kenya. He was an alcoholic. That's what you hear about him. He met Obama's mother (Stanley Ann Dunham) in 1959, in a Russian language class. Two young people, studying the Russian language, fell in love, had a kid.... And then he left, around one year after, and Obama never saw his father again. [Except for a reported brief visit to Hawaii when Barack Obama, Jr., was eleven.]

Comment: But he was already married and had a kid before he met Obama's momma.

Yes, he was already married. When he left, he went to Harvard, and married another lady, and had a kid with her, and brought her back to Kenya.

Now, Kenyans didn't just come to American universities in 1959. That was not really done, except... What was happening was that a lot of African nations were getting their independence from British colonial rule, and the CIA decided that we should... The CIA brought over 280 East African and South African students, to attend American universities, and become CIA agents, essentially.

And so, with money from the Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr., Foundation, they airlifted 280 Africans to different universities. Barack Obama, Senior, went to the University of Hawaii. This was all organized by Tom Mboya,

who was willing to cooperate with the CIA to some extent. You had some pan-African Congresses in 1958,

and there was a concern about Soviet intermingling with these nations at these conferences,—and so the CIA selected Mboya as our man in Kenya. They were concerned about Prime Minister Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, later the great personal friend of President John Kennedy. But the Allen Dulles faction of the CIA hated Nkrumah.

So, Obama's father was friends with Mboya. He helped Mboya to form one of the Kenyan political parties.

So, Mboya picked Obama senior and other people who were part of his political party, to go to American universities. Mboya was assassinated in 1969. Obama's father testified at the trial of the assassin.

Slide—Here's the Hands Off Africa—Africa Must be Free!

This was the conference where the CIA tried to recruit Mboya. This was the all-African People's Conference in Tunisia in 1959. And the CIA noticed that serious friction developed between Nkrumah and Mboya, and they also stated in the report that Mboya was cooperating effectively to check the extemists. He was described in another CIA memorandum, as an "able, dynamic chairman, viewed as an opponent to the Sino-Soviet support of Nkrumah."

Nkrumah was the Prime Minister and then the President of Ghana, and he was overthrown in 1966 when he was away.

That's him, that's a picture of him with President Kennedy in earlier days. Mboya was assassinated. Obama's father died in—he was in a car crash, I think, in 1982, and other friends of Obama senior and Mboya were also assassinated. Jomo Kenyatta, who was the President of Kenya, dismissed all of his cabinet members who belonged to this party, after this string of murders, in 1975.

That's Obama's mom. This is him in Hawaii. It doesn't look like Obama's mom, but it looks like he's talking to her about very interesting things.

Enter the Indonesian Colonel

Obama's stepfather. So, Obama has no dad. Obama senior leaves, and his mom meets Lolo Soetoro, who goes to the University of Hawaii from Indonesia, to get an education. And they met in 1965 at the University of Hawaii's East-West center. They get married in '65,

and then the same year, he leaves. He has to go back to Indonesia. He's been summoned back to participate in the overthrow of Sukarno, which was an armed coup against Sukarno.

This is the general who led the coup, Suharto. This was a bloody coup that involved massacres of hundreds of thousands of people who were the enemy, and Obama's step-father, Lolo Soetoro, was an army colonel, one of the main army advisers to Suharto, and helped him in this post-coup period of purging the "communist enemy."

So he left Obama and his mom three months before the coup, and then, a year later, Obama and his mom go to live with him in Indonesia. It was the same year that the CIA overthrew Nkrumah in Ghana, too. This was in 1966.

So, this coup happens. General Suharto is leading Indonesia now. Indonesia realigns its economy and starts getting assistance from the IMF. They start getting monetary assistance. And there's still resistance in parts of Java, in the eastern and central parts of Java, but Obama's mom would "take care of that," which is what I'm going to get into now.

Ann Gets a Job

This is kind of like the Great Mother in the Odyssey.

This is Barack Obama's mother talking with—it looks like a CIA agent. [laughter] This happens to be in Indonesia.

So, in 1967, a year after this bloody coup in Indonesia, she takes Obama to go live with Lolo Soetoro. Obama's raised by Lolo Soetoro's transvestite housekeeper when he's away massacring the Chinese and the communist Indonesians. And Obama's mom is really interesting. I don't know how to describe it really. She's basically,—it's weird. After I describe it, it'll make sense to you, what it is. Basically she was a CIA agent during this period, which was the period of the war in Indo-China. Keep in mind that the war in Vietnam is going on during all of this.

