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This article appears in the June 24, 2016 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Bending Stars Like Reeds Toward
a New System of Extra-Planetary Value

by Michael G. Steger, LaRouche PAC Policy Committee

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June 20—There is no going back.

The current British-dominated trans-Atlantic system is in the throes of destruction, chaos, and possible anarchy. There is no option of a non-collapse, as Lyndon LaRouche stated in July of 2007 when the housing bubble was set to blow a week later.

He said it again this past week,— yet this time, his emphasis was different.

This is not the collapse of a housing bubble, stock bubble, or banking system. This is the collapse of the whole system—a monetary death cult crowned with killer Obama, which has been cannibalizing the population of the trans-Atlantic regions incessantly since the death of Franklin Roosevelt in 1945. There is now nearly nothing left on which to feed.

The options are two: a new system of value and human development premised on mankind’s travel among the stars, or the British Crown’s scorched-earth policy that inevitably leads to nuclear annihilation as its ultimate act.

The path to long-term survival will be found not in formal procedures or symbolic schemes, but with the creative spirit and immortal courage of the likes of space pioneer Krafft Ehricke, a genius who first prevailed against the Nazis of Germany, then again over the fascists of the F.B.I., and then again over the satanic environmentalists, to demonstrate the triumphant immortal spirit of mankind’s extraterrestrial imperative.

One More Day, Maybe One More Week

Consider an overview of the trans-Atlantic system.

Europe, under British-NATO control, is currently risking nuclear war with extensive and repeated military exercises along Russia’s border, for the first time since the Nazi invasion. And while Russia patiently calls for collaborative efforts to address the growing danger of terrorism, Europe faces the greatest migration of peoples since before World War II, the result of a refugee crisis caused by the British-directed wars over the last fifteen years, all of which have been inflamed under Obama’s color revolutions, his regime-changes, and his killer-drone program.

U.S. Army/Pfc. Casey Dinnison
Polish soldiers on June 11, 2016, aiding a simulated casualty during NATO exercise Anakonda 2016, in Poland, which involved 31,000 participants from more than 20 countries. Other NATO exercises have involved over 30,000 more troops.

It is no surprise then, that every nation in Europe faces populist revolts in the wake of decades of political cowardice, and that now increasingly far right-wing and environmentalist political movements are surging, which echo the 1920s and 30s fascist uprisings.

Yet, this escalated war danger is largely driven by the bankruptcy of the British Empire’s dying economic system. Top bankers in London can only hope they survive the week. Regardless of the Brexit vote, the U.K., along with the entire trans-Atlantic financial system, is collapsing under the weight of massive speculation, fraud, and bankruptcy. Perhaps the EU will last one more week.

Africa remains ravaged from decades of post World War II neo-imperial destruction.

The nations of South America, many of which had shifted away from the trans-Atlantic death zone over the last five years, now face the consequences of London and Wall Street-directed coups which are intended to ensure their destruction, especially Argentina and Brazil. The coup against BRICS-proponent President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil has already been trumped by the corruption exposed among those who threw her out. Argentina faces brutal looting and destruction under the Obama and Wall Street-backed Macri. Mexico remains a Wall Street-controlled narco-state.

Now, consider the United States.

Following the attacks on 9/11, the United States has been under an ever more aggravated FBI-run police state, a state of perpetual war, and now one of increasing mass murders, record numbers of drug overdoses, depression-era real unemployment near 20%, and an increasing death rate as a result. For Obama to call this an economic recovery, can only be termed satanic.

This system is done. The only option left is to flush Obama out with the sewage, and let Hillary and Trump go with him.

One more day, one more week,— this British Empire is finished and must be replaced.

A New System of Value For Long-Term Survival

Compare the desperation of the dying trans-Atlantic system, where any future existence depends on greater death-rates to maintain worthless speculative debts, to the growing Eurasian system.

China lifted over 600 million people out of poverty over 25 years. Over the coming 25 years, Asia will achieve far greater accomplishments, transforming what is already 60% of the world’s population and 40% of world GDP, into the most vibrant economic sector in the world, even if only by virtue of the scientific optimism which is being achieved on such a broad scale.

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It is the breadth and depth of vision of the projects which exemplify the new paradigm of development centered in the collaboration between Russia, China and India, which best expose the bankruptcy of the current trans-Atlantic program.

