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This article appears in the June 10, 2016 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

What Obama Really Said at Hiroshima

by Rachel Brinkley, LaRouche PAC Policy Committee, Boston

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June 6—While media reports about President Barack Obama’s speech in Hiroshima may have noted that Obama did not apologize for the United States having dropped two atomic bombs on Japan in 1945, none of those reports came close to accurately covering what he actually said there.

The important point is not that he didn’t apologize, but that he put forth an argument consciously designed to dishearten mankind about itself, so that any future act of war would not be resisted by a demoralized population. In so doing, he prepared the way for the nuclear war that he is provoking. From far down below, Bertrand Russell is gloating over this U.S. President’s adherence to his own Satanic doctrine, put forward at the beginning of the last century.

Lord Bertrand Russell

Listen to Obama’s actual words at Hiroshima:

It is not the fact of war that sets Hiroshima apart. Artifacts tell us that violent conflict appeared with the very first man. Our early ancestors, having learned to make blades from flint and spears from wood, used these tools not just for hunting, but against their own kind. On every continent, the history of civilization is filled with war, whether driven by scarcity of grain or hunger for gold, compelled by nationalist fervor or religious zeal. . . .

The world war that reached its brutal end in Hiroshima and Nagasaki was fought among the wealthiest and most powerful of nations. Their civilizations had given the world great cities and magnificent art. Their thinkers had advanced ideas of justice and harmony and truth. And yet the war grew out of the same base instinct for domination or conquest that had caused conflicts among the simplest tribes, an old pattern amplified by new capabilities and without new constraints.

Obama proclaims that mankind is programmed to kill, and then repeats the Russellite dogma that science, rather than being an integral part of a developing mankind, has resulted simply in the ability to kill larger numbers of people all at once.

He lies blatantly on the issue of his own nuclear weapons policy, saying, “But among those nations like my own that hold nuclear stockpiles, we must have the courage to escape the logic of fear and pursue a world without them.” This, while the United States is upgrading its own nuclear arsenal to the tune of $1 trillion, including supplying a new B61-12 tail-kit that allows existing bombs to be directed hundreds of miles further into enemy territory, essentially creating an entirely new class of thermonuclear weapons.

creative commons/Ari Levinson
In Hiroshima Obama revealed his conception of mankind by explaining away geopolitical wars, including his own, as growing out of a base human instinct that is iinescapable.
‘The Necessity of Killing’

Obama’s belief that power lies in killing, was clearly revealed by his own speech writer, Ben Rhodes, in a recent New York Times Magazine article. Rhodes declared that Obama’s drone policy is a result of his childhood in Indonesia, which put him in close proximity to the 1965-66 massacre of a half million to a million Indonesians—when his “interaction at that time with power was very intimate.” Obama’s policy, he said, is one “which understands the hard and at times absolute necessity of killing,” unlike other American leaders.

The truth about what Obama actually said in Hiroshima, was further underscored last week when the Indonesian Defense Minister, Gen. Ryamizard Ryacudu, cited Obama’s words as justification for that Indonesian massacre itself. After noting that Obama had not apologized, Gen. Ryacudu explained that “Millions of people died because of the bomb, and that was war,” and then perpetuated the lie that those killed in the 1960s massacre had mounted an “uprising,” so that the victims “deserved to die.”

Let’s be clear: Dropping the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was an unnecessary massacre of innocent civilians, as the Japanese had been successfully hemmed in and cut off from their supply lines by Gen. MacArthur, and were already negotiating to surrender. Not only does Obama not regret such senseless acts of murder, but he narcissistically believes that they are necessary and justified. Obama is a killer. He is killing now, and he will kill again. He must be removed from office before the next kill occurs, which could end the human race in a few hours.

Lyndon LaRouche emphasized, to an audience in Manhattan on June 4, what must be done:

The first thing you have to do is get rid of Obama. That’s a good starting point: throw him out. Throw him out of all offices. Look, the guy’s a madman; he’s a mass murderer. He has been on record, a man who killed people in great numbers, on Tuesdays. And is probably still doing it. Everything about Obama is Satanic, and those who worship and support Obama, such as we have with a couple of Presidential candidates here—they’re not qualified to function, that is, for any social purposes, and that’s the point.

The year 2017 is much too late. Act now or there might not be another chance—Obama must be thrown out.

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