She's often-times portrayed as like a hippy liberal,—but she wasn't in Indonesia protesting the war; she was actually profiling,—she was trained to profile the villagers throughout Indonesia, to sort of mark them as "loyal" or "disloyal," and then her husband would go and get rid of them. I think he studied geography at the University of Hawaii, so he had a reason to go there to study maps and whatnot.

What she did, though, is, she worked for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), in Jakarta, and she taught English to people at the American embassy there. And she also had a lot of activity throughout Southeast Asia: like in South Vietnam, Thailand, Laos. She travelled all over: Bangladesh, Pakistan, India. She also, throughout her career, she worked for the Ford Foundation, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, as well as USAID. And she started out teaching English to CIA agents, and people who were being recruited to become CIA agents from Indonesia. And then, she got involved in micro-loans.

And this was said as kind of like a praise, or defense, of her: She was giving micro-loans. But you can't think of a more evil thing to do, than give someone a micro-loan.

She was working for Peter Geithner, who was Timothy Geithner's father. He allotted the money, and she would profile,—because she also studied anthropology, so she would go and profile these people, who would get loans.

These are from her scrapbook.

Question: Was Peter Geithner also a CIA agent?


There she is with this old Indonesian lady, in her sandals and sunglasses. Oh look: Doesn't she look happy, actually?

This is what she helped to finance, with these micro-loans,—was slave labor production.

There she is, holding a little duck or chicken. And there's a basket,—maybe that was made by a woman for .05 cents.

Here's other things that her micro-loans helped to support. This man being able to make,—who knows what?—no shoes, but he's got a job.

Here's some more benefactors of the micro-loans. And you really don't know what they're making, because it might have something to do with the Vietnam war.

She's always smiling.

You don't want to wear a shirt. It gets hot in these parts.

, And there's her desk.

AID, CIA: Profiling the Enemy

The company she worked for was the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). This was the CIA. They supplied rice to the Laotian army, and the Laotian army resold it to the North Vietnamese,—and when this came out, they said, "Should we be doing this? Should we be supporting the enemy? They said, "No, no, no, it's okay, because it's keeping them from,—we're basically buying off the Laotians. They're not going to ally with the communists, even though they're supplying the North Vietnamese." It was with strings attached. It was to get them to support the war against the communists in Southeast Asia.

Other programs the USAID conducted were for injured civilians. Lots of money was allotted for injured civilians, which was diverted for military purposes. In 1971, USAID and the CIA were accused of losing $1.7 billion, somehow, in South Vietnam. USAID money was directed to the CIA's proprietary airline in Southeast Asia,—Air America,—and in Thailand, USAID funds for an "accelerated rural development program," were actually masking CIA anti-communist counterinsurgency operations.

In 1971, in Pakistan, where Obama's mom also worked, funds from the USAID were used for East Pakistan's military fortifications on the border with India, in the months before the outbreak of war with India. In 1972, USAID funneled money to the Southern part, only, of North Yemen, to aid North Yemen's forces against the government of South Yemen.

USAID worked on all these projects with the Asia Foundation, which financed the guesthouse at the University of Hawaii, where Barack Obama's father stayed when he was airlifted there by the CIA.

As you start to see who she was, and what she was doing: this is all one thing, the same thing,—this is the key apparatus that killed Kennedy, that organized the war,—and she was employed by these people.

Three years before she went to Southeast Asia, Indonesia, to give micro-loans, and to teach people English—there was a CIA project which was based on using anthropologists in the field to get intelligence, and they were sent all over. So, basically their education in anthropology was to support the missions of the CIA,—kind of a Margaret Mead-type, in that sense.

I don't have pictures of her, but Obama's grandmother was the first female vice-president of the Bank of Hawaii, which various CIA front-entities used for their escrow accounts. And what Obama's grandmother, Madeleine Dunham, handled, was making the CIA payments to various rulers,—like Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines, Nguyen Van Thieu in South Vietnam, as well as Suharto in Indonesia. The bank also helped to money-launder funds to support espionage in Japan, to arm the Afghan mujahideen, and also to provide weapons to Taiwan.

And then there's a picture of Obama's father,—this one's weird, too. This is Obama's father off the plane from Kenya, with Obama's grandfather, Stanley Dunham,—which is just weird, because Obama's mom's dad met her husband before she did,—before she met him at school in the Russian language class.

Question: This is in Kenya?

This is in Hawaii. He just got off the plane with this lei that they give you.

Wayne Madsen gets into the strong possibility that he was also a CIA agent in Beirut, Lebanon in the 50s, doing CIA work. In other words, that he wasn't a furniture salesman who travelled to all the CIA hotspots.

Truth is stranger than fiction, as Mark Twain said.

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