Take the Suez Canal in Egypt, which was expanded to double its width and double its annual capacity last year as part of the Maritime Silk Road. The plan estimated three years for completion, yet it took only one! So fast that most Americans blinked and are still unaware of the development. Compare this to the high-speed train in California, which under the current system would be lucky to build 100 km of rail line over the next twenty years, and plans to build only 600 km over the next fifteen years. China plans to build 11,000 km of high-speed rail in the next four years, giving it a total of 30,000 km.

One of the most revolutionary projects in modern history is another canal, one which is once again under active discussion. Opposed by the British Empire in the 19th Century because it would undermine the primacy of Singapore, a Crown entity, to control merchant trade from east Asia to south Asia, Africa, and Europe, the Kra Canal in Thailand would revolutionize trade among all nations of Asia, Africa, and Europe today, as well as establish an entirely new level of development in southeast Asia. The Kra Canal’s estimated time for construction is currently ten years, but with the use of peaceful nuclear explosions (PNEs), would take only five.

A similar perspective exists for the proposed Persian Canal, from the new port at Chabahar to the Caspian sea, integrating all of central Asia into the Maritime Silk Road. Also, the proposed Balkan Canal, from Belgrade on the Danube to the Aegean port of Thessaloniki, Greece, would play a similar role. This would enable shipping to travel through the Suez Canal, into Belgrade and along the Danube River, through the Danube-Rhine Canal in Bavaria, all the way to Rotterdam on the North Sea Coast.

Consider then the critical question of water. India is embarking on a water diversion project to bring essential water supplies to both the south and east of the sub-continent. This project, to divert some of the Ganges and Brahmaputra waters, will require twenty years to build, transforming India’s population of now over 1 billion persons. Plus, China will soon be embarking on the largest of its south-north water diversion projects in the coming years, completing the entire three-leg program over a twenty year period, eventually taking water from the Tibetan plateau to the areas around Beijing.

Yet, however impressive these projects are, this method of linear listing of projects remains insufficient to grasp the metric of growth now developing in Eurasia. They are too easily dismissed as simply infrastructure projects, though the scope of area (nearly 50% of the world’s land area), the accelerated rate of development, and the length of vision of these projects currently under construction, far surpasses anything mankind has ever seen.

The Higher Metric of Value

To grasp this higher metric of value, which lies outside statistical analysis, requires an extraterrestrial perspective. The demonstration of Einstein’s notion of a physical space-time, beyond the mechanical constructs of a winding-down watch and Euclidean space, is found in the transformation of the human species generated by extended and sustained travel among the stars.

Before we achieve star travel, which remains a problem for coming generations, the task of exploration of our planetary system, as envisioned by Krafft Ehricke, sets the standard of increase or decrease in real, global economic value.

Krafft Ehricke envisioned the tasks for the exploration of our planetary system.

As of today, with China leading the way in collaboration with Russia, India, and even Europe, there are plans to achieve these goals in space exploration, most for the first time in history: a lander on the far side of the moon; a sample return from the moon; a manned landing on the far side of the Moon; a permanent lunar base; industrial mining of the moon. All this in addition to a new Chinese-built space station operational in 2020, continued advanced exploration of Mars, and asteroid defense technologies.

Yet, even beyond the clear investment returns, which are irrefutable, as well as the technological advancements which are required to achieve the current objectives, the space program requires a non-linear transformation in human culture, as Krafft Ehricke emphasized in his work with Lyndon and Helga LaRouche.

Human culture cannot remain dominated by either a monetary metric, or by physical consumption levels. Mankind’s total emergence from the physical restraints of poverty (fresh water, electricity, basic infrastructure, etc.) requires a new notion of value, beyond discrete statistical measurements.

The German scientist and genius, Bernhard Riemann.

As German scientist Bernhard Riemann understood, the only metric of value sufficient within a system of non-linear transformations is one which is continuous, i.e. a metric available only to the creative faculties of the human mind.

This is what all great geniuses have understood, and this, and only this, is the basis of a new economic system for the trans-Atlantic area, as well as the world and beyond. Based on the work of Riemann, Einstein, Krafft Ehricke, and Lyndon LaRouche, the new paradigm now burgeoning as a new geological epoch on our planet and beyond, will be a reality. As Brunelleschi’s dome initiated the beginning of a new epoch in mankind’s history, now known as the Italian Renaissance, so will the achievements towards mankind’s emergence as an extra-planetary species be seen as the beginning of the greatest evolutionary leap in mankind’s early beginnings.

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