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This transcript appears in the November 6, 2015 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Shut Down Wall Street Now,
or Face a Killer, Chain-Reaction Crash

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Nov. 1—Restoring the Glass-Steagall Act, immediately, was the focus of a powerful intervention into a New York City Democratic Party public event Sunday where local Democratic officials tried to represent various Presidential candidates, but were forced by the audience to measure those candidates against the standard of bringing back Glass-Steagall and breaking up the Wall Street banks. Representatives of LaRouche PAC started the intervention, and then were joined by many others asking, “Will you restore Glass-Steagall, and will you do it now?”

The LaRouche PAC activists also demanded action to remove the murderer Obama from the Presidency for his crimes of war.

The matter was posed again by Lyndon LaRouche later that day:

If we don’t close down Wall Street, we’re going to see a crash like never before. Americans and Europeans aren’t just losing wages, losing jobs. Don’t buy the Wall Street “forecasts of options” for what’s now happening. We’re talking about a sudden, chain-reaction collapse, unless we intervene to shut down the Wall Street institutions.

And this one will be a killer—the economic collapse is accelerating and condemning Americans to death. In Europe, it’s as bad, or worse. The most conspicuous feature of the trans-Atlantic system right now, is the death rates among children.

But the real crisis, he emphasized, is the loss of intelligence among the Congress and the people about what must be done fast, and the replacement of intelligence by cowardice about doing it.

The requirement is not simply to shut down Wall Street and its speculative frauds. It is to remove it from the U.S. economy and replace it with a buffer of new national credit to sustain productivity, employment, and people.

We can solve this, as LaRouche emphasizes, with the methods of President Franklin Roosevelt. But first, take Wall Street off the table. Shut down the fake economy before its chain-reaction explosion. That means starting with Glass-Steagall restoration immediately. Then, build the real economy.

This does not wait on selecting a new President. It has to be done now, by the people and their representatives, or they will lose everything before they get to choose a new Presidency.

Shut down the claims of Wall Street institutions, before they kill us.

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