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This transcript appears in the May 8, 2015 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

What Is the Future of Mankind?

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Good evening; it's May 1, 2015. My name is Matthew Ogden, and I will be hosting tonight's webcast here from I'm joined in the studio tonight by Benjamin Deniston and Megan Beets, both from the LaRouche PAC Scientific Research Team, who will be presenting an up-to-date report on ongoing work that they and their team have been continuing to develop.

As Mr. LaRouche specified during a meeting we had with him this morning, the theme of tonight's webcast is "What Is the Future of Mankind?"

The topics which you will hear tonight will be ideas which will challenge you, and will challenge what you think you know about the world around you. They might not be ideas that are necessarily popular, or which you are personally familiar with as of yet; but after going through tonight's proceedings, you will hopefully gain an apprehension, at least, of a universe beyond what you thought you knew before, and a reality beyond what you have previously accepted as self-evident experience. And in so doing, we intend to create in your imagination an image of the potential available to us to create, if we adopt those necessary actions.

And from that standpoint, I'd like to emphasize that what Megan and Ben will present tonight, is by no means a subject matter abstracted from the great dangers facing mankind at the present time. But rather, they must be understood as an integral part of the great political and historical drama in which the world is now engaged. It must be seen from the standpoint of living history, a living history in which we—all of us—are actors; actively and willfully creating the future and the form of the options which are available to mankind. New principles, new modes of action, which will dramatically change mankind's view of himself as a species.

Crises from California to the Middle East

Now, just look for a moment, before we get to that, at the crisis that is now confronting us. Look out and survey the utter devastation which we now face both in Europe and here in the United States: the drought in California, the riots in Baltimore, the drownings in the Mediterranean, the spreading war and terrorism across the Middle East, the rise of fascism on the borders of Russia—sponsored by Obama and Victoria Nuland—and the looming threat of thermonuclear war. The conclusion cannot be made more clear: we cannot continue to operate within the paradigm of this dying system.

What has been accepted heretofore as tradition and popular opinion has absolutely failed; and only a handful of leaders, who have the courage to overturn those traditions, and to confront the failings and the falsehoods of popularly accepted opinion, will be successful in creating the future.

Civilization, especially in this part of the planet, can only survive if we can succeed in creating an entirely new paradigm, by choosing an alternative system which is now coming into being in China and the other nations associated with the BRICS—as Helga Zepp-LaRouche very clearly and beautifully presented in a short video, which was posted on this website this week. It is called "A New Paradigm for Civilization,"and is a video which I strongly encourage you to watch and to share as widely as you can.

Now, as many people know, V-E Day is a week from today—May 8—on which day we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the defeat of fascism in Europe during World War II. In Russia, this is observed on May 9. Our allies in that war—especially Russia and China—were critical in securing the victory alongside President Franklin Roosevelt, who was the greatest U.S. President of the 20th Century. This was a war in which 27 million Russians died—which was 13% of the entire population of the Soviet Union at that time, as well as approximately 20 million Chinese, according to certain estimates.

And the effect of this war remains vividly imprinted in the living memories of those alive today, whose fathers and brothers, and sometimes even sisters and mothers, fought and died in that war.

President Putin himself is counted among those. President Putin just published a very rare editorial piece in which he remembered his brother—who perished during the siege of Leningrad—and his father, who was nearly killed by a German grenade.

So you can imagine the utter horror of the people of these nations, which these nations feel when they see a resurgence of fascism in places like Ukraine: a fascism which is being actively supported and encouraged by Obama and members of his administration, who have subverted and usurped the office of the once-great institution of the Presidency of the United States. The same office which Presidents Franklin Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington once held.

Recreating the Institution of the Presidency

Now, as we've elaborated on previous broadcasts here, the intent of LaRouche PAC at this time is to recreate the institution of the American Presidency, in the image of what its founders intended it to be.

I'd like to draw our viewers' attention in that regard, to an article which will be published soon in Executive Intelligence Review magazine, by Bob Ingraham, who is an historian and an active member of the LaRouche movement out in California. In this article he vividly elaborates the mortal struggle of Alexander Hamilton and his circle of allies in New York State, against the traitors from among the Southern slaveholders and their allies on Wall Street, who began their attempts to destroy the constitutional republic which Alexander Hamilton and Washington had created, from the very first day of Washington's Presidency, if not before. And which they continue to do to this day; those efforts have not ceased.

As Mr. LaRouche has repeatedly pointed out, only rarely have we had truly great Presidents who stand in the tradition of Washington and Hamilton, assume the office of the President of the United States. And it's only been through the efforts of those few, that this nation has even survived to the present.

