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This article appears in the February 26, 2016 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

We Know All About the FBI

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Feb. 22—It moved into our house, indeed right into our room, increasingly from 1989 onwards. Lyndon LaRouche and his associates have deep, hard-earned knowledge about all the doings of the FBI, in the same way that the Soviets gained a thorough, hard-earned knowledge of the German military forces in 1941-45.

If you have any doubts about the facts cited in Paul Glumaz’s article below, study the interview with former Congressman Cornelius Gallagher. You will find out that Neil Gallagher saw many more unbelievable evils with his own two eyes, than anything in Glumaz’s account.


Attempts to document the history of FBI atrocities from the FBI itself and related sources, run up against Hoover’s insistence on total secrecy. He insisted, for instance, that “leaked” FBI file information should never be traceable back to the FBI.

Hoover prevented FBI-incriminating information from appearing in FBI files, by insisting that it be kept in other, non-official files, if kept at all. He destroyed files frequently, along with the orders to destroy them. His secrecy mania knew few limits.

Under the code-name “Responsibilities Program,” Hoover arranged for the heads of FBI field offices to orally brief Governors and other state officials on “subversives” to be purged from state educational and other agencies, as documented in Athan Theoharis’ 2002 book, Chasing Spies.

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