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This article appears in the May 8, 2015 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

On the U.S.:
'You Really Have To Fight for It'

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May 2—In the midst of her European mobilization, Helga Zepp-LaRouche was asked her view, from Europe, of the "Manhattan Project," the campaign of LaRouche PAC and the Schiller Institute to restore "Alexander Hamilton's New York" as the center of the fight to restore Hamilton's credit and general welfare principles. She has keynoted three major events in New York in the past year.

Her answer was blunt:

I think it would be extremely important for our readers to really reckon with the fact that the image of the United States around the world is at a historic low. And that is obviously the result of a long, long time of Bush senior, a short interruption with the Clinton years, and then two Bush administrations, and now six years of Obama. The image people have about the United States is that the United States has conducted one war after the other, based on lies—Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria. It has resulted in the complete hellhole destruction of these countries, as a result of which Europe is now being flooded with thousands and thousands of refugees from Iraq, from Syria, from Africa. In a certain sense, people really do not see any positive thing about the United States at all.

Secondly, there is right now a huge scandal, which is rocking the transAtlantic relations even more than the Snowden affair, because it came out that the BND collaborated with the NSA in spying on political leaders in France, Austria, Brussels, and this has led to a really big upheaval.... [People] say this is an unbelievable mess, as disgrace, and, to say it diplomatically, an unbelievable stupidity. Obviously, we have to have a full investigation. Was the German BND pressured? Were they threatened? The fact that there was economic espionage against Airbus—we are not the enemy! So, it's really—officials of the United States are so arrogant by now, that they think that they can continue to do this forever, and it will have no effect.

But I see clear cracks, growing cracks, in the alliance, and if you keep doing things which feed the mistrust, this will not last forever.... Because if this thing is continued, and leads to global war; if there's a thermonuclear destruction, then it's a moot question because nobody will ask that question afterwards. But if it's anything less than that, Americans will have to ask themselves: Why did they allow this to go on for so long, with such terrible consequences around the world?

So, therefore, people should really uphold this Manhattan project, because this is the effort to regain the soul of America, to turn the United States back into a republic, and give it back its beautiful identity which was meant to be. But people really have to fight now, because it's not there. It's a potential, but people really have to fight.

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