The Potential O'Malley Candidacy

Now earlier today, we discussed with Mr. LaRouche an institutional question which came in for him this morning. The question was simple and to the point, and I think germane to this subject. It reads, very briefly, as follows: "Mr. LaRouche, in your view, should Martin O'Malley announce his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for President?"

Mr. LaRouche's response was that it was not necessarily his place to involve himself in the details, and tell O'Malley specifically what he should do and when he should do it. But, that if you look at the process that is now underway, O'Malley's candidacy is extremely significant and unique; especially when you view his rise as counterposed to the accelerating rate of decline of Hillary Clinton's candidacy.

Mr. LaRouche said, with her failure to be a credible candidate at this point, O'Malley comes up as presently the only viable and credible contender to the Bushes and to the Republican Party. And then, if you factor in to this the accelerating decline of Obama, with the trap which he is essentially setting up for himself with the TPP, where he's openly attacking leading members of his own party such as Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown, and others, then it's clear that Obama can be taken down, and a very credible team can be put together around an O'Malley candidacy—which is now beginning to take shape.

And I should mention that the so-called "Manhattan Project"—this initiative in New York City which Mr. LaRouche launched in the fall of last year—is playing a very significant role in this process. That can be seen both by the introduction of a Glass-Steagall resolution in the New York State Assembly, which is gaining broad support, as well as the passage of an anti-TPP resolution in the New York City Council, which we just received news of today.

This resolution declares the City of New York to be a "TPP-free zone" and urges Congress to oppose President Obama's attempts to obtain so-called "fast track" authority to negotiate and approve the TPP with only the 'yea' or 'nay' of Congress. So this is clearly a major challenge to Obama, coming from the heart of New York City, and represents a very significant revolt from within the Democratic Party.

Now the point that Mr. LaRouche made this afternoon, was that Obama was clearly crumbling, but he's not his own man. Obama represents his masters; and their effort will be to try to use him as an instrument to launch a world war, even as he's collapsing. He is increasingly losing his power, but as a result of this, his predisposition towards rage will incline him toward launching just such a world war while he still has hold of his Presidency.

And Mr. LaRouche said that Obama, in his decline, is becoming even more rapacious, and even more murderous, and even more of a killer, because of his rage at his own decline. And therefore, in light of the increasingly obvious failure as of now, of the Hillary Clinton candidacy, the most significant factor at this point, is the campaign being run by O'Malley and the O'Malley/Warren team, you could call it, who are clearly on the rise.

'A Riot—the Language of the Unheard'

And for those who saw it, I think Martin O'Malley's statements on the riots in Baltimore were absolutely to the point on this. And I'd just like to read a short excerpt from them. I think if people heard Mr. LaRouche's comments on this subject during our discussion with the members of the LaRouchePAC Policy Committee on Monday, only a few hours before the violence broke out in Baltimore, what O'Malley had to say on this I think will resonate. O'Malley's statement reads as follows:

"As Dr. Martin Luther King once said, 'a riot is the language of the unheard.' This week, the people of our city and our entire country, were forced to listen; to listen to the anger of young American men who are growing into adulthood with grim prospects of survival, and even lesser prospects of success. To listen to the fears of young men with little hope of finding a summer job, let alone a job that might one day support a family. To listen to the silent scream within the vacant hearts of young American boys, who feel that America has forgotten them; that America doesn't care about them. That America wishes not to look at them; that America wishes they would go away, or be locked away. Surely, we are capable of more as a nation."

O'Malley continued:

But the anger that we have seen in Ferguson, in Cleveland, in Staten Island, in North Charleston, and in the flames of north Baltimore, is not just about policing; it is not just about race.

It is about declining wages and the lack of opportunity in our country today. It is about the brutality of an economic system that devalues human labor, human potential, and human lives. It is about the lie that we make of the American dream, when we put the needs of the most powerful wealthy ahead of the well-being of our nation's many. Extreme poverty is extremely dangerous. This is about the country we are allowing ourselves to become, and the affront that it is to the country that we are meant to be. We are Americans, and we are still capable of remaking our future. And this generation of Americans still has time to be called great. But only our actions can save us.

So, I think this is actually very appropriate to the theme of tonight's webcast. What is the future of our nation? What is the future of mankind? And when everything is collapsing, when civilization is crumbling, when Europe and the United States are disintegrating and the lives of our people are getting worse and worse at an accelerating rate, what is the solution? How do we create the future?

And the future is always defined not by what you already know, not by what you already experienced; but rather by what you don't know, by what mankind has never before experienced. So with that said, I'd like to hand the podium over to Megan Beets, who will deliver a short introduction to this evening's presentation by Ben.

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