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This article appears in the August 21, 2015 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

We Have To Fight!

by Tony Papert

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Aug. 13—We're being buffaloed by Obama, or what he represents. Although Obama's policy is a fast road to total destruction, including thermonuclear war probably this month,—yet people are adapting to it. They're tending to say, "It's hopeless; we have to submit."

This is what's killing us.

Americans have capitulated to two two-term Presidents: first Bush, and then Obama. Just think how many young people have come to maturity during those fifteen years? You're dealing with an entire generation which is intrinsically degenerate, because they never really knew anything. Our young people really have no understanding of anything. Young people and young adults just fall into it. A whole oldest generation has died out in the meantime, and this one replaced it. As the result, the population has lost all comprehension of what has been happening, as the whole society has tilted sharply into this capitulation. The whole society is based on an adaptation to it.

We have a nation with a lot of people who do have guts, but the population reads the signs, and they follow the signs. A whole population goes down that road, and they're buffaloed. We simply have to work against popular opinion,—stupidity which dominates popular opinion. What dominates the population is their cultivated stupidity. Especially, we must work against the acceptance of it by people who should know better.

An entire system of belief has grown up among us, which is secretly (or not-so secretly) based on caving in to the adaptation to Bush, and then Obama. Among those Americans who more than any others should know better, nearly all of them have succumbed to it internally. It's obvious. To try to assuage their consciences, they trap themselves in precious private opinions. Petty private projects. They preoccupy themselves with precious, little private gripes. All these are fetishes, with which they wall themselves off from the real issues of life, which they ignore. They make themselves completely incompetent,—deliberately. We cave in to the things which oppress us, a tendency which is especially strong south of the Mason-Dixon line, where evil is most concentrated.

Don't blame the population for this: blame yourself! Whether for embodying this blindness, or for accommodating to it. Those for whom there is any hope, will begin by privately recognizing the truth of this description.

Now, Hillary Clinton's political and moral degeneration has been a bellwether for the moral degeneration of the population.

Anyone who refuses to immediately re-introduce FDR's Glass-Steagall protections, must be excluded as a candidate. It represents the moral difference between foolish ideas and the interests of humanity.

Hillary Clinton began to degenerate morally when Bill Clinton was whipsawed by the Queen of England, operating through the Republican Party, in his second term. Hillary adapted to what was done to him; she didn't recognize that it was an operation, didn't recognize that it was the Queen of England behind it. She adapted to what was done to Bill. Then she disregarded LaRouche's advice to stay in the U.S. Senate rather than become Obama's Secretary of State. Obama bullied her into concession after concession, retreat after retreat. On Sept 11, 2012, he bullied her into covering for his criminality on Benghazi; Obama's impeachment should have begun on very that day.

Now, Hillary is a failure. There's no future for her. And Obama has teamed up with the Bush family against her. They won't be content with denying her the nomination: both Obama and the Bushes want her in prison, for a start,—and then probably want her dead. The only thing she can do to have a future, is to finally tell the truth about Obama and Benghazi. Obama's impeachment should have begun on that day of Sept 11, 2012,—but it was hushed up. Let it begin now, Hillary! Let it begin today, before Obama can launch the thermonuclear war towards which he's aiming.

Lyndon LaRouche launched the Manhattan Project in October, 2014, to pick an area of organizing the nation; a leadership impulse from a relevant part of the nation. Take that, and you have a point of mobilization for the larger population. The problem is not just the South as such, but that people adapt to the South. That Manhattan Project is succeeding, and it will succeed if you give it the time. We have to fight.

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