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This article appears in the Febuary 5, 2016 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

‘Genius Is in the Universe and Is
Stronger than the Evil We Are Up Against’

By Kesha Rogers

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Feb. 2—The survival of our nation and that of civilization requires the immediate shutdown of Wall Street and removal of Obama now, to end the death policy of the collapsing and bankrupt trans-Atlantic system. To commit, once again, to the true progress of mankind, we must restore a national commitment to reviving our United States space program. That has been my continued fight, going back six years, when I launched a campaign for the U.S. Congress, calling for the impeachment of Obama for his shutdown of the Constellation program and the dismantling of the manned space program. President Obama has continued to act on behalf of Wall Street and the British Empire, as the chief opposition and as Public Enemy Number One, standing in the way of true scientific progress in this nation.

As a result of that misguided and evil intention, our nation has lost its vision. The people of our nation have been left in grave hopelessness and despair. They have been left with no hope for a future, and have been given a culture that promotes drugs and death. An increased number of our citizens are taking their lives through drugs. People have been left with no real mission, no way of being truly productive.

This course can and must be abolished and a new direction for the progress of mankind must be restored.

That depends on you, the American people, understanding and acting upon the moral advantage which has now been represented through the actions of Russia and China, in particular China, representing a new future for the progress of mankind in space and through a “win-win” strategy of cooperation for all nations. The vision put forth by China and its space program, to explore the far side of the Moon, to be the first to land there, and to do what no nation has yet done, will not just be a great victory for China but for all mankind.

This was the same intention represented by the United States, through the vision and leadership of President John F. Kennedy, when in 1961 he laid before the nation and the world the commitment to land a man on the moon and return him safely to earth.

That vision was only fulfilled six years after President Kennedy was assassinated, but Kennedy’s vision was not a one-shot goal. It was the expression of what our nation, and the aspirations of all of mankind, truly represents. It is the idea that all human beings have a common mission to be conquerors in space, to advance mankind’s knowledge and understanding of the Universe and the galaxy in which we live. That is the mission that China has dedicated itself to today and one that we in the United States must fully commit ourselves to once again.

Civilization is in danger of being totally obliterated through the unleashing of thermonuclear war, which is now the escalated intention and drive of the British Empire and its puppet Obama, against the nations of Russia and China, the only nations that are representing a leading positive factor throughout the planet, of what mankind can and must become.

Genius is in the universe and is stronger than the evil we are up against.

It was through President Kennedy’s vision that a national mission was restored. As Kennedy once declared, “We go in to Space because whatever mankind must undertake, free men must fully share.”

That commitment to true freedom has been lost. It was lost with the death of President Kennedy and the capitulation to a degenerate culture. The loss of the obligation and dedication to a national science-driver mission, and the abolition of a national mission in space, has been the result of turning our space program over to the hands of the Wall Street monetarists, budget cutters, and the anti-human, anti-science, environmentalist agenda.

In 2011 China laid out its mission for achievement in the exploration of both the moon and space. The preface or statement of principle that was put forth at that time states, “Outer space is the common wealth of mankind. Exploration, development and utilization of outer space are an unremitting pursuit of mankind.”

As many know the old saying, “Where there is no vision the people will perish,” so today, we must no longer leave the people of our nation and the world to perish under the destructive hand of Obama and Wall Street. We have a choice—to join with China in fulfilling the truly creative intentions of mankind. Our space program must be fully restored and funded. We must inspire the people of this nation once again that they have something great to live for, and that they can, once again, take pride in being truly productive contributors to progress throughout this nation and throughout the world.

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